Incoming: New Weapon DLC10

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  1. Horrorshow New Player

    I just hope it has nothing to do with buffs or innate abilities. Like Liongale said, we need more customization and ways to play our characters. My speculation at what is to come:

    Categories for weapons that allow the player to choose exactly how the want to play their character.

    ~ Category ~
    Hand to Hand Combat

    ~ Sub-Category ~

    Martial Arts
    Kryptonian Martial Arts
    Ring Martial Arts


    ~ Category ~
    One-Hand Combat

    ~ Sub-Category ~

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  2. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    lt would consume skillpoints in big numbers. Something that could comsule extra 30-40 skillpoints.
    l predict that could be like possibility to BALLOON your favorite ABILITIES with skill points, which way these abilities do increased damage/AoE/debuff & CC duration etc. Unlocking ability consumes Power Point, but if player clicks its icon again, it may be upgraded & this upgrade will consume Skill Point(s). E.g. if player's Gadget DPS he could pump e.g. lntim, Photon Blast & Cryo Field/Foam to extra damage with these (not napalm, since just PI starter). Or Sticky Bomb for extra AoE & Defib to extra power output. Or Nature pumps metab, SG & blossom. Or Rager balloons galling & d.blast. Quantum may balloon Warped Reality & Gravity Well. Sorcerer - circle & shield.
    Level of all powers limited e.g. to 6, each level up requires around 1-4 SP. So 1 PP + 5-20 SP'll required to balloon single ability up to cap. But if they represent it as PPA for DLC #10 & it'll require it to buy, while DLC 10 gives nothing but this, that would be sick. l rather prefer it coming available for everyone, but PPA for DLC #10 - actual new Weapon or Power.

    So, it's normal sorcerer tree:
    And it's example of its ballooned version:

    Ballooning of weapon attacks (tap-tap-left, tap-tap-tap-left) maybe as well, but that not so catchy. & not clear how to balloon e.g. DW charge (just hold R) etc. But if possible to balloon a ranged ball (tr->tr->tr->hr & hr -> tr) from handblast, that may worth it!
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  3. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Wanna see ability ballooning, but not as PPA, just free like more SP nodes in GU 25 (6-th line foreach weapon tree).
  4. Horrorshow New Player

    Omg I hope not.
  5. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    I do hope its a new weapon but I don't think it will be I think its going to something like the home turf stuff that you'll have to have it to compete with everyone .
  6. Archangel Rafael New Player

    Aww man I came up with this idea in beta and campaigned so hard for it before being told definitively "no". If it happens now I don't know how to feel about that :confused:
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  7. NCR RANGER New Player

    I'd like for the movement mode attacks to fit in with our weapon combos as hard stuns or follow ups for extra damage.
  8. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Movement combos are part of Home Turf (Foot mod afair) afair, but that could be ballooned as well, if they wanna do it.
  9. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Feel, that after red lanterns anything is possible :D So l show, that even in cheapest case ballooning'll take 5 * 6 = 30 SP, which's not a little value. 60 if completely balloon both loadouts, & since 30 SP can't found on a road, that may force players use armories more often & even buy more of'em for more comfiness (having 1 armory is like've steering wheel, rotating in one direction only). So l hope it'll free & for free players as well! Not PPA for DLC #10 itself. Just like armories - not PPA for DLC #9 & league bases not PPA for DLC #11.
    & in general that SP consumer:
    SP allocation is saved in armories, so that consumer wouldn't go so far. & present in Pow/Weap/or Move, or...
  10. NCR RANGER New Player

    Well all of the movement mode mod sockets could add an extra move to weapon combos. The attack animations themselves can fit perfectly into every weapon tree combo and could be easily executed with an additional hold square/mouse click.

    Here are some that come to mind. Acrobatics + Martial arts. Tap Tap Hold = Cartwheel Kick that stuns. One more hold can either do front flip or back flip (which cause helpless enemies to take additional damage)

    Dual Pistols with flight after magnum shot, it can be followed up with swoop attack i think (the two fisted forward thrust)

    Essentially they can be incorporated to follow up any launcher or stun attack.
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  11. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Would Swift Brawling be considered a "new weapon"?
  12. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    I'm not sure what "that is all it ever is" was in regards to.
    More classic DC Universe content in sub-level-30 content? or Geoff Johns' derived grinding/farming end-game content.

    To me an MMO or MMORPG has two parts; the leveling content, which I believe to be the actual game, and the end-game, which is consisted of content that is intentionally farming/grinding content to keep players interested in a game once they have completed the leveling content.

    I agree that styles that were more related to super-heroes would be good.
    The "ways to make characters stand-out" is through role-playing. Unfortunately, this is an MMO and not an MMORPG. With all the twitch action going on, there is very little time to talk about how you obtained your powers ... but then, the DCUO's mythology has taken that out of our hands - all of our characters are simply exobyte-infected humans. I don't like that my character's origin has been predetermined (and I don't play them as such) but it is, unfortunately, the case. The game constantly reminds us that our characters' powers are based on exobyte-infection.
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  13. Horrorshow New Player

    Every DLC is basically the same thing, grindy content you need to complete to get gear. Every single DLC caters to PVE players and almost every raid is the same exact thing. Sorry but the game is a grind fest. The only interesting thing about this game is the combat system, but it is boring PVE. The combat system was made for PVP arenas and Legends; however, the Developers have yet to tap into the true potential of PVP. The fail updates they try to implement to PVP ruin it even more and create more imbalance. Nothing they have done to PVP has given life to it. Home Turf content ruined PVP and I know everyone can agree with me on that. Movement mode debuffs were not necessary. There are many Legends characters who are underpowered and other ones who are overpowered. The Developers refuse to update existing powers stats and looks to keep them more in line with the newer ones.

    No matter how you look at it the Developers are the reason why PVP is the way it is today. Legends PVP is awesome but that can only carry you so far. If the Developers spent as much time as they are on PVE on PVP, we would have a decent game. They hardly ever listen to community feedback and they need to start.

    It has been three years and we have yet to see a revamp of the character creation, unfugly and boxy styles, new body types, a less annoying hair style system, another color palette, more ways to play our character's weapon and movement modes, and much more for character customization. It is a slap in the face to everyone who likes character customization and PVP? Yes it is because all we get is the same raid and PVE content over and over again.
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  14. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    I've been against the movement mode debuffs since they did it in City of Heroes, so I am in total agreement with you on that one.
    I do have to say, that flight is by far the best PVP movement mode in the open world; not so much when there is a roof not far over head.

    I agree that the DLCs that are being released tend to be grind-fest content.
    I think adding Classic DC comics story content to the sub-level-30 content would be a good change to the pattern. As it is now, characters can't progress from level 1-29 with content strictly from their mentor. Some players expect to be able to level-up with only a Mystic experience (or meta or tech) if they pick a mystic mentor. It makes sense to me.
    I guess the game can only be so big considering console constraints. This game is already in the end-game phase, so it's going to be end-game heavy. My point is that even you realize that the end-game content is a grind-fest and that the grind-fest isn't very enjoyable.

    Yes, I would like better PVP content options as well, but, apparently, PVP isn't very popular. There are major problems with disparity in PVP both from the sub-30 to level 30 gear and the base level 30 gear unmodded to the highest Tiered gear fully-modded. Frankly, there are many times that I find player character PVP is simply no fun to play; getting ganked by level 30's in the open-world a sub-level 30 is a great way to drive players from PVP, rewarding level 30 players for defeating level 25-29's that can't purchase a full set of PvP gear drives more players from PVP, and then there are players with bad attitudes cussing out everyone on their team because they didn't win. Of those three, only the rewarding of level 30 players for defeating level 25-29's is really the DEVs fault. There is no incentive to defeat level 24 or below by level 30's other than the level 30's jollies - there is no reward for it in game . So at least 2/3's of the blame for people not wanting to participate/not enjoying PvP comes from the players and not the DEVs.

    Kids playing American flag-football are not likely to play a football game again if they are put up against a professional American football team that has great joy in grinding them into paste by tackling them and carrying their quarterback (still holding the ball) down field for a touchback whenever they manage to get the ball. If it was two flag team, no problem. If it was too professional teams, no problem. But the difference is the extremes in PvP. It is astonishing to me how many people don't understand that the discrepancy is an issue.

    The problem with Legends is that there are not enough characters to choose from and the DEVs expect you to buy many of them in order to play them. There are plenty of characters in the game that aren't Legends characters - easily Green Arrow, Black Canary, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, The Flash, Solomon Grundy, Poison Ivy, Pied Piper, etc. It is very limited as far as characters go. I know that there are balance issues, but adding more characters would make it more interesting and less likely to have repeated characters in the same instance.

    Hey, you don't have to push me on improvements to the character creator. I can't even turn the character model while I'm trying on a costume. I have to wait until they turn by themselves to see what things look like from a slightly different angle. If I remember right, shoulder parts aren't even in the character creator so you don't even get the option to set the colors on them. Heck, changing colors of gear once you are in the game is an all or nothing thing as far as I can tell; I haven't figured out how to change the color palette and colors on a single gear part once you are in the actual game.
  15. Gman2071 New Player

    As a Weapon , Please use SIZE , Giganta , she uses her SIZE as a Weapon .
    with ANT size , in real life ants can lift ALOT , so as well as going reall BIG size , pick up cars , ect with ONE HAND and use them , throw them .....BUs as big as a bus . in any form style , ( nature , werewolf style .......Big size ) . please that would work . you have it in the METRO mission giganta ! , it would work . a NEW TREE / powers , you have Giant ......or Small... each way one or the other . Shape size power ! .
  16. Fourth New Player

    This. All for it. Specially if they mixed in heat vision into the Kryptonian Martial Arts... ohgodyes
    Then being able to actually be a lantern tank... ohgodpls
  17. Horrorshow New Player

    It is not the player's fault at all. The Developers are the ones to blame for an imbalanced PVP system, imbalanced Legends characters, imbalanced powers, imbalanced gear between newbies and veterans, a useless matchmaking system that pairs veterans against newbies, an annoying map rotation that has Safehouse and other obnoxious PVP maps every single week, and much more.

    I am sorry but the players are not to be blamed at all. If newbie players are getting ganked in open world, move to the PVE side and complete your missions until level 30. I never understood why newbie players come on the forums and complain about being ganked when they are asking for it on the PVP side.

    The character customization is what is really lacking in this game. We are all just carbon copies of each other, with just different powers and no way to really make our character's as reputable as the Iconics. The skin styles, hair, body types, gear styles, and other character customization is way down on the Developer's list and will probably never be updated, because they want to focus all of their time on useless, grindy PVE raids and alerts that won't keep anyone's interest when the next DLC comes out. The DLC content is a never ending chain of useless, grindy PVE content.
  18. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    I actually like Safehouses - they are like a rugby match. It's just usually that half of the people are fighting each other and have no idea it's a rugby match.

    Oh, yeah. There is a lot of blame to go to the DEVs, but characters ganking characters more than 5 levels lower than them is definitely a good bit on the players end. The DEVs could put a block on that kind of behavior by making it so that you can't target characters more than 5 levels below you (and also not be able to target someone more than 5 levels above you - so you can't attack people that can't attack back). But when there is no reward for it, there is little or no reason to do it unless you are just killing low-levels for jollies.
    I'm not going to say that I haven't gone up to a low level and hit them a couple of times and then chased them around, but I rarely have ganked them when they weren't fighting back and usually it was by accident or somehow they killed themselves while attacking me. (I don't really understand how this happens. I'll be blocking because they aren't doing and damage and then they fall over dead.)

    Forcing the low level PVP characters to PVE means that they are unlikely to switch back to PVP, so essentially that drives them from PVP thus reducing the PVP population. If the PVP players really want a larger PVP community, the not ganking low-level enemies goes a long way.
    (I have to say that my average PVP opponent is probably between 2 and 5 levels above my character. I usually don't try to fight anyone any higher than that - and, at this point, I always switch to PVE when I hit level 25 because I want to make sure that level 30's don't get credit for defeating me. I guess you can thank the DEVs for that one because of the full sets of PVP gear at level 30 versus the 5 pieces of PVP gear that I can have at level 25 - not including the weapon.)

    Honestly, the farmy/grindy has no appear for me. What has kept me motivated with the game was to be able to make another character every month. Now the whole armory deal of not getting full access to the armory system without purchasing an additional armory per character really takes the motivation out of making new characters - which means my motivation to continue playing is pretty low at this point. Luckily, I'll have access to other games for the remainder of my subscription in a couple of months and I'll be able to see if something else is worth playing or not. I hate farming and grinding, but I enjoy the process of leveling characters but it looks like this game has lost all interest in improving the leveling content.

    It is what it is. This game has reached that point in it's life cycle. It's so silly that it has because the DC Universe has such a wealth of back stories that haven't been explored that would be great for leveling content.
    But I know that there are those that love to grind so that they can get their Pokémon on. That's great for them, but end-games are garbage from my view point.