Incentives For Running Content At Suggested CR

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    The stat clamp debate continues but this is an alternative. I would like for suggestion not attacks on this thread. Not trying to bury it in silliness.

    So basically I combined a suggestion from someone who opposes stat clamps with an advocate of stat ATTEMPT to find a middle ground.

    So basically the suggestion is that players that form groups and run content at Suggested CR brackets get incentives such as 2x marks, Prestige, and new Titles such as Blood-Soaked and Battle-Scarred every tier as long as they don't get Carried on every Instance of that tier.

    If you don't like that play as you always have. But for those of us who like a challenge then we have incentives to play the game as intended. For those who want to God Mode it and be Carried....nothing changed for you.

    But Zero Effort should not be rewarded as well as actual effort to play the game.

    AGAIN....don't turn this into a bashing bickering thread. Suggestions fighting please.
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