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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Charmed Legacy, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Tilz Loyal Player

    Also when i was a completly noob with any clue about the game and like no mods and all I went into AnB all time and solohealed it with celestial. Idk how i did it... like i said.. no clue abotu the game and a youtube loadout xD
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  2. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    I just did it simply to make people's day hard LOL!
  3. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Oh come on now lol..
  4. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Because Celest is sexy!!!! :p ;) :D
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  5. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Saturday nights we would drink and dress in our most ridiculous outfits (Flash boxers were almost always a go to). We'd attempt to do raids; sometimes finish, sometimes not. Usually would end with "Where is (insert drunkest character's name)?" then hear snoring lol
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  6. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Thats always fun too. And few other things i enjoyed with leaguemates was me being the only one of us left on ps3 using my superior consoles rendering abilities to skillfully phase throughs walls to fix the raids and save the day. Had a ton of fun with them laughing and cheering while i died over and over to the the little starro that glitched through the hallway roof.
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  7. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Because celestial is literally a power of gods for gods.
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  8. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Lol! See that's a good memory. My first real league ages ago and our sister league did "naked open world pvp" one night lol. This was back when role based PvP gear was a thing. There was way more heroes than us, and we were 2 groups of 8 from our leagues. Was the biggest **** show you ever saw but was hilarious and a great time!
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  9. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    I lol'd sooooo hard reading that! "superior console rendering abilities" that's golden! LOL! :p
  10. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    That reminds me of the built in pvp role debuffs that used to exist. Ahh the memories of getting solod by trolls faster than dps
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  11. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Well someone has to trigger the locked doors from the other side. Im not they hero they wanted but im the hero they got
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  12. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Did I mention I was a main troll back in the day? LOL! ;)
  13. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    I was too but celestial was toooooo damn good in pvp. Although i do miss triple shield mental troll
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  14. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Lol reminds me of the open world pvp wars in Robinson Park. We would sit there for hours going back and forth, accomplishing absolutely nothing but having a great time!
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  15. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Celest is always sexy for PvP :p
  16. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    It's possible we could have met before now lol!
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  17. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    I miss the silly antics spytle and mepps would do after FNL streams. Those were always something to talk about
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  18. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Loved grabbing the dmg buff in FoS or pit maps and wiping 5-8 people with a single cast of PcDL
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  19. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    I wish they'd start doing the FNL again :(
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  20. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Yea just when me and a leaguemate were feeling confident to sign up and try the stopped. I believe we were in the last or 2nd to last to one. We were wiped in round one but still was an enjoyable experience
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