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  1. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Tell me about your in game family!?!?! Anyone who has played for a substantial length of time in this game has one. Those friends you always run with, that league you've been apart of for years, the people you talk to outside of the game regardless of playing actively. With all the pissing and moaning lately about one thing or another (yes I'm guilty too), I thought it'd be nice to remind everyone why they actually play this game. You don't just get "addicted" to the game its self and the stuff in it. You have friendships that make logging in worth it. Those are the people you love to run new content with, laugh with, get feats with, and have a great time with. In all reality no one plays this game for JUST the content, progression, and feats. You play it to do those things with people you care about.

    So tell me about your people! Remind yourself and me why we play!

    We needed something positive around here! :p
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  2. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Still in contact with old leaguemates who havent played more than 4 days in 2 years. And ive spent an ungodly (almost embarrassing) amount of time just flying in circles with nothing to do but just talking friends in game.
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  3. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Yea I think we all have lol. Tell me about them? Tell me some of your best memories? That's the point in this thread! :D It's to make everyone get that goofy grin thinking of some of the best memories with those amazing people!
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  4. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Stay in contact with a few old leaguemates that haven't played in years. Current league has become a ghost town but is difficult to leave simply because of the memories and friendships made.
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  5. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    The best memories would have to be the friendly competitions. Who can go on the longest win streak of duels in the WT. Who can solo which instance fastest. But by far the greatest has to be the few times a small group us fought what seemed to be endless waves of villains in the open. Honestly anytime running something was a blast just making mini games mid instance. Playing Add ping pong between a tank and a troll with a pull. Getting the randoms in the raids to spam question marks in chat when 5 of us orbital one add in the beginning of a raid. Its endless!
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  6. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    I feel ya man. Some of the strongest friendships ive made was through going through dead leagues. We had an active league and one day it was just the 3 of us. We stuck together and formed our own league and it just stayed 3 of us for over a year, we slowly added more in but still never have more than 8-9 people on the most populated of times and i couldnt wish for anything better.
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  7. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Sadly that's the state of a lot of leagues atm. There has to be some of friends left right? Tell me about the ones left!
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  8. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    LOL! I enjoyed reading that, it definitely made me smile! :D Those are things we all have with that special group of friends that's family. Those friendly dps comps in raids where you see all the "try hard" stuff come out is always hilarious. It can be a blast just having a couple friends in a pug group just so you talk **** on TS, Discord, or custom chats lol.
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  9. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Unfortunately not. Most I've seen on in the past few months is 3 (including me) and they are fairly new and don't talk. Pretty close to having to say goodbye and find a new home and make new friends. But that's part of it. I wouldn't have made those good friends to begin with if I had stayed in the first league I was in at the beginning of the game.
  10. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Yea i miss the late night flights around Gotham with friends and swooping down on the unexpected( ooooh those poor souls who started thier toon in pvp phase back when you could)
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  11. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    What server/faction do you play on? I can't believe you have 0 friends left in the game. :(
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  12. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    LOL! I remember when you had to choose what phase to create your toon in. This was my first MMO and my ex talked me into trying it. The first words out of his mouth was make sure you choose PvE and not PvP or you're gonna have a bad day! LOL!Thanks for reminding me of that lol.
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  13. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Lol US PSPC Hero. Yeah they've all moved on. These are close friends that I made over 3 years ago. I just came back before revamp after taking a break for a few months.
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  14. Tilz Loyal Player

    Just hopping in, love positive threads :p

    I first joined a league back then in T4 days and stayed with them until like AF1. The league was really big, but there was just a active group of ppl just having fun. We all were casuals and just had fun. At some point we divided into a "new league", but the close group/"family" stayed together and had fun. We actually had some tough times beating LW and ToDn, but we did it as a casual playing league (without voice chat.. only writing).
    All stopped playing at some point and I went on to another league. I'm still in contact with many ppl from my old league. :)
    Now with my current league I play on and off like the last 2 years (some breaks, things happened, etc.) and we just have a good time on Teamspeak back then. Now Discord. At some points we just stand around and fool around in the Watchtower. Lot's of fun. Some ppl are kinda inactive, but most are still there.

    I think for me ingame the times around Artifacts/Lockdown/Necro were the golden times. Active league (like 15-20 every evening) and league runs (casual) on the raids and having fun :)
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  15. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Come to the villain side! You could have a blast with us! :D
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  16. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Yea i was a scumbag and farmed a few pvp bounties off some lvl 27 villain mission area. They thought they just had to fight green lanterns but they thought wrong
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  17. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Lol I wish there was a faction change option. Would have done that years ago.
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  18. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Bout the same with me. I started dc because a friend i made in cod zombies was always playing it. I gave it a shot and got hooked. One day was helping him help a friend walk-in some noobs through gates and prime. Those noobs eventually became some of the best people i know
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  19. Saami Loyal Player

    I dont have any.
  20. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Those are the friendships that you will always hold very dear! When you spend every day on TS socializing with people you develop a bond that a lot of people don't understand. You get involved in people's personal life because the relationship gets to that point. One of my favorite memories was when my youngest baby said Momma for the first time. The game was down for a GU and we were all on TS just hanging out and talking waiting for the game to be up. He said it and I started freaking out and telling everyone on TS before I even told my own blood family lol.
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