Improved PlayStation 4 Patch Download Sizes!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Hello PlayStation Players,

    As we previously discussed in this thread (An Update On PlayStation 4 Patching), we have been working with PlayStation to improve the method and, more importantly, the size of patch downloads on the PlayStation 4. We are excited to announce that the new system is now in place!

    Game Update 37 will be the first update to utilize the new system, and that means a download much closer in size to what you would expect and have seen on both PC and PlayStation 3. We know this has been an important concern for most players, and we're thrilled to see the improvement become a reality.

    Download Messaging and Size

    When patching, you will continue to see the "full" patch size that someone who has never patched would need to download. However, after a few minutes, your system will identify what you have already downloaded and what still need to download, and only download what is needed. For example, for Game Update 37 today, your system will start your download process showing about 7gb out of 8.8gb, only downloading about 1.8gb in total (assuming you have already downloaded Game Update 36).

    Previous Updates

    Please also note that the smaller patch sizes will only take effect from Game Update 37 and on. If you are not currently up to date (have not already downloaded Game Update 36), you will still have the larger download until you are caught up. Then, any updates in the future will utilize the new system and be significantly smaller.

    Thank you for your patience as we improved this system, and thank you for playing DCUO!
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  2. Sorceress Katniss New Player

    But my system roughly downloaded a patch size of 8800mb about a hour ago
  3. DC Reaper New Player

    That is pretty useful, my download was exactly what you said 1178MB
  4. Captain Liberty Executive Producer

    The question is, where did you start in the download process? If you were up to date, you would have started at ~7,000/8,800 MB (see Mepps' example above).
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  5. DarkThorn New Player

    Well mine 'started' around 3.3 GB download and I just played two days ago, so surely I was up to date. I also had to download and install the system software update v1.71 right before I started downloading this new game update as well- so not sure if this system update somehow messed with this new patching system or what; it is now telling me I have four hours left to download.


    Here is what I had to do... turn off the PS4 and turn it back on. Then went back into the notifications, downloads, and saw the "Preparing to download..." countdown. Once it reached 100%, it restarted downloading at 7.2GB.
  6. Ebon Angel New Player

    My PS4 did not do this. I played yesterday until 10 PM EST. I started the download at 10 am today. It showed 8800 MB to download. After 4 hrs, it shows 7766/8800 with 5 more hrs left. My husbands PS3 finished 2 hours ago.

    I turned my system off and on - no change, still 5 hrs left and 7774/8800. I don't think the fix worked. My PS4 did a system software update yesterday so it is up to date.
  7. Ebon Angel New Player

    That was not my experience as I still have 5 hrs of wait time after downloading for 4 hrs. My husband's PS3 finished 2 hrs ago and we both played yesterday.
  8. MrMigraine Loyal Player

    Thank you for this! :D
  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    You are showing the correct patch size there, with a very long download time. That could be on your end (download speed) or PSN's.
  10. Ace1 New Player

    My ps4 started at 7.6/8.8 it is slower than normal though.
  11. Ebon Angel New Player

    Well, husband's PS3 only took 90 minutes. Same house, same internet so it must be PS4 issue.

    I am now at 3 hrs wait, after 5 1/2 hrs downloading. It seemed to be quicker before the fix.
  12. Greenman_x Devoted Player

    20 minute download this time, where last time took about 3 hours. Awesome.
  13. C2K001 New Player

    Download not possible. Tanks for anorher gameupdate with no playtime for me. Great work
  14. Ebon Angel New Player

    Wow. It never took me 3 hours before this fix. Now it is taking almost 8 hours.
  15. Ace1 New Player

    It's been sitting at 7.8 gigs for about 20 minutes, slowly going up.
  16. Ebon Angel New Player

    That's how it was for me when this started 5.5 hours ago. I hope you have better luck.
  17. Marine Death New Player

    I'm downloading the 1.8 gigs on the ps4. I can confirm that the download speed is extremely slow. Looking at the pipeline (com port) and it's downloading at 790kbs on a 150mb connection from a Verizon dedicated IP. No collisions or errors on my side as I watch the ports on my switch. It is possible that the PSN this throttling the connection because of demand. Could this be the case?
  18. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    Yep same here....I'm at my friends house in California and his Internet is so much faster than mine at download speed is at 28 Mbps....and upload is 2.4 Mbps....which is double what I get at home....I started out the download at about the same as u and its going sooooooooo slow....a download has never been this slow ever for goes up 1 mb every 20 seconds or so....I don't understand?
  19. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    Yep same here....never had a download this slow....
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  20. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    I'm not really in a hurry I'm just wondering why it's so slow....I downloaded the playroom just to see how fast it downloads and it was lightning fast....

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