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  1. nutterz72 Active Player

    I just recently came back to play and seems there are some changes to the imprinting process that i'm not understanding. Today i got my first new piece of gear since returning, cr 95 shoulders from the lanterns. I equipped them, modded them, all good. But i didn't imprint yet and i changed my spec just to check if the shoulders were equipped on my other dps spec. When i came back to the original, the shoulders were gone, not in my bag, but my old shoulders were in my bag. Now, everytime i switch between my heals and second dps spec, the other two shoulders will be in my bag. Example: i'm in my main dps spec with cr 94 shoulders since i apparently permanently lost the 95's, i switch to healer - the healer shoulders will be on, but now both my dps shoulders are in my bag. What the frick is going on. I can't keep shoulders out of my bags no matter how many times i've reimprinted the sets. And when i get new gear, do i need to imprint immediately afterwards? I hope someone understands what i'm talking about and can help me, I sure would like the 95 shoulders back but they seem to be gone now with no hope of getting them back.
    PS: checked the deleted bin to restore items, still no shoulders.
  2. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    Have you checked the bank?

    Usually, what happens is gear "switches places", and goes into the slot of the piece that becomes equiped.

    Sometimes when you switch to a previous imprint, the equiped but unimprinted new piece will go to the bank and sit in the slot of the piece you just summoned, so by the time you switch back, theres a slot in the bank being occupied by a piece that can't be summoned (since its not imprinted) , thus, you will be switching from armor to bag and vice versa, cheking the bank should reveal a shoulder piece without the small blue circle that indicates it is imprinted.

    Hope that helps :)
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  3. Dezaras Loyal Player

    What Question said. I've dealt with this a few times.
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  4. CaptainColdilocks Dedicated Player

    Yup. Happens to the bet of us. If you stored your old gear in the bank, that's where you'll find those beast, new shoulders.
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  5. nutterz72 Active Player

    yurp, there they are. tytyty very much,