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  1. Mysticwraith Active Player

    It's been a few years since I've played DCUO. Coming back after playing many other titles I decided to list the pros and the cons, hoping this might give some insight to the Dev team. Now these are just my opinions, and I do hope other community members leave their comments and feedbacks to help make this game better.

    The combat in DCUO is by far one of the most impressive aspects to this game. Even after all these years, it still is very engaging and well executed.

    Though many might disagree with me on this, I feel the graphics represent the game perfectly. I feel as if I'm playing in a comic book along side (or against) my favorite DC toons.

    Even though many of the quests are slightly altered from the DC Universe, the story in this game is one of the best in the MMO genre. The tied in aspects between four mans to raids is done so well, I sometimes scream at other games for not doing as good.

    My favorite aspect to this game is the role system. The fact that each class can play two different roles is simply amazing. With the lair and armory system feature added, it makes the game so appealing in contrast to some other games in the market.

    While most would agree that progression is tedious in most MMOs (due to expansions wiping out any previous achievements), DCUO manages to keep player's achievements and gear progression intact as their CR advances. This style of progression in a linear system is much appreciated, as it gives reflection of my past accomplishments.

    Ingame Communication
    The fact that DCUO has ingame voice communication, when other games do not, says a lot. This feature when introduced was a bonus within the MMO community, and even with new games released, it raises the bar of expectations.

    The CONs
    A Dead World
    There is no easy way to say this, but Gotham and Metropolis are stale, bland, and lack any real excitement to the base game. I'm sorry, but after you hit level 30, who does anything worth wild in either of these places? Sure, there are events from time to time. And of course there might be some pvp here and there. In the end, however, these two zones lack any worthy content to immerse the player base in the DC Universe. What these zones need are dynamic events that play to both the Hero, and villain aspect of the game.

    Queue System
    The queue system does work, but it lacks any structure to a player's role. Point in Case, I queue for a four man and get all dps, or I queue and get NO DPS. It's so random, that it's more frustrating to PUG majority of the time. Yes, players can switch their roles, but how many do so? This design flaw makes some of the easiest content a pain in the rear. Even in raids this becomes more evident, as sometimes you're team is missing those much needed roles to complete the instant. A role check system is sorely need to elevate this problem.

    What is the most important aspect to an established company? Retention! Without retaining customers, the company losses profit. Without profit, a game slows down in content. So how to we solve this problem? Incentives! By offering customers perks for playing, they will continue to play the game. The more players play the game, the more profit a company can make. Need I say more?

    As you can see, I feel the game has more PROs than CONs, and if these issues were addressed, I have no doubt that DCUO would regain former / new customers in the process. Like I said though, these are just my opinions, and if you like, take it with a grain of salt; but my opinion has helped many other games and companies in the past.

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  2. hoaxone Committed Player

    I'm curious what other mmo's have u played that didnt have voice chat and worse raids or 4 man (dungeons) then dcuo?
  3. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    On graphics, I agree. The “feel” it has for me is like I’m a kid again playing with some Super Powers action figures. Brings back good memories, and the adventures are much more than my 7 year old mind could come up with.

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  4. WhiteW0lf Loyal Player

    I agree with most of what you said.

    As far as the roles in four man missions im curious. Are you aware that you can turn off the "role optional" setting for alerts? This will guarantee one of each role was selected before the que will pop.
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  5. VillNess Well-Known Player

    Agreed and good points.

    My biggest PROs:


    I just love DCUO's combat and I have been telling this since 2010 beta. I love how it is such an action game but still an MMO. I've tried few other MMO's and while they are good otherwise, the combat in them is soooo boring. In DCUO whatever my character does is because of me. Not these auto-attacks I hate in MMO's


    DCUO has ruined so many games for me (not totally but you get it). The style system is just way too damn good. Collecting styles is so simple and you can change, lock and edit the style for free, anytime, anywhere. Even when I'm on a break from the game I keep checking Costume Contest thread and admire the styles people create.

    My biggest CON:

    Having two factions. I mean, I was excited I could play as a villain because 95% of games makes you play as hero, but in this game the hero and villain are quite close to each other. Another issue has been that villains always had shortage of players compared to heroes, especially on eu side.

    I would of preferred if the game had hero/anti-hero system instead. Everyone could play together but some missions and instances are locked depending are you on hero or anti-hero path. It could work a bit like in InFamous with Karma.
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  6. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Agree with almost everything you wrote. Just about the queue system you're better off using LF or leaguemates/friendslist do queue up for stuff. I understand that it is tedious if you're not already endgame and need stuff in older raids/alerts.

    I would love to see that changed, though I don't really know how the devs could implement this. My favourite reference for stuff like this is SWtOR. There you have Story modes for content in which a tanking and healing droid accompanies you, making up for the lack of roles. Implemention here would be difficult though, since they would rework content in a way that does not really require role-specific tasks. And since it would not bring any revenue, it's probably never gonna happen.
  7. Knarlydude Dedicated Player

    100% on point. :)
  8. Soke_Remy_Gambit Well-Known Player

    As a fellow returning player, I agree 100% with what you said. I also would love to see something to do in Gotham and Metropolis after level 30. Yes like you said a few pvp events and going to beat the hero/villains iconic people like Funhouse exc. And the ques agree are a problem, yes people have to pick their roles but switch after the que starts or in the middle and kinda screws it and makes it take longer. I qued the other day for a alert and got all healers which was nice, but was left for me to do all the work. It didn't bother me as much since I had healers but you get the times where you get all dps. I play tank/controller. Every now and then I'd love to play dps but seems like nobody plays their roles anymore lol. And yes a little more incentive for players would be amazing. Like yesterday playing all in chat people was on just digging dcuo about how it sucks, the devs are money hungry and the game is dying. I dont believe that at all, either statement. I believe the game is the best it's been in a while. However a little incentive would be awesome. Pump up morale a bit. Give players something to celebrate. Fyi I love the titans dlc. Got all the detective style and made a Robin having a blast. Wish all the players could see how hard the Devs work.
  9. Saami Loyal Player

    One thing i noticed about DCUO while playing and trying other F2P MMOs was how little you can play in DCUO before you have to pay.

    In other MMOs you can often decide to go "nolife mode" and grind 16 hours per day or either pay to advance faster. In DCUO you hit that ceiling in few hours top. It doesnt take long to do all solos, duos, alerts, raids etc... before you need to use replay badges.

    PvP Used to be what i spend my time with, but what now? Not all servers have active PvP.
  10. KCKite New Player

    I'm an OG player and just recently picked up DCUO the first time in 3 years a few weeks ago. I really like how the game has simplified the controller role. I remember I would play using only 2 powers and combo my heart out to energize the team. It is less work now, and I feel like I contribute more to the team with debuffs and supplying energy. The events with leveling scale has been a nice touch to bring the community together in population size and building relationships. Lots of new positives that will be keeping me around now that I have time and a computer that can run it. :) See you guys in the multiverse!
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  11. Loreanus New Player

    Totally signed...bravo...and a good idea...dynamic Events would be soooo cool...and would prevent People of staying arround in Watchtower, Talking about, how dead the game is!

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