I'm tired once again...

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  1. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    ...from running the daily Solo/duo and alert.

    I really like those 2 instances of this episode. I ran it almost everyday for the past month with at least one character.
    Now i've reached a point at wich it gets boring due to repetition.

    Its currently 10am and i've been online for 3 hours. Not a single person asked in lfg for anything raid related of the relevant content on a sunday (same for everyday of course).

    So what does that show me? It tells me that every person goes on their daily routine: Open world missions -> duo-> alert.
    Only then those players are willing to do anything raid related. (Dont even get me started on those that do all daily content everyday on 3 characters or more).

    We always keep talking about repetetiveness and how the game gets boring after 1 month of an EP drop.
    Vendor updates are definitely helping but its mainly just patching it up. Like putting a band aid on a wound that needs to be sewn.

    I was wondering if its actually possible to add the possibility for daily loot drops in elite raids.
    Basically meaning that every drop from daily instanced content gets added to the associated elite raid last boss loot.

    Usually elite raids take much longer than the daily content so it wouldnt make them obsolete. The only exception would be CuE currently, but who plays that alert anyway, right?

    This would also exclude instance specific item drops from those alternatively completed instances. No flight ring drop in CuE for example.
  2. the solowing Steadfast Player

    They spent 1 update on the HoL, look at the backlash...What variety can they give, when anything that breaks the norm is immediately panned?

    They gave 2 DLCs that broke the normal and the backlash was swift with "wheres my progression based content?'
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  3. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Im not part of those. And as far as the general population goes, it hasnt impacted the game as much as people on the forum may believe.
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  4. Enemy Ace Well-Known Player

    Aren't you the one constantly telling us that the backlash is only coming from a small vocal minority?

    You either believe the critics are a tiny group not worth catering to, or that their theoretical backlash should be considered before implementing change. So, which is it?
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  5. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    As far as I know all rewards that drop from dailies also drop from raids. No matter what you add to the raids players will still do dailies because it’s an available mission. The only way to change it is to make a huge change to how loot works. And that involves removing the loot lock from raids. However to do that they would need to giving currency and instead have everything drop at an rng bases.

    Games have 2 primary loot types. Content with loot locks but give currency so that players buy their desired items. Or no loot locks but make everything drop through rng at a rate where players would receive the dropped rewards around the same time that they would’ve been able to buy it. When dcuo was in its earlier days it had both features implemented. Content gave currency to buy things but they also dropped gear through RNG with loot locks involved. This was such a bad system that they changed it and now go with the loot lock style.

    But everything has pros and cons. Players doing dailies over continuously doing raids is one of the side effects. If players wanted ti run raids for rewards they would have to reset which not everyone can do. So the majority of the player base will only do raids once a week unless they do it for feats.
  6. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Running stuff higher than a duo would be better if role optional was actually working.
  7. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The only thing that came to my mind on alert specific loot was that flight ring from the elite alert of Legion Ep.

    It would definitely need a rework of how the loot locks work but it would basically turn any raid into a daily wich has weekly rewards too.
  8. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    While I agree that I’d love raids to be a daily thing you also have to remember that MMOs have a lot of different players. The average gamer plays for about 30 minutes to an hour. So they can’t have to much stuff be made to a daily thing or people might just not get on since there’s to much to do and only play when free. Which can kill MMOs
  9. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    It's certainly an interesting paradox, isn't it?
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  10. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Youre right, its from a small vocal minority trying to push the narrative that the overall community doesnt like X update or whatnot. We dont reflect the average player but a small echo chamber wants to believe thats what the case is. Like Magneto saying the update wasn't well received because his viewers dont like it. Those are people who come to his content for his views and perspective, its biased feedback.

    But its being projected as if its the concerns of the average player.

    The average player isnt here on the forum, they arnt giving feedback. They are the silent majority who just plays the game and tends to roll or quit with the punches without a word.
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  11. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I think you didnt understand what i suggested. The daily loot will drop in Elite raids alternatively to the regular instances like alert solo or duo.

    Everybody can still do their daily thing as preferred but it gives more players the chance to run elite raids more frequently.

    Simply turning the raid/s to a daily would make it equally repetetive, wich is what i would hope to change with that suggestion. :D