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Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by Mia Skye, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    Now that I don't have money to pay for legendary, and only play like 20-40 minutes a day because of University I have gone premium. :(

    So, I was wondering...when is it time for me to create my QQ post about premium not getting enough; like bank and inventory slots needing to be increased or the cash cap needing to be increased?

    I don't see a problem with how it is and will go through the game just fine I still have most of my inventory spots free, and never even use in game cash.

    I just noticed that premiums tend to do this. Do I post one now that it's been a day or should I wait awhile for my QQ thread?
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  2. Loadingscreens Committed Player

    you just made it

    can i have all the extra stuff you no longer have room for?
  3. Steak Sauce New Player

    Might as well do it now. Wait a minute, are you even a paying customer now?
  4. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    I actually still have plenty of room, like half my bank slots and inventory slots aren't used. As I said, I don't have a problem with how anything is, I just want to know when I can create my own QQ post. :p

    I just paid $50 dollars for the dlc, does that count? Plus having to buy replay badges and more inventory and bank slots when they are available.
  5. Rabbit New Player

    I think right now is an appropriate time. First make sure you play for about twenty minutes and make a list of everything you notice that you can't do now that you're Premium. It should be totally huge. Then make up a bunch of stuff that even free players get to do that Premium has. Add them all together and tack on a threat to permanently quit if the bennies don't get upgraded right now.

    We're here for you in your frustration.
  6. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    I am as well because somehow my account got screwed up and I have yet to hear anything.....

    I played fine Saturday afternoon, logged off to eat dinner and relogged to this:

    Premium is brutal though. I'm hoping they can do something for me but I'm not holding my breath. I'm definitely not going to buy the DLC's seperately and will likely just get the closest deal to the $10 a month price.... I'm definitely not signing up for the one year deal since nobody knows whats going to happen with the PS4 yet....
  7. Etho New Player

    Make sure you include your in-game experience, actual numbers, and good ol' common sense in the QQ post. That way, EVERYONE will know that you mean business.

    And welcome to the freemium side! It's nice and cozy here.
  8. Apostate Rising Dedicated Player

    I feel ya. I we prem recently also, but not by my choice. I made a purchase for the recent promo and never received an error and come to find out SOE doesn’t want my money so im sitting on prem and cant even log in without deleting characters. Im debating whether I want to give them any more of my money or not.