I'm happy pvp turned into just block breaking & WM

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  1. PawnofDCUO New Player

    Perhaps you should ask their permission. I, like you, apparently am not knowledgeable enough to give you an answer, perhaps I can locate one in the open world, I will let you know if I do.
  2. TheWhiteFace New Player

    It's not particularly about permission, it's about whether it'd be sufficient or not in any/every context in what it presents. I need the knowledge not only to talk about the ideas intelligently, but also correctly. I don't want the Enquirer or Sabigya to yell at me like they already do now, but on one of my own threads, thus rendering it irrelevant/deleted because I wouldn't know what the heck I'd be talking about.
  3. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    I think you might have misinterpreted some of my statements. We both have the same end goal, just evidently very different means of achieving them.
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  4. PawnofDCUO New Player

    I didn't misinterpret anything, I think your intent was quite clear. Rather than hear my comments, ideas, or suggestions, you elected to try and shut me down, as you do again here. This game is big enough for everyone's input, even those that dont agree with you.
  5. TheWhiteFace New Player

    Third person required. Shutting down due to lack of food. I may come back and try to mediate later. Hold those thoughts folks.
  6. PawnofDCUO New Player

    Agreed. A reset may be in order. Perhaps another time, on another topic.

    Until then...
  7. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    The direction you're taken has been one I've been arguing with since the update was on test. I'm looking for arguments I haven't really anticipated yet or might bring a new point of view to the table. No disrespect meant, but so far everything you've said here was pretty much something that has been said a while ago.

    Everyone is allowed to have their opinions, but they also need to recognize their opinions on this update were brought up a long time ago just as the update was going on test and the devs chose not to listen then.

    In short, you guys need a new argument.
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  8. TheWhiteFace New Player

    CC arguments preferably.
  9. GuyverVII Well-Known Player

    ok lets be honest since when was pvp ever perfect and 100% of people happy with it? I remember the early days when mental trolls would ghost and that seemed to be the only way to win lol
  10. BawssBear New Player

    Please refer to my signature.
    If for some reason you can't see it I'll post it here.
    GU41, exposing PvP bads. Get skill or get EXPOSED!
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  11. Joykiller Dedicated Player

    Yawwwwwwnnnn........ Hit me up anytime on PS4 - will meet you anywhere open world. Expose me - please!!!
  12. PawnofDCUO New Player

    Like many things on test then, individuals bring up issues and they are ignored, passed off, or blatantly disregarded and things end up live that players either dont like or dont want... surely you don't expect the community and player base to rally around that decision wholeheartedly without reservations or fuss. The community doesn't do that in any other area of the game, why should this one be any different?

    IMO, the direction PVP has been going for a long time now is stale, without reward, and offers little to the development of ones character over the course of time. In short, there is little if anything that is good or great about this direction, other than a new player has an opportunity to compete with and play against even the most seasoned of veterans with little excuse as to why they cannot compete.

    The rest is just another watered down drink at the bar that someone is serving me. It doesn't taste good and I don't like the price, but I hold out hope that if I have enough of them, I may eventually forget what used to be great. I cannot wait to see what you and others elect to remove from PVP next. My guess is skill points and weapon mastery.

    If fairness is sought, and a continuous bland dish is to be served, these two would be the most logical of selections because not everyone has access to either of them. Another would be league proficiencies, although I admittingly dont know if they are active or not at this time in PVP... they would offer a slight edge to those fortunate enough to have them so they too must go.

    Then the focus can shift to the removal of powers that are allowed to be used in PVP, or re balancing where everyone has the same generic load out regardless of their power type or own personal joy. This will have to be done because as you know, not all powers are equal. I see predetermined load outs, these are selected by the "committee" and will be much like legends, with little or no input form the actual player as to what they would like to use in PVP.

    All of these will be done in the name of making PVP competitive, and fair to new player and old players alike...

    In essence, I fear PVP becoming like a communist block, you are told what to do when to do it and what you can do it with, and if one is to speak out against it, in hopes of retaining what creative freedom and individuality they had, that has to be nipped in the bud and squashed in the name of balance.

    I would simply love to have an open style, semi-competitive PVP event/arena. One in which players have complete freedom to use and take advantage of all the goodies they had earned in game. Advancement would be allowed, players could progress in more than just skill, and yeah, new players might be crushed by seasoned veterans... and by this, I dont mean scrimmages. I mean a full fledged knockout wars between both highly skilled, and highly equipped groups with a reward system.

    These type of fights would offer a huge variety in terms of what you would see and experience. One would need to be prepared for the unexpected, and chances are, you would encounter it. It would be chaotic, fast paced, and with complete freedom for the players involved.

    The current system, just doesn't allow that, at all. Instead we are told to stay in our lane, keep looking ahead, and live with what we got. To me, that just isn't acceptable. I realize where you're trying to go, its just very bland, even if its called "season"ed.
  13. War Crow New Player

    The people that are crying about PVP now are the same elitist that are mad b/c they cant spam op moves and/or 1-2 hit kill others. Get over it.
  14. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    No offense, but, I've been dealing with similar complaints since after the new season was announced at SOE Live. So for longer than you've been a forum member. Close to two months to the day now from when the first thread appeared. So go back and look at GU41 threads from months ago, and you're going to see all the points you've brought up with have been talked about here, at length. That's why people keep shutting these complaints down. We've heard all of them multiple times now.
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  15. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    actually your not entitled to anything
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  16. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    and you would be wrong as PVP should be about balance and your version is about advantage so not true test of skill.. there are two trains of thought your right! one that wants to test them selves against someone on equal footing.... and one were people want to use gimmicks and extras to try to have a advantage and in the meantime pretend their good because of said advantages
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  17. PawnofDCUO New Player

    How so? You saying I cannot have an opinion? They may control a lot of things in this game I dont like, but I dont think they can dictate what I think.
  18. PawnofDCUO New Player

    Length of time posting on the forums is irrelevant to the conversation at hand, if its a conversation. Typically you have to have two willing parties to have a conversation, this is pretty much one individual posting his thoughts and ideas regarding the new system and season, and why, they aren't particularly thrilled about it... of course when you have DEV's that state they could care less about what people think on the subject, you end up with a system that is custom fit and catered to a select group of players, while ignoring the concerns, ideas, and thoughts of others.

    There is a huge population difference between those that PVP and those that PVE. By only having your version of competitive, hardcore, PVP matches, without a more casual, fun version of pvp, where anything goes, you are loosing out on a lot of people PVPing.
  19. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    huh no one said you couldn't have a opinion? you said you had earned the items in game like supply drops and such are you are entitled to be able to use the things you had earned in other aspects of the game. I simply said no your arent entitled to anything

    Edit: so sorry I just reread what you said you are entitled to your opinion my bad i read it to mean entitled to the things in game disregard my comment on that statement
  20. Echephyle New Player

    Unrelated, but who is that hotness killing the soldiers in your sig?

    Is it from MGS V?