Im CR 99

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  1. Kharhaz Committed Player

    ... and simply, that's it.

    For me I have reached my pinnacle.

    I can go in any instance and give a good account of myself.

    I absolutely refuse to be classed as an elitist. I absolutely refuse to be a member of the community who will look down on other people. Regardless of their level.

    I will continue to do what I have done. Mingle.

    I pug. I enjoy it. I love meeting new people. I love the attitudes they have. I love everything about the people who just want to play.

    I love doing FOS missions. It matters not a jot to me whether I need the equipment, or the marks, the people make it enjoyable.

    I am called Jennet, I am a CR99 Earth Tank, and I am a DCUO player. And that's it.

    I don't need to do nexus, or paradox. I am already where I need to be.

    My attitude.

    By all means, add to it...
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  2. compasionate grenade Committed Player

    Is this an e-harmony profile?
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  3. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Its an anti-whinge, Im happy with game kind of profile.
  4. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    Cr 99 is so 1 month ago, it's all about cr 100
  5. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    Not everybody it matter about cr
  6. Couzintony New Player

    Love it!!!
    I'm at 98 n refuse to replay the raids just so I can rip out my mods n replace them for 1 cr....
    Now get ur skill points up!
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  7. SKAVANGER408 New Player


    It's all about cr101.

    But cool story bro.
  8. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    I know right!? CR is definitely a race to the top. It's sad that some people have nothing better do to with their lives. All they do is sap their money into replaying things to be the "best". I lol at those people. Not even 99 for me. Atlantean Monarch is the tier gear. Once I get fully modded tier gear with the 2 rings and necklace from GW, I focus on something else. CR 98 makes me eligible for T6. I got those marks from duos and Alerts and because of the T5 raids, I prefer to do Alerts. Less ignorance to deal with ya know?
  9. Couzintony New Player

    <3 you for this.... Lolz plus the raids are 3 hours of bs...
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  10. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    3 hours? Lul
  11. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    The raids are too time consuming. They were made for the hardcore players which isn't fair for the rest of the community. Everyone says they're so easy and what not, but things are easy when you've ran it so many times and everyone in your group is above 100.
  12. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    I just want to say that your sig is great, That scene in that movie is freakin GREAT! Wonder Woman is such a badasss! That is a good movie,wish DC would make live action as good as they do animation.
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  13. Couzintony New Player

    Yea... Well unless every single person is 99 n up...
    Even two hours is a lot.... I usually play for two hours in total a day... So the group would have to be waiting for me in order for me to finish the whole thing...
    Cuz yea know real life... A crying 1 year old tends to stop me from playing....
  14. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Thanks! Wonder Woman and Barda fighting the Furies is my favorite part. I'm thinking about doing a Gif of when Supergirl was beating the hell out of Darkseid in the end. I just want the whole movie playing in my sig lol I wish that too, but the actors are only human. I wouldn't mind a JLA movie like Beowulf, it looked so realistic. This way the voice actors can partake in it and it's animation, so it would be great on the big screen.
  15. winter13 New Player

    I'm 6'0 tall, and I like hiking in the woods and sitting by the fire...oh wait...wrong forum.
    Anyway, I totally agree with you. I'll play with anyone regardless of cr. A mental dps we ran nexus with had all 83 gear, and he came in second place. I've never seen anything like it. The guys power in was high, but he put out ridiculous damage and didn't die more often than anybody else. He was second only to a celestial. Bravo my friend...bravo
  16. winter13 New Player

    And he only had home turf tac mods. None of his gear was modded
  17. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    What if I tell y'all that you can finish paradox in 20 minutes? or 1 hour if you kill the bosses on their tunnels, or Nexus in 50 minutes? would y'all still be against running them?
  18. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Dont think they are introducing a new tier with this next DLC. But there will be better gear and then it will be all about skill.
  19. winter13 New Player

    I call shenanigans on paradox in 20 minutes. St least on usps3 anyway
  20. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    Yeah that scene is awesome, now I want to watch it;)
    And with modern movie making techniques they could pull it off....I want to see Wonder Woman on the big screen sooo bad! I love animation,but I want to see WW in the flesh in all her glory. But I'm afraid they will be too scared to make her like that and instead will make some *****'s "realistic vision" of her instead:(
    And yeah Barda and Supergirl are pretty darn cool in that flick too, when they show up at Barda's boring suburb house, love that scene too....Damn, Imma have to watch that again tonight , lol
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