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Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by DontCare97, May 8, 2021.

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  1. DontCare97 Well-Known Player

    Change Pvp Win,Loss Currency 800Win 400Loss simple change or 1000Win 500Loss plus not harmful to the game and helping arenas and legends worth while doing instead of 200Win and 100Loss
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  2. Scytthe Well-Known Player

    Noone is playing arenas since years because Daybreak are not capable of taking their responsibilities, they need to fix pvp first.
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  3. Lara Well-Known Player

    I dont know how many times this must be said, There is no PVP UPDATE YET finaly understand this, EG7 said they will touch PvP but not yet
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  4. Stanktonia Committed Player

    They could do this for 4v4 and up maps
  5. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Better still, remove the PVP side of the game & gift all players all PVP feats.
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  6. Stanktonia Committed Player

    This is silly
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  7. 23rd Emperor Active Player

    Idk why Daybreak decides to implement PvP into the game when they're not going to take good care of it and make it actually fun. One reason why I think they're all just in it for the money and not for the fun of the game. Not saying it's all for money (hopefully) but come on devs.
  8. FixPvPTho New Player

    When the game was owned by Sony it had way more people on the staff and there were people who actually were tweaking stuff for pvp. Then the weapon mastery update happened and it started the beginning of the end for pvp. They raised the block counter from 3 to 5 and that’s when most of the people quit pvping and now it’s to the point you literally play atomic rage or mental and just cheese wins no matter what cr you are or sp. when they sold it to daybreak they said they weren’t touching pvp so that killed the rest of the pvp scene for good
  9. MojoDuul Active Player

    how about they just fix pvp first?
  10. DCUO 21Savage Level 30

    kinda wrong the only place atomic is considered top as in the way you typed it is arenas buddy i main it ik i been it since reorganization used to 2shot too bad it been fixed but as for any other thing the devs really need to increase valor win and lost currency also support players coming up with power reworks as long as they don't fully change the power itself and to add if we going off easy truly takes no skill its most def the mental duelers rage right after but rn quantum kinda competing with rages for number 2 spot because of laneas art with solar and lamort not to say any other power cant do the same but quantum has timebomb plus the damage stacks from other attacks and they got that teleport shield bs so easy wins in duels now days and wearin half gear with it as well then theres the every healer power with demon fang cheesin and the gads playin hide ghost seek just like the mentalers except they'll plant mines everywhere so as of rn most cheesers i see are mentals healers with demon fang and quantum with the setup i said and rage revenge spammers i rarely see any atom besides myself and few others duelin most ik went fire and became gods in duels especially the folks i seen go rage they surpassed gods after they switched from atom to fire now rage just dominate everyone and some folks beat them such as the mental cheesers and the folks who pop every trinket they got to beat them outside of that i mainly see those 2 type of pvp players
  11. FixPvPTho New Player

    I’m talking about arenas ? This is a pvp thread? What are you even saying lmao? You used to be able to block the slam and then they reworked and now you cant do anything but watch them slam..regen… and lose -9 power
    The valor system isn’t even bad … would you prefer the super old system where it’s locked behind replay badges ?
    Idc about duels tbh when all you gotta do is have arts or hybrid gear with a hand mod and you become an unstoppable invis god… artifacts made this game really a joke with duels so that really makes me not wanna do them even more… I got so my duel feats early on in the game before revamp so I’m good off that.
    And if they simply made the power blockable like they were and changed it back to old pvp none of these powers would be a problem in arenas or duels :)
    Pvp and anything pvp related right now as the game currently stands is down atrociously
  12. DCUO 21Savage Level 30

    I never said you cared about duels just pointed out stuff and as for the valor system who tf complained it buddy no one said it was bad they only want to increase hm you get on a W/L ratio like how the post maker said W's should be 800 no less L's should be 400 no less thus giving players more competitive spirit to really want to do arenas ik vets who hasn't gotten a single pvp feat that wants to do pvp but not about to do it because how bad the currency is and and returning players who said the same thing no one hates the valor system only how much you get is the main problem and how some powers are just to op in arenas such as rage revenge spammers mental reflect hiders gads mine cheesers thats just to name a few and legends just so out of date most models are the older versions and if you do the iconic solos for circe and wonder you'll only see their updated models in the cutscenes but once ingame its the older models legends current state just seem so lazy like the devs forgot to get rid of the older models and also fix some op legends such as catwoman also to add last thing is my biggest problem with the pvp system is the fact that the deadshot style is locked behind pvp still when knight wing gotham still can be obtained from promethium which makes no sense and also they should release a new style unlocking phase soon and either remove promethiums or better yet add a new style vendor that has every style in it with multiple sections to make it easier to find older styles you want such as how i want the pvp deadshot head style itself ik this convo went off pvp subject but its just to bring up how lazy some stuff are and for example that style vendor could have a sections to find certain styles like pvp section tap Lt or Rt,L2 or R2 to get to the pvp section and scroll down and buy the deadshot headstyle i want
  13. DontCare97 Well-Known Player

    true they should go back to fix older stuff and exactly the pvp currency is horrible 200 for a win dcuo rn has the worst pvp gta and cod pvp isn't this bad and ik they are completely different games from dcuo but still the point im makin is that gta has all this crazy stuff and cod has broken guns but ik they had a pvp gear and currency sytem it wouldn't ever be as low as dcuo's currency is tbh like 200 only that doesn't work at all takes too long and its time for a change #ImproveDCUO2021
  14. valiant Villian Well-Known Player

    What is the complaint about PVP? I do not ever play that format but what needs fixed? Just curious.
  15. DontCare97 Well-Known Player

    Pvp has many problems for example legends with characters such as catwoman overpowerin other legends anf few other legends that are stronger and arenas healers godly mentals godly rages surpassed all that with revenge spamming and the worst of it all how much you get on a win loss 200 is def not enough needs to be 800 or higher loss 400 or higher
  16. PapaKola New Player

    Stop speaking negativity into the most important part of the game!
  17. FrankZappa Well-Known Player

    omg so true
  18. DontCare97 Well-Known Player

    fix the currency
  19. Trykz Committed Player

    I want pvp fixed for people who enjoy pvp. I did it for the feats and hated every second of it. But what really irks me is people clambering for changes in pvp that messes up people’s powers and rotations in pve. This used to be such a huge problem and it’s part of the reason pvp got such a huge push back from the rest of the community (toxicity aside). If they could separate pvp powers and mechanics from pve and make whatever changes they wanted to without effecting pve that would be ideal. As it sits you’re trying to balance 15 powers for two different games, one that actually pays the bills and one that just causes a lot of problems and forum posts. Of course they are gonna follow the money.
  20. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    Duplicate threads, especially intentional ones, will lead to suspensions and eventually a ban. There wont be many Months to this.

    Also, why is it that everyone who wants to talk about PVP prefers walls-of-text to paragraphs?
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