I'll be leaving dcuo for good

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by SekretVillain, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. Lantern_AdamK4 Well-Known Player

    I was going to say something snarky about how people always feel the need to announce their departure, but Instead I ask:
    One complaint is "No New Powers" Was there an expectation set that there would be more powers coming? What is an acceptable amount of different power options? How often do you expect there to be a new power released? Is this game really terrible because it has "only" 14 powers? How many should there be? What is the acceptable number of powers and how often should they be released?
  2. Kanmaru Committed Player

    The OP could have been more specific but they could have been referring to Actual new powersets. I however would agree that there is no need for new powersets "BUT" I think existing powersets could use new additional powers within them. Every powerset could use three to four new abilities. Two for the support role and two for DPS role.
  3. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Ok....can I have YOUR stuff?

    Man...in all the years people have been 'leaving' the game, no one wants to give away their stuff. It's a crime I tells ya!

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  4. Kanmaru Committed Player

    Impossible, I've already equipped most of my items so it's untradeable. Sorry about that. Also, why do you always type your name after you finish a post?
  5. Rejchadar Well-Known Player

    I would add another question, for example, what is worse is the lack of a new power or a new “favorite” power that is absolutely inappropriate for your style of play (take me as an example, I'm a fan of Lanterns .... and for me, HL is a complete failure, because less than a controller I don’t like only DPS, and I have a persistent disgust for yellow (I think it would be better for developers to make HL a weapon rather than a power)?

    I am almost sure that you have a couple of millions, and you can buy a couple of things for them as farewell gifts for all of us :) :) :)
  6. ALB Committed Player

    The p2w is out if hand. The drop rate on monitors not that bad though. I got my waist and sold maybe 70. No exaggeration. Anyway, safe gaming
  7. Reinheld Loyal Player

  8. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Around three years since water dropped... i think what makes it worse is instead of making new powers they made artifacts, the biggest cash grab / p2w thing in this game... they knew theyd make more $ that way
    With a power you spend $10 once and your done, but with artifacts they’re really dippin in the pockets of people who are impatient.

    I have never leveled a artifact, i mean i just switched from tank a few months ago n tank role only had like 1, that pull a enemy get health one... now that im troll thatd be useless had i spent the money to level it...

    And yes i do think that me not leveling a artifact is keeping me out of real raids, ive just played the events for the last few dlc since i switched... man i wish i could do something to help this game, i really do
  9. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    I see alot of people quiting. The artifacts going to 200 seems to be the nail in the coffin for alot of people. Getting arts to 200 is the biggest money grab I've ever seen with this game and I have 6 of them and 3 others at 160. They're basically making you spend $. My
    Today my sub ran out. I have no urge to resub right now.

    Gl with wutever u path u choose.
  10. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Can I have....nevermind.

    Still. Not sure why people buy into the need for 200 artifacts. I get it...everyone wants to be 'the best' and top the DPS board, but a 160 (arguably 120 even) artifact is completely functional and can be obtained without spending a lot of money (SOPs only). I get the 'quitting sends a message' theory, but also 'playing but opting out of buying your way to 200' also does. BTW....I do enjoy trying to make my toon the 'best' it can be....right up to the point where spending more cash comes into play.

    Add to that the fact that even if you are 'best' today, likely tomorrow they will make a change (either a nerf like VWD, or a might vs precision change) or add something new that will render your 'best' to 'second best'...why the chase?

    BTW...I have 1 200 artifact (the VWD which I ground to 141 the week before the free bump....I don't even use it), and 3 160s...I'll likely swap the VWD for a 200 strategists card on 2x weekend...whenever that comes. Till then I put nothing into artifacts....No worries.

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  11. gemii Dedicated Player

    i think players get duped into feeling the NEED to have the latest artifacts and have them max level. gets them every single time every new DLC.

    its like trying to keep up with iphones. yeah every new one released may have a new little feature but your old one is more than fine to keep using.
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  12. Wildcat Well-Known Player


    just give me your stuff !
  13. SekretVillain Committed Player

    At least 1 a year that's 1 new power for each role every 3 years, I'm sorry but thats not asking much. But apparently it is with this dev team. Because all they want to do is push out DLC time capsules and artifacts.
  14. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    I came back to the game basically because of the artifacts and at 160 is decent n basically most of the 200's aren't needed. Thing is from the 600k to 1mill 600k is just ******** imo. Personally I'm in a league with not enuff people so I pug everything so by me leveling them it helps alot more. Anyhow it takes about 40 mins to make a pug group for something older like foae etc I can really see the dip in the player base.
    It's complete insanity imo. This is my 5th month back from 2.5 yrs off and I'm now unsubbed again smh..

    My 200's
    Parasite pwr
  15. SekretVillain Committed Player

    And as far as chasing metas with artifacts or trying to hit 200 on a artifact that isn't a issue with me because I limited myself to 160 for max, and use what I want and what I think is beneficial for my powerset.

    Almost every healer out there uses EoG scrap and orb even those of the same power as myself, me I use demon fang orb and page of destiny which I was planning to use page to level up manacles again as I felt manacles was a better fit then page of destiny for water.
  16. SekretVillain Committed Player

    To be honest the raise on artifacts didnt bug me so much, it's the constant RNG and crap drop rates at every turn with no 2nd option other than broker to obtain the items.

    Ran 2 characters every day since this metal 2 has dropped have yet to see a construct bat from the alert. Open capsules every 4 days and get total crap from them absolutely nothing worth anything.

    Then theres the old alerts for collections, I still run batcave breach and silent school, starro alert, saving justice and war crimes, rise of the bat daily on 2 toons. Get nothing every time. Its ridiculous. I even do zooe pane and get nothing out of those.

    Tired of logging in wasting my time for nothing.
  17. SekretVillain Committed Player

    Yea the great economy fix, boy was that a joke.
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  18. SekretVillain Committed Player

    Ha how many actual exploiters were unbanned and allowed back because population couldn't afford to take a hit or devs pockets couldn't afford to take a hit?
  19. SekretVillain Committed Player

    And people wonder why the community exploits to start with, nothing happens when you do.
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  20. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    I missed all the old op collections so I get it. I run starros invasion everyday for 4.5 months and still don't have the mask.
    I have the back from the hack ft but that needs granted for everyone and same with the superman emblem I'll never get. Stuff like tht is stupid.
    These monitor energies are harder to get then the old op collections lol my dumbarse sold like 20 not realizing I needed them for the op belt. I still need 30 for it but Idk.

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