If you're not gonna get rid of Insectoid form...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Amanda Bailey, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. megamanzero Loyal Player

    no thanks. you can't have a beast boy power without form changing.
  2. Kuno Loyal Player

    Insectoid form should be ala Wasp. Smaller version of your own character with the insectoid wings, and that's it.
    Less is more and the insectoid model is ugly. I hate intrusive powers.
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  3. Acesia Well-Known Player

    I said that and eventually made a nature character.
    I ended up having to use the bug form as a healer. You literally HAVE to. That 60% buff aint no joke, sadly. I have a loadout set up currently to heal as my character and I do love using it. But if there's no ridiculously OP troll there for you, you cant keep your heals up to heal anyone without being a nuisance to the group. The difference in healing out is stupid, and sadly, she will probably remain neglected until I can heal (well) with her as herself.

    I get that the forms are nature's gimmick, but that doesnt mean I - or anyone else who takes pride in the concepts they create for their characters - have to like it. At least the wolf looks cool. The bug is hideous. I feel I'm from that really old school movie where a fly goes into a tube and messes up a guy's experiment....

    No one signs up for Nature exited to be this guy ^^

    If you say you do, you're lying.
  4. Acesia Well-Known Player

    Tumbling master is a feet mod for acrobatics. Great for movement in combat.

    Can't find any visuals for you, but if you have an acro character lying around, just try the mod. Block then roll like normal, but instead of stopping after the one roll, continue hitting your joystick (orwhateveryouuseonpc) to make the character roll again. You can roll 3 times with the mod, but the 2nd roll is the best and the 3rd makes you come to an abrupt halt. I suggest just spamming the 2nd and starting over.
  5. coco Committed Player

    I'm not nature but my husband usually is, he absolutely hates bug form look! So much so that he went to another power until the power itself is fixed & bug form is changed. I don't think ya'll should have to settle with just auras when clearly a lot of people don't like it. They need to revamp bug form period.
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  6. High Troller Loyal Player

    As long as they don't take away insectoid plus consumable or trinket morphs. I like using Manhunter trinket after infectoid engagement.
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  7. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    One thing I like about it (the only thing I like about it) is the tap hold into pulse beam HB combo. With regular blasters, it's two taps, and then a hold. It even glitches out at times and players become flying bugs without wings. I really, really hoping they're listening to every ounce of feedback regarding Nature and especially that Insectoid form.
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  8. Pults Loyal Player

    Or they could let some designer go wild for a month and create various alterations and allow players to select between 6 different bug forms.
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  9. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    I would love to see Nature split into 2 separate powersets but that's probably not going to ever happen. So here are some things I would like to see changed with Insectoid (because it really has grown on me):

    1. I want the ability to see my Auras. I paid for them, I want to see them.
    2. The wings are very "plastic" looking. I think the cells in the wings should be transparent/partially transparent (see attached image) Same with the eyes. They don't have that compound eye detail. Overall, the same attention to detail that went into the Light Sheeda Head and Back piece needs to go into Insectoid. Antennae, nothing big, in between the top of the eyes.
    3. How about a more attractive Insectoid for female characters? Lose the 6 pack abs, expand the breasts, a more intricate wing, smaller or more round cornered eyes, the "dinosaur bug" claws have to go, a Flirty personality or let us retain our natural personalities while transformed, maybe substitute Acid Spit for something less gross, decrease the width of the neck, softer detail in the muscles
    4. I should be able to play with my Armories while transformed.

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  10. VV Dedicated Player

    David Cronenberg monsters are cuteeee :3
    If you ever want a troll to power ya /voteinvite me Ace :D I'd not mind powering nature healers without bug form.
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  11. badusername Level 30

    I'm 99% sure that the 65% healing buff you're referring to is the exact same every healer gets. Besides I have to problem healing as a human, at least at T5 don't know how bad the power scaling is after that. If power is your only issue I'm sure that will be adjusted with the stat revamp seeing how non controller power back mechanics are suppose to be removed.
  12. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    Damage output is reduced, and all Health and damage prevention effects you trigger are increased by 65%. Buffs: +3% Critical Healing Chance; +5% Critical Healing Effect
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  13. badusername Level 30

    Yeah, I know I can read. I'm saying that it's the same buff, it does not stack as far as I am aware. I've used the form before and can't say I've noticed my heals getting a noticeable buff. If you believe it does then you'll have to show proof.
  14. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    What are you talking about? The Insectoid Buff doesn't stack with what?
  15. badusername Level 30

    Switching to the healer stance increases the strength of your healing powers by 65%. That post I originally responded to made it sound like the effect only applied when in insect form.
  16. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    Gotcha. I was just trying to quote the actual buff with the +3% to CC and +5% to CH
  17. Acesia Well-Known Player

    She's like BD level currently lol and needs like at least 100 more SP but if I ever do, i will let you know.

    Until then, just keep powering Ace, she needs good trolls too.
  18. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    tumble master is a acrobat feet tactical mod, while in bug form your flight so care to explain that 1?
  19. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    It's power back is being removed at stats matter, so it won't be mandatory. I think it's pointless revamping it when it's going to be changed already to be optional.
  20. iClip Committed Player

    After the stat revamp no one will be using it because nature heals won't have the AM, so why would anyone use it, because the only reason people use it now is the power return of Hive Mind.

    Its gonna be hilarious to see all the nature heals after the update.....I should start recording lol