If you're not going to fix PvP can you at least give respawn time a fixed interval

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by MrWon, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. MrWon Well-Known Player

    I just got out of a legends PvP match while dealing both more dmg and having less death than my opponent. But I literally lost because I kept getting 11 seconds respawn time while my opponent kept getting 1s-3s omegalul :)
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  2. Kerving New Player

    It should be 5 sec for everyone on a match, that way the time of respawning isn't an important thing on PvP and doesn't affect the game by random circumstances
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  3. Brit Dedicated Player

    The respawns happen at fixed intervals. The player deaths do not.

    Every 12 seconds (or 5 times per minute), there will be a respawn of ALL dead characters on both sides. If you die right before the respawn, then you respawn immediately. If you die right after one, you're waiting for the next one.

    It's done by design for the purpose of larger matches. If a team gets wiped, they rally together and return as a group, instead of coming back one at a time and filtering back in single file to a slaughterhouse. If they turn the respawn timer down significantly, then in those larger group matches it is more likely that groups get broken up and dominated (you rally back in alone and start to race back to your teammates, who are already dying and waiting for the next rally, so you get there with no help and die, and then they get back with no help and die, and so on).
  4. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    While I've understood how this works/ why it was done for some time, I still think wave respawns should go away. Let it be a player's choice to either rush back in our wait (if your allies are low on health). Ending up with the long respawn time can contribute to your allies dying. If you could get there sooner, you may be able to turn the tide in your team's favor. Though if you're allies are too close to going down, you may want to wait to head back.

    I mean, it's not like wave respawns actually prevent the behavior of rushing back in. With the wave respawn, I've seen teams (especially in 2 vs 2s) use it to their advantage and end up with basically 2 on 1 for most of the match. Kill the first one with an 11 sec respawn, then work the other one down and knock them out for an 11 second respawn. The first person inevitably rushes back in (especially on node hold maps), instead of waiting another 11 second for their ally to respawn.
  5. Brit Dedicated Player

    /shrug. Back when we were doing the Beta testing, there was an individual player timer (5 seconds). It turned group fights into a single file slaughterhouse. The first fixed timers were set at 15 seconds. The complaints were high about players being annoyed that they spent too much time as a ghost who couldn't do anything. Then the timers were reduced to 12 seconds, but with the optional rally-delay, where gearing on your opponent causes them to exhaust and delay the extra 3 seconds (bringing it back to the previous 15).

    If you never played during the Beta, trust me, this way is better for group fights. In 1v1s (which was not an option during Beta and launch), they could make the timer anything they want and it would have zero negative effect. It just would change the meta so that people die to recover power, and there would be more back-and-forth of people winning a skirmish, then being reengaged while still at half life and dying, then returning to finish off their injured opponent, basically trading kills. Not saying that's bad; it's just the reality of what would happen in 1v1s if there was never enough time for someone to heal to full and break the cycle.

    But for group fights, 5v5s and 8v8s, you may not believe me, but you want that 12 second timer. You will never be able to convince your group to stand at the spawn point and wait for the whole group unless it is made a gameplay mechanic intentionally throttling their return.

    And while I don't doubt your personal experiences, mind you, I'm just going to point out that if you are running 2v2s against a team that kills 1 of you exactly at the 10-12 second interval, and then waits until the next respawn timer before killing the other player, intentionally permitting him to survive so that they can keep you broken up for 2v1s, first off they have some truly amazing coordination and skill, and second... they have some terrible strategy. That means they are intentionally keeping the capture point contested at all times to score 0 points, while also intentionally delaying their player kills to score fewer points. That's a whole lot of amazing coordination and skill in order to win a match in a significantly slower and less efficient way. So while I have never seen that and I still run daily PvP, if it's something that you're experiencing regularly, then they are clearly just trolling you like the people in 1v1s who kill their opponent but refuse to hold the capture point because they want to intentionally drag the match out longer to annoy an inferior opponent.

    If you polish your skills enough, you will eventually reach a point where it is literally impossible for a 2v1 to allow you to live for 12 seconds without you killing one of them. Either they will have to kill you early to stop your incoming damage, or they are going to die. Even with encasements and sodas, there comes a point where they can no longer juggle you without killing you, and if they just stand their and take your attacks, then you're going to kill them. So don't give up; just keep practicing and you'll get there.
  6. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    The timer has never been 12 seconds on Live. 10 seconds has always been the maximum re-spawn time. Anything past 10 seconds is a bug and should be addressed so it does not happen.
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  7. Brit Dedicated Player

    You sure, mate? Because in my experience, what we constantly see is respawn times ranging between 0 and 11 seconds, and I could have sworn when they changed the timer from the old 15 seconds, they said it was to 12.

    I remember a bug when it was first implemented where ALL respawns were set to 15 seconds, rather than the fixed waves, and that was miserable. Unfortunately I have no idea where I would even go to find patch notes from the pre-Megaserver days. But I know I've been seeing 11 second respawn times daily for years, and I could have sworn that 12 seconds was what they said it had been changed to (so theoretically you never see 12, because 12 happens on 0 when people spawn, and then immediately you're at 11.X and displaying 11 or less).

    There aren't many old players like us though, so I'll wager most of these guys don't remember the 15 second days or when the Devs discussed the change, so it looks like I'm going to have to dig through patch notes.
  8. IceRaider Committed Player

    It was reduced to 12, you can see a max of 11 but that's really 11:59 I was there for the 15 seconds days miserable.
  9. That1DarkKnight Active Player

    You can control the timer if you control the seconds on which you die. Just gotta roll with they aren't going to be fixing it anytime soon likely.

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