If you're gonna run the duos as a controller or healer...

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  1. Blue Spectrex New Player

    Jesus, you need to write a TL DR
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  2. Aridian New Player

    Are you still arguing this? Really? Really!? How is anyone being hypocritical by disagreeing with you? You sir, jaut need to accept your loss and move on with your life. I know I said I was done but I have one other thing to say and I think it sums this while thread up nicely:

    NOBODY ON THIS GAME WANTS YOU TO TELL THEM HOW TO PLAY. AND NOW YOU'RE OFFENDED BECAUSE THE COMMUNITY REACTED NEGATIVELY... Seriously dude, what did you expect? Based on your responses, you are a terrible player, and a terrible troll. Learn to block break yourself. And drop relying on others to carry you through instances, especially when you try to tell them how to play.
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  3. SoulflyMike42 New Player

    I bet he wishes he had never posted this thread :p.
    He really shouldn't have! Best to keep temper tantrums to yourself to the OP
  4. YodaDog New Player

    I dont know.. I kinda think he's just playin with yous guys...
  5. Dubb Lantern Well-Known Player

    I never said that is what is hypocritical. You seriously need to work on your reading comprehension.
  6. Gotcha Girl Well-Known Player

    Lol it's alright and I understand. It was a response to someone else that wrote a long message claiming that the issue was with support roles not wanting to heal or give power (completely oblivious to the fact that it's about support roles not block breaking for the OP) so I thought I would do the same to kind of make fun of him for doing it but also because he seems to have a hard time comprehending what other people are saying. I don't expect anyone else to read it.
  7. Captain Spire New Player

    I think its time we go back to playing Pac-Man.
  8. T20thoughts New Player

    11 pages of discussion over content that's so easy, I usually spend most of it changing my healer dude (all healing gear) to the DPS role, equipping him with my CR86 DPS brawling gloves and going to town on'em because it's faster.

    Successful troll is successful.
  9. Dubb Lantern Well-Known Player

    So you agree that running it as DPS is quicker. Good.
  10. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Are you using the Core Strength mod?
  11. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    I out dps most dps i come across in those duos with ease. I remember this one dps i was 130k ahead of in the knights dome arena. I was at 326k damage he was barely about to hit 200k. So please don't come on hear like healers can't do a lot of damage too.
  12. Dubb Lantern Well-Known Player

    You run with bad dps.
  13. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    I can get 400k damage in t4 and below raids in just healer gear/ healer speced. In t5 content i usually get between 2-300k or more. You just have to know how to do your role to the fullest.
  14. Gravenlore New Player

    Meh... I'll stick to handblasters for now.. lol still learning how to be a controller... and yeah, sometimes I use melee just for fun.
    Ju st afraid of dying in duos so I range lol it works for me.. For now.
  15. T20thoughts New Player

    Actually, yes... But you donĀ“t get damage modifiers in the healer role (tasty 40- and 50-percent damage increases from powers even if I don't have any damage powers specced besides Savage Growth). And unless I'm running with someone who's badly geared, I still easily heal through any damage we take from the bosses in DPS role.

    Then again, this is at CR95. At CR84, I would've probably stuck to the healing role. Not that it changes the fact that meleeing is fine as a healer in the duos, as long as you're doing your CCing combo moves.
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  16. Sh4D0wK1LL New Player

    Comparing the T5 Duos to Nexus..........
    Seems Legit.
  17. Rusvek New Player

    I've been running T5 duo's and the dps's are geared up to about 95ish+ Cr most of the time but yet they barely put out damage. The generation of CR 98 and 48sp is here ladies and gentlemen.
  18. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player

    Not reading 11 pages of back and forth. My preference is same as OP, if I'm DPS I'd prefer any healer or troll to be block breaking - stops me from getting shut down. That said..if partner is meleeing, i will back off and range bb b/c I still want both forms of attack in play. Will I do less damage, absolutely. Oh well, long as job gets done....
  19. Lantern Landen New Player

    Do you feel big by insulting other people over the Internet? Seriously dude, stop trying to tell people how to play the game. I'm a celestial healer and I'm going to use melee whether you like it or not. And guess what? I'll still be doing a darn good job healing you.
  20. SoulflyMike42 New Player

    If you q up with a random partner I don't believe there is a set/right way to run these duo's. I will see whom im partnered with as of what role they are in. Then I will maybe switch up trinkets or gear as sees fit for whomever I am playing with to go as smoothly as possible. Not everyone knows how OP or whomever is going to play. Its called adjusting, or group up with a leaguemate or friend.