If you're going to keep feats in Time Capsules....

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by NoPhilosophy, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. NoPhilosophy Committed Player

    Give us an alternative to making up from those. Expand the Gathering feat, expand the token feats, expand the PvP feats....Expand anything.

    You even made them 50 point feats.....there are 25 point feats for things people still can't even accomplish in raids, yet the bigger feat point goes to whoever simply buys stabilizers or buys the collections on the broker.
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  2. Vesper Dedicated Player

    Um.....but this solution won't solve the problem you are identifying. Additional feats for exo gathering and collecting tokens would still be available to peeps who got all the stuff out of the capsules.

    You seem to be searching for ways to find new feats that are commensurate with the numbers of feats hidden behind the paywall of capsules. The only way to do that is for the devs to make a set of new feats that are ONLY available to peeps who do NOT open capsules. 2 immediate problems here: 1) what happens to peeps who earn feats from NOT opening capsules, who then open a capsule after all? Do they lose their feats? 2) it would encourage some peeps to NOT buy stabilizers. This game is first and foremost a business. While you might not care for this aspect of their business model, it remains a revenue stream for them. Deliberately enticing a portion of their players to NOT spend money and NOT participate in a revenue stream does not make good business sense.

    I get that you don't like the feats-behind-paywall set-up. I also get that the much more frequent addition of buyables in game is frustrating (Booster Bundles, Capsules, Aura Packs, Hairstyle Packs, etc.) from a purely more-money-outta-my-pocket framework. But you can get all of the feat stuff from Broker if you have enough coin. You don't HAVE to buy anything with real money.
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  3. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    Someone has to use stabilizers at the end of the day in order for it to go on the broker. This is a fact.
    Having people not be able to get skill points due to a pay wall will become a bigger problem over time, especially coupled with the fact of the churn out rate of time capsules. This is a fact.

    The only way to change this reality (and even solve the OP"s problem) is to make the feats give title's only and not skill points. Even if this would leave some folks "bitter" about not being able to get that one "desirable" cosmetic item... well at least no one would have an actual advantage over someone and thus the community as a whole would be less hating of the current system.
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  4. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I just buy off the broker cause I'm rich lol
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  5. Gamer_Liko Well-Known Player

    We here at Daybreak Game Company, love feedback about our new Time Capsule program. With your feedback we will be releasing more Time Capsules. We will call this We need Money Time Capsule and will come with a whopping 30 SP when you collect all styles. Thank you for your feedback and we'll continue to push Time Capsules over any content, story, or bug fixes!
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  6. Here2Help Devoted Player

    Whilst I do like the idea of expanding some feats (Where are those extra Token of Merit feats they were going to keep adding?), it wouldn't solve the current problem. The feats in Time Capsules will still require paying for, you're just giving other people feats whilst trying to avoid but not fix the problem. As I said though, I like the idea of expanding some of the feats, but it's an idea and an improvement, not a solution.
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  7. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Sure, because instead of removing the P2W feature they'll just give you more in game feats, which they could have done years ago but decided they also needed to fill their cash gathering feat.
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