If you had your way....

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    ok I just know this could get out of hand but we always see what would you like to see next threads in the devs section, so I figured here we could enjoy some fantasy speculation
    If you had your way, what would you like to have for a character, be it a material, a trinket, a power capability not currently in the trees, etc....
    call it a wishful thinking thread (hey, who knows? maybe something here will actually come to pass!)

    Base items/amenities
    1. Armories
    Infinite armories. You can only choose between four at a time but why not be able to show off your creative side by allowing as many armories per base and account as you like.
    personality/movement/build transference
    take off the locks that refuse armory changes based on movement and allow for changing physical form and personality
    ie Your hero is a serious or powerful type with a striker body.but your alter ego is a sprite with a comedic or flirty/swaggering personality. Instead of having a completely different alt, go from one form to another. (plus, If you have different movement items available (Climbing (acrobatic) Claws/Journeyman's (speed) boots/ joker's (flight) jetpack) you can then go from one to another

    Powers (particularly Iconic powers that can be thrown in with any power set (Meta, magic or tech)
    Ice Vision (ala Bizarro)
    Fire Breath (Bizarro)

    Super growth (Increase your character's size to three or four times their normal height

    Alt assist
    Call on your alts to assist you in a battle. not just a random pair of uniformed assistants, these would actually be pre-chosen Alternate characters on your account. In addition they'd fight at full power with all of the CR that they have when you're playing them individually. (comes in handy when you decide to take on bounties that no-one else ios around to help with) (also, if you're doing something like a duo, and your partner drops out on you, you can run it with your alt
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    If I had my way we would actually get updates and balance changes for PvP more than once every couple years
  3. JKwak Well-Known Player

    if they would make it the way i want there would be
    1. Loony toons as iconics
    2. amalgam universe instead earth 3 with Access as Iconic for legends pvp
    3. we had Watchmen universe and Watchmen characters as iconics
    4. Batman would be the Adam West Batman
    5. Superman would be the Nicolas Cage Superman
    6. Green lantern would be the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern (including bad animated Costume)
    7. we had a classic server without stats revamp (or stats revamp just never happend)
    8. we had a Neutral faction
    9. Higher buff for players under cr 34 forLove Conquers all instead of making Freeze weaker
    10. Bigger Seasonal events
    11. no time capsules
    12. price limit for the broker
  4. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Just stopping by to throw this one in:

    Armories = storage space for the imprinted gear

    Would be neat in my eyes...
  5. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    The one thing we will never get.. materials used as colours :(

    Have/had so many ideas on how I could use this - ah well
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  6. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    If I had my way....

    Things I'd fix:

    1. Controller role revamp, center it around debuffs and stuns instead of power out
    2. Revamp content to take #1 into account
    3. Remove damage penalty of hybrid abilities in healer role, and vice versa. If it heals in and does damage, it'll still heal in dps role
    4. Buff melee weapon combos/melee range powers (except rage and jackhammer), and fix hybrid/weapons expert
    5. Put all materials on quark vendor (well I'd probably do away with Capsules altogether if I TRULY had my way, or I'd add them as a legendary benefit)
    6. Fix PvP, increase counter damage, make power spam vulnerable to interrupt, bring back role specific gear

    Things I'd want to improve or add:

    1. Different base layouts
    2. More base themes
    3. Amentities in league halls- all of them
    4. More league hall layouts and themes, also be able to unlock the extra rooms locked away for prestige, as well as removing the weekly cap for prestige
    5. I like Schimaras idea with the armories storing gear, I'd incorporate either that or a "closest" amentity to save full styles/gear suits
    6. Tie into 5, a trophy/display case amentity where you can store items you deem as "valuable" to show off to folks that enter your lair
    7. Expand central city to full size with extra leveling missions, increase level cap, add 4th mentor (probably Flash and Zoom since it is central city).
    8. Add a feature where you can summon your mentor to aid you in combat, can be like a SC you can select or a trinket. Basically give mentors more importance then just people that bark out orders in our ear
    9. Add a "help" section in the menus that have a short explaination on how to do pretty much everything in the game, would be tremendous help for new players
    10. Be able to put a lair out in the urgent warfront areas
    11. Upgradeable sidekicks you can change the style and name on
    12. More engaging content
    13. Improved R&D system that uses all the useless gray scraps that drop to make weird and unique trinkets/toys, or even craftable artifacts

    Everything else I want or would fix is either still planned or in the process of being implemented, but for me that would be the perfect dcuo.

    Oh yeah, one more thing.....

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