If you could make a new Artifact or Power what would it be?

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  1. Oceanly Well-Known Player

    Power Star Sapphire as a Healer power and a Artifact probably something that's like starheart but increases your max resto and does a small healing burst
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  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    A DPS artifact that converts missile abilities into advanced missile abilities with increased hit chance.

    An artifact specifically for Ice, Mental, Sorcery and Nature that gives their transformations an upgrade.

    An artifact that lets you revive a knocked out ally.
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  3. Radstark Active Player

    Love (Star Sapphire) as a Healer power, shapeshifting and sizeshifting (Plastic Man / Clayface / Metamorpho) as a Tank power, then for the Controller I'd say magnetism (Cosmic Boy), which I'd especially like to include force fields and mechanokinesis because creating a giant robot is cool af. Here are other options along with the reasons why I discarded them:
    • Android body / power armor (Cyborg, Amazo, Luthor...): would overlay too much with gadgets and munitions;
    • Wind: can already be made with Flight movement powers and Electricity;
    • Chi (or qi) manipulation: the Martial Arts / Hand Blasters cross-weapon combos already cover that;
    • Necromancy: not worth being made into a full superpower IMO, a new iconic ability or a new graveyard-themed lair with zombie henchmen would be enough.
    Then there are the other Power Rings, which I also excluded:
    • Orange - greed: there can be only Larfleeze due to the nature of greed itself;
    • Blue - hope: requires green light to exist so it can't be a power by itself.
    • Indigo - compassion: all members of the corps are controlled via brainwash by Indigo, so yeah.
    • Black and white - death and life: simply overpowered.
    ...And that's it, I haven't found anything else on DC Wiki that isn't already in-game via weapons, powers or iconics. Except for music maybe? We do have the Pied Piper after all. And killing opponents with soundwaves coming from an overdriven, magic-enhanced electric guitar sounds satisfying to say the least. But that seems more appropriate for a weapon rather than a power.
  4. MrWon Committed Player

    Honestly, a full-on Necromancy power could work. Basing the Power around skeletons, plagues, poison, dark magic, etc. would give more than enough room for PIs and mechanics. I loved playing as a Necromancer in Diablo 2, so it'd be nice to see something similar in DC
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  5. ClaireKent New Player

    I'd definitely want Elasticity as a new super power, like Elongated Man, Mister Fantastic, Plastic Man, Elasti-Girl, etc. etc. lol.

    I don't know anything about artifacts yet; what they do, how many are in the game or what they are, etc. I'm pretty new to the game lol.
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  6. ClaireKent New Player

    ...That'd be super dope if you could get Aquatic Breathing as an iconic super power, and anyone who gets it could then finally swim UNDERWATER and maybe visit Atlantis or something lol. (No idea if Atlantis is already in the game or not.)
  7. Radstark Active Player

    I don't know, I'm afraid it would overlay a lot with Sorcery and Dark Celestial. But hey, if they managed to pull it off in a convincing way I'd be all for it. It would have to be much more than just "Sorcery/Celestial with a lot of zombie pets" though.
  8. Scourge o' the Cosmos Well-Known Player

  9. Radstark Active Player

    You can get to Atlantis in Tier 9. And yup, you do swim underwater there.
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  10. ParadoxVanguard Well-Known Player

    -Shadow Powers
    Hero Obsidian and Villain Shade. Maybe make it a Tank that uses a Shadow form that works as a shield that increases evasion chance or causes some attacks to miss. Also can summon shadow pets for those who want a Necromancer type feel.

    Wind powers.
    Hero Red Tornado Villain Weather Wizard I could see as a controller type power using strong winds to lock down enemies.

    Hero Black Canary Villain Count Vertigo. Not just sound itself but literally sound and vibrational waves allowing some room to play with powers from both Canary and Vertigo.

    Indigo Corps. Can use other lantern abilities so you can not just use it as your Lantern Healer but can be used to sneak in one or two abilities from the remaining lantern corps.

    Scarab beetle.
    Hero blue beetle Villain Black beetle. Might be the hardest to implement but next to lanterns is the most exclusive dc power I believe we can get. Maybe allow a second option to customize the beetle armor form you take and it's color or treat it like a transformation that never runs out.
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  11. El El Committed Player

    No more new artifacts until they open extra slot for it.
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  12. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    An artifact that buffs you for not having a supercharge in your loadout
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  13. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Theres a list of reasons why a new slot doesn’t need to be implemented
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  14. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    i wopuld honestly love to see some new iconic supercharges for all powers one or two like ice freezes cryogun or fire that you fly around your enemy and burn him like firefly that woul be really welcome....oh and bizzaros fire breath and ice vision would be very nice too :D
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  15. El El Committed Player

    You sure about that we have around 40 artifacts now.
    3 slots seem really low, maybe they wait for the new ui.
    Why is a 4th slot not reasonable?
  16. Radstark Active Player

    Think about the ability tray. Counting powers' abilities, iconic powers, movement abilities and artifact abilities one can potentially have about 50 abilities. That makes the ability to tray slot ratio about 8:1, but that doesn't mean we should have more than 6 slots in our tray. Compare to artifacts where, counting roles ('cause you're not going to use controller artifacts as a tank), the artifact to slot ratio is at best 6:1. Also one more artifact slot would set alts even more behind than they already are. Content would most likely need to be rebalanced. Finally I think more artifact slots directly translates to less diversity, but of course the opposite can be said as well on this last one.

    Maybe when we have a lot more artifacts. But for now I don't really see the need for that. Most specializations have exactly 3 artifacts revolving around them, while some are still at 2. We have 3 pets artifacts, 4 precision artifacts (of which one is oriented towards melee and one is WM only), 3 supercharge artifacts (but only 1 made for support roles), 2 finisher artifacts, 2 crit artifacts, 2 hybrid DPS non-crit artifacts... Support roles have their own subtypes as well. Even if we had 4 artifacts for each spec I still wouldn't feel the need for a 4th slot because with only 3 slots you have to make a choice, which means that 4 pet-specced players will potentially be running 4 different combinations instead of everyone having the same 3 arts every time.

    I mean, I don't think a 4th slot is not reasonable. I just think it's not needed for now. Sometimes less is more.
  17. DontCare97 Well-Known Player

    I would love to see a power based around trash literally a mix between nature and mental plus celestial meaning the vicious plant ball thing from nature with damage overtime but its trash bags instead no invis from mental just abilities similar to its other abilities like pyrokinesis but instead you take toxin damage and an ability that does damage while activatin a shield similar to 1 of celestial abilities and a supercharge that's very op where the character pulls out a steel trash can pick up the target even works on boss dumps them into the steel trash can and puts the lid on it and kicks them off but also have a 35 damage increase the lower the target health is similar to a finisher and does a 10sec damage overtime as well and ground ability similar to the mental,rage or fire ice thing that you can put on the ground that does damage but instead it's a bunch of trash that does toxic damage as well and a shield ability similar to atomic density shield ability but instead its trash as for artifacts this sounds unfair buts its technically fair because they tanks and have no actual healing abilities or rework an ability into a heal ability for them not supercharges make an update that only allow earth and ice users to equip 6 arts at once
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  18. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    New power wind
    New power Elemental Master
    New power star Sapphire
    New power Blue lantern lol yeah I said it again.
    New power Chaos
    New power Kryptonian
    New power Necromancer
    New power DNA experiment (A mix of different powers ^-^.)
    New power New God
    New power A true pet Master

    Those are some of the powers I would add and they would be different then anything we have so far .

    As for Artifacts :Note this also will change the original Ability like Heat vision etc. Some are new however.

    New Artifact Pet Duration and cooldowns reduced/They will last longer and feel more present.

    New Artifact Enhanced Freezing breath /Also changes color/ Also lowers Enemies defense making them easy prey .

    New Artifact Upgraded Enhanced Robot Sidekick /New Look and bigger and deadlier .

    New Artifact Improved Clown Box/ More potent and will summon joker pets/ and other tricks .

    New Artifact Unleashed Word of power/ Color changes and does more damage and now shields you and group and heals you and only teammates with the lowest health.

    New Artifact Everlasting Pheromone Bloom . The chaotic Nature has unleashed places massive poison on any fools attacking you or your group and stuns and damages them in DPS role.

    Healer role/ Places a huge area of HOTs and burst heals for you and your team and places pheromones on you and your team for more healing .

    I have more for a few other iconics but will add more whenever I get home and have time but these are awesome I think I tried to stay true to the power and enhance them . So hopefully the awesome devys can read over all of our ideas and eat cookies and milk and brainstorm lol ^-^.
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  19. stärnbock Devoted Player

    artifact that prevents weapon combos to get interupted by counters like block and lunge once every minute.
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  20. Isif Committed Player

    An artifact that mimics another role would be cool. I guess it would have to qualify as a transformation. Maybe make them lantern rings or something like that. Blue, of course, could be heal. Transformation would allot a predetermined generic loadout. So if you needed a heal in a pinch, you could use an artifact to heal.

    I guess the same could be done for powers. Design an artifact with a generic move/loadout set instead of building entirely new powers.
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