If we wouldnt have got a duo this dlc

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by PolishEagle, Nov 24, 2020.

  1. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    Who do you think the bosses wouldve been? I would have loved Tharok and Persuader with Persuader axe as a rare style drop.
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  2. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    Probably Controlled Lightning Lad and Controlled Saturn Girl.
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  3. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Spat out my drink. Think those 2 would have been my top choice. Plus I cantthink of anyone else who would have seemed out of place
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  4. tukuan Devoted Player

    No Mano, poor feller??

    That aside Persuader would probably be the easiest to implement.
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  5. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Perchance Emerald Empress and the Eye? Have they appeared anywhere else this episode? I hadn't noticed.
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  6. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    I melee dps, so good gawd I could only imagine that 1 shot.
  7. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    The raid.
  8. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Disappointed that we didn't see more of the 5.

    Indeed. I'm not crazy how the Titans are over-represented in this episode and we fight a poor version of Trigon. I get it, budget and everything, but still.
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  9. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    Gigantic Trigon bounty incoming...
  10. Black Jaq Devoted Player

  11. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Raid and bounties, they wasnt in alert.
  12. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    It would still be a copy of raids trigon, not the default trigon. As it wouldn't fit in.
  13. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    They could resize him to a height similar to Validus for a Titans episode.
  14. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Sorry....I thought the use of "Perchance" denoted my sarcasm. 2/3 of the content featuring them seemed repetitive, hence my query.

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