If so many players hate the census apps...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by RSL, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. RSL New Player

    why not group together with each other rather than simply decry being kicked from player groups where people do want SP/CR? the only answer [other than entitlement] is that you must know you can't get through the content with all low CR/SP players or something despite constantly proclaiming they don't matter. i don't get it. start your own groups, shout that SP does not matter for it, you should have a group in a matter of minutes. there's so many of you.

    but instead you all seem to need to be in groups with players who do care about these stats and feel slighted that you can no longer hide. what gives?

    here's honestly hoping you guys will start making your own groups and having the fun you guys expect from low SP runs. it's just a game.
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  2. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    I have to agree. The community enable elitist pricks to be elitist pricks by being passive to their dickery. If more people stood up against them, maybe things would start cleaning up a little bit.

    The harder it is for an elitist to get into a group and complete content, the sooner they start looking at their attitude or just get bored and leave the game.

    With that being said, I've also read some of the replies from some of the "Righteous" people claiming the App is bad because it encourages discrimination only for them to then go on and post elitist tripe like "Oh I only kick if it's top tier content and they don't have the best gear". So I don't know how much hope there is for this community with members in it like that.
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  3. Volkenraider Loyal Player

    Pandora's Box has been opened!

    Think the shouts should be "NEED DPS/TROLL/HEAL FOR LOCKDOWN ANTI APP pm" :p
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  4. the solowing Devoted Player

    the elite need the inexperienced just as the inexperienced need the elite
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  5. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Not that I am one, which I'm definitely not but why do the Elitists need the inexperienced ??
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  6. FEARtheSPUR Well-Known Player


    to not havng worry about people looking you up. get ur sp up people it feels good.
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  7. Reidriar New Player

    The community is basically just a pack of discriminating people who wish to do things the way all the way they want it to go, just as saying when this happens: "GLF TROLLER FOR TD 108+ 180 SP+"
    Please, it's just the same as saying: "oh, I'm so lazy to save power because i'm elite and you people are losers so do all my work for me, slaves" . Elitists are basically people who have just reached the stage where strong people become oppressive self-minded unprecedented atrocities. They might be just jerks or they could also be "the man behind the curtain"

    Who knows. Read my sig. The people use the census apps for amusement and laughs above lower SP or CR people but actually in fact, with greater intelligence than elitists apes.
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  8. RSL New Player

    i'm not trying to blame one group over the other. i just think it's weird that the supposedly huge swath of players who claim SP don't matter and claim to be constantly discriminated against never just group with one another. most content i'm not gonna inspect anyone until they give me a reason. new dlc... i think it's fair that should i chose to pug something i should be able to find players with my gear and SP level rather than be forced to take just any player.

    hopefully we will see a lot less of the 50SP 100CR players due to the lack of gates walkin spamming but it's my choice to not have to hand hold through the top content just like it's theirs to ride coattails. we can each form our own groups and get it done and be happy.
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  9. same Johnny Dedicated Player

    People are still assuming it's only low CR/low SP who oppose the app. It's not. That's far from the truth. The problem some players have with this data being displayed (not with the app, as it's just a tool for the data) lies elsewhere.

    And this is also a flaming thread and we had enough of those in the past days.
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  10. chubbychase New Player

    So far everyone in game that I know of that "hates the census app" also uses it to check on others (along with those who are indifferent). Every bloody person I encounter also makes fun of how long I've been playing "this game" since they can see that... most of these players are above the 100's in terms of CR and have a modest amount of SP.

    If there were so many "like-minded" people who are truly honest about not caring for stats, grouping up to complete content wouldn't be at all a problem and CR discussions or census app discussions wouldn't be going on. I have to say, I do not dislike the API the way it is as you can pretty much gather data and estimate a number of things about the population of the game, it's having an readily available record on every character along with their name that's being a problem. It's a social problem; however, so there's that.

    With the above said, though, I still think the app is helpful. Being able to see stats instead of a flat CR number can work on someone's favor: I actually stayed in SB longer than I should because the app showed pretty quickly why it was being such a struggle, most of them were at marginal CR but spec all in the right places (stats). Otherwise, I would probably have left ("fail group").
  11. the solowing Devoted Player

    ever ran into 2 elitest in the same group? just the other day i did in a lockdown run. These guys were full of each other, one was the supposedly the best ice dps in the game The other was supposed to be the best earth dps in-game, didnt take much for each persons ego to tread on the other guys ego and then came the scoreboard. boasts were said, taunts were made, name calling ensued and the lesser elitest turned submissive and rage quit while the dominate elitist asserted his dominance.. i also gota colorful nickname for Roll called "Fruit Roll Up" (lulz)
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  12. CHUD Loyal Player

    Are you an Elitist or Inexperienced?
    In any way,......the inexperienced are able to learn and even follow some sort of standard set by the elitist. They are able to at least mimic some stats and scores, they are able to benefit in the sense of growth and development. HOWEVER, the inexperienced are putting themselves in a toxic situation by having to live up to some sort of false standard that has been set by a dominating ego making them vulnerable to ridicule and unfair treatment.

    The flip side to that coin is the elitists need the inexperienced to help fill those slots during an instance when there's nobody else around. Unfortunately elitists are seeing them as expendable only until their elitist friends (or somebody similar) are at the final boss. This means that elitists really and truly don't care about the needs of the weaker player or even see them as having a potential to be successful.
    Folks are just wanting to plow through an instance, ignore mobs along the way, and even go in with minimal support which to me is just plain idiotic. When that happens, the person getting the blame and the kick is the one who is seen not doing enough in damage or restoration or anything else.

    I hope this makes sense,.....considering I took a vicodin last night for a massive headache and UTI pain.

    But....do I hate the app???? Yes and no. It has it's flaws,.....but they are flaws that can be overseen.
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  13. Radiohead New Player

    this has been my point since the app went live. to bad logic doesn't dictate
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  14. FEARtheSPUR Well-Known Player

    i much rather run with an "elitist" over some low sp inexperience player.

    you can alway mute someone but the only option with low sp inexperience is to kick or just carry them...
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  15. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Oh boy have I ran with blow-hards like that more times that I want to remember, but I guess I never consider those types "Elitists" I consider those types big mouth, braggarts who have nothing better going for themselves then to boast how good they are at a video game...lol
    I'm not sure when the term "Elite" became an insult here, but I have played with many "Elite" players who excel but never act like that. It seems here in DCUO Forum World that "Elitists" are being mixed up for "Narcissists"
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  16. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Hi Chud,
    I was meaning that I'm not an "Elitist" myself, but as I mentioned in a later post I don't see players as you mentioned as "Elitist" I see them as "Narcissists"
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  17. Free2BeMe Loyal Player

    Some people don't have the luxury of subscribing every month to grind content and get their SP up, myself being one of those people. So, no, my SP isn't nearly as high as some of the other players at my tier (CR 98), but I can guarantee for a fact that my controller can keep each member's power bar at 50+% at all times (I'm not being cocky, I've actually been told by multiple other players I've ran with in the past that I'm a great troll despite my lower statistics). It's not always about the skill points. It's about strategy, too, which is what I tend to make up for because I can't afford to grind content all the time.
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  18. the solowing Devoted Player

    woah i thought you were a myth, i only heard about you in carnage'ss sig sweet drawing btw..
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  19. CHUD Loyal Player

    I've never seen myself as "Elitist" and a very much doubt that I will ever be one. "Narcissists"???? I kinda like that one. Maybe that should be a new title somewhere.

    But me.....I prefer to be what I am.
    I'm a toaster.
  20. Free2BeMe Loyal Player

    Lol, thanks :p I rarely ever leave the Funhouse, but lately, it's been dead, there, so I've been trying my hand at "easing tensions" in Gotham.
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