If clipping was intended...

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  1. Waan King New Player

    I struggle to understand why this whole clipping thing is causing troubles to some people in the community.
    A tutorial to inform the player that he can cancel his weapon's animation with a loadout power or a trinket/soder seems like an overkill to me.
  2. Harly Davidson Well-Known Player

    I think these threads are funny. Every time the subject comes up an army of commentators shows up to proclaim that the thread should be locked because "clipping is here to stay and it will never change" and "clipping is necessary for higher level content". On top of this there other assertion is the one where without clipping the combats system is a boring tedious mess of mindless button mashing. Finally any suggestions that the devs include some rudimentary information about what can and can't be clipped is meet with strong objection from the " I learned it on the street" crowd. So let unpack this a bit.

    Clipping is here to stay and it will never change

    While this is probably true, the fact is that it has already changed. Powers that were once clippable now can't be and vice-versa. I'm not at all convinced that clipping could not be eliminated totally, it's just that there is a no real will on the part of the devs to do it. It's working, a lot of people like it, so all you will really see in the future is tweaks around the margins. But frankly there are a lot of reason not to like clipping, the biggest reason is that some of use actually like the animations, but people like me are definitely not that vocal or the majority.

    Clipping is necessary for higher level content

    This is almost certainly not true and if it is it should be changed. It can make the burn faster and cut down on time spent in content and I would love to hear a Dev straighten me out on this if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that there is no content in the game that requires clipping to complete nor should there ever be. clipping is for people who want additional burn beyond that available by watching all of the animations play out. if the difference is much more then 15% or 20% I would be shocked. Even the hardest boss fight's don't take that long and for trash MOBs it just an unnecessary exercise in power consumption. It is great for the ego though.

    Without clipping the combats system is a boring tedious mess of mindless button mashing

    This one cracks me up, rotation that maximize the use of clipping is mindless button mashing personified. You are limited to a tight rotation of three or four powers, most clip masters don't even spend SPs on second and third tier weapon combos because all they need to do is spam one short combo over and over again clipping furiously to get the burn. Frankly there is nothing more boring then the twitch skill abortion that the furious clipping of tight rotations has brought to the game. I do it too because it seems to be what is expected, but I would love nothing more then to bring some longer combos into the game by upping the damage for longer combos and bonuses for stringing combos together. My god even the NBA decided that outside shooting might be entertaining, thus the 3 point line.

    I spent hours and hours with the test dummy's figuring out clipping so the rest of you should too

    Ah yes ... show me a man with a good game of golf and I will show you a man who neglects very important aspects of his personal life. This mentality is a curse for this game. I used to play WoW a lot and for whatever the flaws that game has the one thing I did like is every year or so they would completely overhaul the combat system to put everyone on an even footing and get the obsessives out of their comfort zone. Yes the basement dwelling Cheetos eaters hated it. After all you spent two weeks straight perfecting you spell rotations, setting up your bar, figuring out spell interactions and loadouts to squeeze every last morsel of DPS out and bam, you're back to square one. But it also made it so that new players could come in and not feel inferior to the basement dwelling Cheetos eaters. Look if you all want to mindlessly clip away could you at least do us a favor and not voraciously oppose the idea of listing in the descriptions what can and cannot be clipped? Just do that one thing and people like me will be a lot less tempted to stating another anti-clipping thread even thought it is one of our lease favorite aspects of the game.

    Thanking you in advance :)
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  3. BigAl Devoted Player

    Not all "macros" are bannable. That is correct. Any macro that changes the way the game acts and affects gameplay is. Thought I'd go a bit further for you ;)
  4. BigAl Devoted Player

    That hurt my eyes :p
  5. Harly Davidson Well-Known Player

    Yes reading is hard :)
  6. BigAl Devoted Player

    Reading isn't. But...needing a magnifying glass to read is hard. Or forcing someone to zoom in to read a long statement (which will basically stop them from reading it anyways) is hard. But thank you for changing the font. :)
  7. Harly Davidson Well-Known Player

    sorry about that I don't know why the interface seems change the font randomly ... I tried to re edit to make the font normal size. Hope it looks better ...
  8. BigAl Devoted Player

    No worries. Its fixed and a good read. :)
  9. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Not talking about op.
  10. microokedletter New Player

    Here's one example:

    I was leveling my character, started fresh on PS4. During the Bane missions I would be fighting villains at or around my level. At one point 3 of the villains I took down all decided to jump me. I still won.

    That being said, it may not just be clipping that led to my victory. It did play a huge part though, along with other mechanics like blocking and block breaking.

    That's an awesome idea.
  11. Rebelled New Player

    Yea, I've had similar things happen to me. I still don't know how to clip, nor have I tried to learn how. I am level 14 now and I've had lower levels destroy me with massive bursts of damage. I also saw one level 30 go around, 1 hit killing a bunch of people around bases. Including people his level.
  12. Plum Crazy Committed Player

    Clipping was never intended. Despite what some say clipping was never meant to be in this game it was just a result of not necessarily bad coding but rushed untested coding. The reason some think it was all part of the game is because some devs or whatever said it was lol your typical company answer.
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  13. John New Player

    You will learn how to clip eventually stop whining about it
  14. microokedletter New Player

    I hope you're not talking about me, because if you are I think that you should go relearn the alphabet and then finish elementary school. Maybe then you'll be able to read.

    Comments like yours are just ignorance in it's purest form. You actually have the time to post something that has no constructive value, no real opinion on what this thread is about, basically just like your post, you have no substance.

    Seriously though, the main focus of this whole thread is to educate players that play the game. Points have been brought up in regards to other things not mentioned that should be, such as clipping, and playing one's role. The fact is, the solutions aren't hard to come by. I'm sure that if the devs could create new powers and content, creating a few lines of text or an instructional video to put on the main website wouldn't be too hard.
  15. TheSaltiestChip New Player

    Pvp would be boring without clipping. But if your going to rally to get it out of Dc or at the very least force the devs provide instructions of some sort in game, now would be the time to do it. They seem to be in a bug fixing-nerfit-beefitup kind of mode recently. Good luck regardless.
  16. Agnetta Dedicated Player

    here is an archived quote from Tunso, from November 14th, 2011. ill post the link to it right under it.

    "Hey gang! Just so that everyone is absolutely and abundantly clear, Animation Canceling or "clipping" is intended. You shouldn't feel bad for doing it and it is not cheating. "


    i dont see what's so vague about "absolutely and abundantly clear"
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  17. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Lol nailed it^
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  18. GreenNGo Well-Known Player

    calm down dude, I think you're getting waaay too worked up over this, this post has strayed from its original topico_O.
  19. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    What makes u think im not calm?
    and what makes u think my comments on clipping and the effects its has on animations does not relate to the topic

    With a topic title "if clipping was intended" along with the Original Post mentioning Animations

  20. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    nice find! Thats the ONE!!!!!!, cant beleive u found it, thats awesome!
    That quote is literally in the context of putting clippers and macro-user in the same cheating pool.

    When u take in the rest of the quote, it changes context of what he is talking about


    at the time ppl were calling Marco users and clippers the same and both were cheaters

    basically it says
    making it absolutely and abundantly clear," that clipping not the same as macro users" and is intended, "while macro is not", the rest of the quote goes on and talks and explains why macros are not intended

    What i am arguing in the comment u quoted is this
    3 yrr ago is 2/14/11. 1 month after the game came out, and the first DEV response came 11/14/11

    saying its been intended from the beginning of the game, based on that quote

    i dont see how what Tunso said can be interpreted as it been intended from the beginning of the game

    what i see is him saying is Clipping is intended and Macros is not

    im not saying it was intended from the beginning or it isnt, im just saying we have never actually been told if it was or wasnt an intended from the beginning.

    but i do wonder, if it was intended from the beginning why did it take 10 months to tell us this very important information, especially when ppl were calling it glitching in March 2, 2011 yet it took so long to get a official response