ideas on buffing electricity

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ApolloMystique, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. ApolloMystique New Player

    we all know it needs a how do we go about doing so? i have 4 things that need to be done to improve:

    1. improve power back mechanic by allowing power to be given back when AM powers are cast in ANY sequence.

    2. Allow for supercharge to be regenerated with the initial proc of might powers.

    3. Buff damage on dots.

    4. When enemies are electro-charged, allow all burst powers from both trees to give out massive damage (so while dots are going, one can give damage purely from the tray)
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  2. YinChakra Dedicated Player

    All nice, but number 4 could be a problem, there's nothing stopping people from using WM and getting a even bigger boost in damage.

    Unless devs do something similar to what they did with celest,
    like without unlocking WM, you get buff in damage from burst abilities while dots are up.

    I would enjoy the boost in damage from burst abilities while all dots are set-up, would take away the need for WM, so AM & WM for dot powers would feel different. Wouldn't mind if Atomic is still Dots.
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  3. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so power hungry. It's always been that way lol
  4. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    Voltaic Bolt needs to actvate power regen similar to how Gadgets, Ice, and Fire works post GU49
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  5. MetalMario Loyal Player

    Better idea: Buff the dots and the damage from weapon attacks.
  6. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    What about healers?
  7. MetalMario Loyal Player

    I'd like the thunderstorm to work kind of like the sorcery's circle of protection or increase the range or base healing of electrogenesis. Also power costs should go down across the board for all powersets except for nature in bug form or the power back from that should be based on how high your hit counter is when it's activated.
  8. toast Well-Known Player

    Im not sure why you would want VB to start and end the AM rotation. Id like it if electroburst would start the power re-gen and were placed around target and then have VB give a 5% damage multiplier to the reapplied DoTs.
  9. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    I didn't say that. I just said it should have a power regen. So every time use it, you regain some power
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  10. just an honest dps New Player

    might powers already help build up your supercharge.
    also electricity is fine.
  11. ApolloMystique New Player

    number 4 wont be a problem because WM crits are excluded when u use the AM
  12. YinChakra Dedicated Player

    Yeah, but if the devs allow WM with the AM the burst ability buffs will be minimal.

    I want the buff to be significant / replace WM. I dislike WM as it requires you to be dependent on the chances of certain weapons dropping if you want to do competitive damage. (DW,HB)

    Also, it will create some diversity between WM & AM.
  13. toast Well-Known Player

    If VB was given the re-gen along with reapplying dots, it would be the first and last power in the rotation. you would start with VB to start re-gen, then go through the AM rotation ending with VB to reapply dots and would have to wait for cooldowns to end to start the rotation again with VB. having VB do both doesnt make sense. the re-gen should start with EB. but on the other hand if they made it so that as long as elcrto-charge was active VB would return power like quantum, that would make sense.

    edit: along with having VB give a 5% damage multiplier to the reapplied DoTs
  14. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    Let me clairfy. I didn't mean VB will give regen to your other powers. I said VB itself should have power regen.
  15. toast Well-Known Player

    so if it were that VB activated re-gen, would you wait til the end of AM rotation to use VB. most likely not. it would be the first power you would use, to start re-gen immediately. then you would have to use VB again at the end of the rotation to reapply the dots. wait for your cooldowns to finish then repeat. after the first rotation you would be using VB consecutively, VB EB EG AL E VB - then wait a several seconds for EG to come off of cooldown and then repeat the VB EB EG AL E VB rotation. having VB do both reapply dots and re-gen doesnt make sense.

    ice's cold snap activates regen and is the start of the AM. if they were to do this with electricity they would have to completely change its AM to mimic ice. the smartest and easiest ways for re-gen would be for EB to activate it or have VB return power like time bomb does when electro-charge is active.
  16. Venus Void Dedicated Player

    Fine in what way? PvP healing? Yes, I agree......the dps is not fine though....
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  17. ApolloMystique New Player

    might powers dont help build supercharge for electricity...
  18. Venus Void Dedicated Player

    I never said they did...
  19. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    I must be using VB differently than. After I set up my Dots I use VB to refresh them...... But since VB has no power regen I slowly lose power.... I just want VB to regen power so I won't lose power when refreshing my dots
  20. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    I'd like to see it work like quantum in the idea of tesla ball acting like time bomb.

    Activate Tesla Ball>3 powers that increase the ampacity of the ball> Ball explodes and does more damage with each power that increases the ampacity
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