Ideas of our "Final Battle"

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by XODUIS, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. XODUIS Committed Player

    I think for our DLC or whatever, we should go into Alternate Future Metropolis where we saw the game starting cutscene and fight in it. Wouldn't that be awesome? For villains we would try to make what Lex said come true. For heroes they would try to prevent it. Villains would fight in the order we saw heroes in the cutscene. It would also be the longest and most boss fights of DCUO to date. Im talking like seven full-on health Hero Iconics here. So in order we see Heroes live/die is what order we'd fight them. (Villains) We'd start off with Green Arrow (since he's the Hero in the trailer) Then Wonder Woman with the aid of Metello (he'd be like Superman in FOS 2 not really fighting just there). Next we'd see Hal Jordan kill Giganta causing her to obscure our map, and forcing us to go around a different way. That'd start our next battle who is a fully enraged Hal Jordan with the aid of Black Adam. Then we'd fight the Flash but since he's going the fastest he's ever been he's created a Speed Force Tunnel that'll collapse if we dont kill him in time (his enrage timer). As far as background effects we'd see various heroes and villains fighting (tribute to Opening Trailer and great easter egg). Then we'd fight a weakened Wonder Woman again as she's already been beaten and lost her Lasso (more of a sub boss really). After we've foughten her, we'll see this GIANT AND I MEAN HUGE lightning bolt indicating Black Adam has done his biggest Shazam! killing both Hal and Flash. After the lightning bolt, the scenery will change drastically turning the sky gray and dull. After that we'll fight Future Batman with Deathstroke. When Batman's at 35% the battle will halt and Joker will say his iconic line "NO one kills the Bat but me" and an explosion will happen and we'll no longer see Batman or Deathstroke. (im trying to keep it as accurate as possible to the trailer" We then get a side mission to collect Kryptonite for Lex to bait Superman. They'll be riddled with adds in each section. After we've collected the Kryptonite, we'll fight our hardest boss yet : A insanely enraged Superman with no morals. Halfway through the fight, Lex will bait SUperman with Diane's kryptonite filled body causing him to become weak, but sill hard to beat. After we beat him the raid is over, we see the Brainiac Ships, and instead of fighting them, Lex does the 1st noble thing in his life and tells us "This is my fight and my timestream, i created this nightmare and i'll finish it" He then calls a teleporter to take us back to our timeline while he fights the Robots. I'll make another post later about why we even we into this Version anyway. Leave comments at the bottom about what you think. Also feel free to add ideas.
  2. PureDarkness Dedicated Player

    There was a "final battle" when they shut down the Beta servers. Probably, when they do this, it's when the game is going to die.
  3. XODUIS Committed Player

    that's what im saying a last DLC to commemorate why this all happened
    EDIT: just watched the Event, but what im talking about would be an instance not open world. Also i see we DO have a Future Joker player model in game so wth devs, give em to us!
  4. Caligulus Committed Player

    Yeah, that's called an End Game. Most MMOs don't really have an End Game though.
  5. XODUIS Committed Player

    I know:( i still think i'd be cool idea to play in the most iconic battle tho

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