Ideas for new Powers?

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  1. Limey Committed Player

    1) Just say what you really mean. Big tiddy anime waifu. And no, skins don't change character physics. It'd have to be an expendable disguise or trinket to change physical shape. And still no. DC comics is not anime.
    2) That's Neo-Venom Boost with a giganta effect.
    3) There's a consumable for that.
    4) There's already source mark gambling, ironically usually granting base items.
    5) Crafting ability to make abilities that are basically an artifact? Wtf?
    6) A trinket that simply doubled damage? Nope.
    7) Metropolis and Gotham are literally full of enemies less than 1/10th of most players' CR.
    8) Sounds like a DPS using Eye of Gemini, with a bonus fart visual.
    9) Conceptually not completely awful, but it would never be tuned high enough to be close to usable.
    10) This is just source casino with different context.

    Finally.. you even admit half of these are base items, skins, or artifacts.. isn't this thread about new powers?
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  2. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    Only replying to selected answers:
    1) LOL and LOL.
    4) Are you referring to the base item boxes you can buy from most of the DLC vendors?
    6) Agreed.
    7) Exactly. Even my weakest toons can take down open-world bounties in one or two hits (except in Central City, where they're clamped).
    8) LOL.
    9) It's also basically one of several moves from the Electric powerset.
  3. Scarletboy New Player

    I think that they should separate the nature power into two different power sets. The first should be plant control where it's just an expanded version of the already established plant control tree. The next will be animal control or animal abilities. Controlling insects controlling reptiles birds ect... also being able to use animalistic like powers. Shape shifting into animals will also still be available but definitely update them. Also very obvious power that should be added as wind because we have fire ice electricity and earth. Clearly wind should have already been there. The flight movement powers do not count for wind. So yes I think that a new power should be implemented. But I think that some things need to be separated and made into their own powerset because controlling nature. Having them combined to me means you kind of lose out on what you can do with plant powers when it's cluttered also with animal powers they should just be separate.
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  4. turfang New Player

    Lantern Healer.
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  5. Raven Roth Committed Player

    Alien Tech
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  6. Zero303 Well-Known Player

    more pet based powers like in CoH/CoV.
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  7. KryptonianWarrior08 New Player

    I'm a big fan of the Kryptonian lore and believe this game is far overdue for allowing the creation and full playability of full kryptonian characters. There could be a starting mission on Krypton before it's destruction, leading into the phantom zone, and somehow onto Earth for both the hero and villain factions in relation to the House of El and Zod. Kryptonian characters would have to have special interactions under certain conditions, like being grounded on Krypton or in the Phantom Zone as well as taking damage and having slowing or stunning effects from kryptonite and magic. There could also be Argo City or Phantom Zone neutral areas for all players with base availability.
    In terms of in game power interactions, the technology could all be related to the technology and sunstone usage Kryptonians always relied on as a scientifically advanced race. Shielding, armor, healing, attack buffs, and cc could all be sunstone related with phantom zone based abilities thrown in, and maybe stolen Coluan technology as an ability as well. Powers based around mini sunstone a.i. summoning, explosive crystals, healing crystals, light sunstone armor to absorb damage for a short time, Zod's grenades, a buff similar to soul well from the sorcery tree with a different animation of a kryptonian house crest, a cone AoE phantom zone attack, several cc attack options similar to anomaly or singularity from the quantum powerset, a group or priority heal power.
    These would be the powers granted first as the player would not be under a yellow sun and would automatically switch to in certain instances.

    There are many obvious examples of Kryptonians powers in-game and those could all be added, including the adds in the FOS 3(infantry and healers have cool powers). It's obvious these could all be reworked into a small playable powerset for fans of Kryptonian characters in general and bring a little more fun to the game.
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  8. KryptonianWarrior08 New Player

    In addition to this, there could be Torquasm Vo and Rao techniques, Horu Kanu strikes with the same animation as Saint Walkers Purposeful strikes, or a Klurkor technique such as Ursa's spinning kick, maybe with an AoE knockback effect. a spinning vacuum breath for a tank pull, the Superman's swoop attack with the AoE effect for a single target taunt, or just heat blast for a single target taunt, a ranged thunderclap attack, an aerial attack similar to the Dustoff supercharge except reversed to slam into the ground, maybe even Supergirl's Krypt. Clobber ability or Shazam's Herculean Strike ability.
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  9. Val El New Player

    Cosmic Antimatter Star Power for Tank

    Power Details:
    • Antimatter Star Energy Manipulation
    • Antimatter Reactor
    • Antimatter Star Energy Absorption
    • Antimatter Star Energy Stabilization

    Power Abilities:
    • Concussion Beams: Player can release beams of pure solidified antimatter that causes concussive damage. The effects of these beams rang from slight push, hard hit, knock-out, minor and major damage, shattering, and total annihilation of the target.
    • Concussive Force Bolts: Player can release anti-matter energy from his hands as bolts of concussive force.
    • Stun Bolts: Player can project low-energy of antimatter bolts that render human beings unconscious.
    • Optic Blast: Player can project antimatter beams from his eyes, of various intensity.
    • Energy Constructs: Player can turn antimatter into any item he's seen, can imagine, or has a good idea how it functions.
    • Energy Enhanced Punches: Player can focus antimatter into his fists, which he can then use to shatter substances.
    • Energy Pulse: Player can produce a surge of antimatter from his entire body, as a massive omnidirectional pulse of devastation power.
    • Energy Shields: Player can create antimatter shields, around himself ad others.
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  10. Ergotth Committed Player

    I was thinking, if DCUO wants to stop making new powers, go out with a BANG! Make one power that can be ALL THREE ROLES (er, not at the same time, but when pressing the role button, you basicaly go from DPS to Troll > Healer > Tank > back to DPS) and more people will buy armories to boot.

    And why not the power of Source Wall? if Even Luthor could use it, I take we could take a gander at using it, with maybe the iconic inspirations being Mr. Miracle for Heroes and Darkside for Villains. That said, a lot of shared abilities could gain effects depending on the role such as the Weapon buff in DPS also regends Power in Troll, Priority Heal in healer and Break Out in Tank. Powers that completely change effect are common in the game and almost every class have one power that does that.
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  11. Zero303 Well-Known Player

    how about the power to kill a yak..from 1000miles away....with Mindbullets!
  12. Mister Ultimate New Player

    Just maybe elastic powers just for the fun of it. (Tank)
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  13. YummyFishsticks New Player

    I'm not against the idea of a new power. However something I'd like to see is the ability to combine power sets or subclass a power. It would create more variety in the game and inspire players to buy more power sets. As for ways to balance it, maybe that could be done by limiting the amount of skills that can be used by a sub class as well as limiting the stat percentage that is added to the character via subclass.
    As for a new power, words had it a lot of people have wanted elastic powers or blue lanterns I'm all for it but even more for variety.