IDEAS for New iconic loot its time for an update

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  1. Toshknight Loyal Player

    with the new WOL dlcs we have seen amazing iconic loot with collections and inv/briefings. atrocitus' head and gloves
    Brother warth's chest and head piece
    bleeze wings
    Carol ferris Gloves
    TONS of great lantern stuff yea but

    What would you like to see added i myself would like to see some of the below that isnt lantern

    1.Flash face piece that is his ear lightning bolts that can go over any slimline head
    2.future batman cowl. Honerable mention cause everyone wants a good batman cowl
    3.Bane's Mask or venom enjector for upcoming serums
    4. one more lantern chest,,, KYLE RAYNERS CHEST with emblem or guy gardners red lantern chest
    5. shazams cape
    6. the questions mask
    7. willl update as i can think of more

    What are your ideas and thoughts of my choices.. FLAME ON or btw is firestorm an npc in this game somewhere cause oracle mentions him in the watchtower tour. i havent seen him.... offtopic but pls constructive responses only pls
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  2. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    1 -Bane's mask is a briefing item....
    1 -
    1.Flash face piece that is his ear lightning bolts that can go over any slimline head - This would be cool but I do not see it coming.

    2.future batman cowl. Honerable mention cause everyone wants a good batman cowl - GCPD Bat Cowl is a collection in AF II so I do not see this happening

    3.Bane's Mask or venom enjector for upcoming serums - There is a briefing that provides this already

    4. one more lantern chest,,, KYLE RAYNERS CHEST with emblem or guy gardners red lantern chest - We have the GL emblem already and I do not see any new lantern styles if it does hit, WotL III

    5. shazams cape - The Hades cape is very close to this and is part of AF II collect

    6. the questions mask - Good idea, but why?

    I really cannot think of many more iconic styles to add because DCUO has been pretty good with giving us different styles. Do not forget, we are not the actual heroes, we have been given super powers from the future to battle Brainiac.
  3. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    More high heels. (don't tell me they aren't Iconic...because with their rarity in game they might as well be.) ^.^
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  4. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    I’d luv to see more iconic style pieces introduced but I just don’t see it as a priority of DCUO powers-that-be or else we would’ve seen it by now, since they’ve had so many opportunities via new or existing game elements.
  5. Derio 15000 Post Club

    We already have too many GL pieces.
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  6. Mighty Hyperion Committed Player

    The game can always add more styles. ya the hades cape is similar to what the Shazam cape looks like but variety is a must in games like this.

    Things I would like to see:

    Shazam Cape -(as well): more variations on the one shoulder capes

    Dr Fates Waste/girdle -(please can I have this please, please)

    Flash style mask -(bolts or not) guys in the nightclubs have it I know for sure.

    Wrist Bands/Bracers -(how do we not have these already? (ie. wonder woman, Booster Gold) We need a bracer style that doesn't force us to waste an extra color on them.

    Ripped pants/shirts- Something more than voodoo styles

    Lantern Style gear (without emblems)- Some real cool styles but the emblem sort of limits it with some themed characters.
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  7. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

    I think you meant Fatalities gloves... but yeah new rare purple iconic styles would be great.
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  8. Nightcrawler Legionnaire

    My wish list includes -

    Alan Scott's chest piece that allows for emblems

    Dr. Sivana's chest piece (allow emblems)

    Beast Boy's hair, hand, leg and chest style

    Robin's leg, boot and cape style

    Arisia's ears, chest, hands and boots

    Brother Warth head (not the headpiece the elephant head), legs and idle style

    Kyle Abbott head style (basically, the wolf form head but on a normal body)

    Shifter head style

    Intergang Lieutenant head style (can you tell I want more animal headstyles?)
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  9. Joykiller Dedicated Player

    We need more bodysuits with sort of a leather/latex like sheen - for example:

    Talia al Ghul Bodysuit/Choker


    Lady Shiva Bodysuit


    Ursa Bodysuit


    Catwoman Bodysuit/Boots/Gloves

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  10. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    The NPCs in Gotham Wastelands have fantastic styles. Especially the bosses in the duos (Mistress of Crows is just *.* ).
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  11. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Batman Inspired....

    I'd like to see a bat cape with an expanded state when gliding. Some of the wings have a stationary and expanded state. Maybe the same can be done with a cape?
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  12. Toshknight Loyal Player

    i like these ideas. even just a catwoman head piece that works with the goggles. cause yea we can loot the goggles. but they dont look like her at all on anything

    also previous post... robins boots are basically the standard peaked boots... only females can wear. and the boots the LAntern npc wear green that is.

    but alot of these npcs. hair. chests. excetra are all customly added. would love to see all the above.

    and about the Flash Lightning bolt ears as a face piece. someone said people in the nightclubs have them? really?, i would be happy with a flash legends instaed of alot of new ones there adding... id rather have flash then shazam, but not complaining
  13. Toshknight Loyal Player

    i agree.. but that would be a animation addition to the game . basically a whole clothing code mod. be a pain for them to do... maybe not a pain but not on the list but i see what u mean wanting the cape to expand when in flight or gliding w/e. like i said... im cool with the GCPD helmet.. but villains got lex's future face... why couldnt they just give us future batman helmet... it was made up for this game... so WHYYY DEVS WHYYYY give us a straight answer mepps/spytle
    at least this....or the dark defender one below fits with villain or hero
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  14. Toshknight Loyal Player

  15. chipzes Committed Player

    I'd like to get actual iconic loot drops again that are tradable.
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  16. Toshknight Loyal Player

    like the flash boots?
    sinestro gloves
    all that fun stuff. i really like it alot of it is still rare..

    DeathStrokes Chest
    Flash boots
    Alan Scotts GL boots
    Captain Colds stuff
    Robot Joker and Batman Heads

    they all pull in a pretty penny and are still awesome, they should put iconic loot like that in some of the new alerts/duos. challenges and stuff
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  17. Nightcrawler Legionnaire

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