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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Xidious, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Xidious New Player

    I have some ideas that I posted before the Forums got wiped clean so I'll just start another thread. Here are some of my ideas.

    1. Make the Green Lantern and SInestro Corps powers free to play.

    I know I'll need to explain further and here is why i say this. Green lantern and Sinestro's yellow power were the first lantern color spectrum powers to be shown in the comics. Why should you have to pay for something that should come standard? Those should be free as an update and all those who payed for the Fight for Light DLC should get a DLC for the Orange and Blue Lantern powers free which brings me to my 2nd idea.

    2. The "Hope for the Greedy" and "Between love and Hate" DLCs

    The Hope for Greed DLC can be about how Saint walker would be responsible for creating an actual Orange lantern Corps (Not just constructs). It could show how Saint Walker could look to Larfleeze and see someone that Hopes to gain that which is still lost to him and Larfleeze can look to Saint Walker and see someone Greedy enough to spread the territories of hope throughout the universe. Saint Walker: All the things you have taken Larfleeze is just your attempt to fill the void of what you've lost. You have surrounded yourself with constructs but that is all they are. They are not alive. They are not a true family. With the power of hope I can show you another way to get back what it is that you truly want. Larfleeze: I have hope and know what I want. I want a real oath, I want a real corps like all the others have, and THEY will be MY new family and I'll be at the head! All that they take will be MINE!

    New Orange Lantern Oath:
    Greed ancient as the dawn of time
    Stolen from me for no true crime
    I finally have my own rhyme
    with this Orange Light whats yours IS MINE!

    An example of how the same powers can be used for both sides if done right is like Orange Lanterns creating constructs of multiple hands to grape a group all at once as if to say "Mine!" while having the same power look like chains with cuffs at the ends to hold their enemies as if to say "Have hope" to their allies.

    The Between love and Hate DLC can introduce the Star Sapphires and Red Lanterns as playable by showing how similar their emotions can be if the other is used as a reason. Some may wonder how this can work with Star Sapphires having had such few males in their ranks and Red Lanterns being rage filled.

    . The female Star Sapphires can be seen as using the way how they dress as a way to express themselves or as a tactical battle strategy by wearing something that looks appealing to that of the opposite sex. Males don't have to be running around in speedos or the same exact outfits that the females wear. lol They could wear armor like the "Knight in shining armor" or wear a suit like "The mysterious secret agent" or even Spiked boots and what not "Bad boy" look. there are many ways for this to work.

    . An example of how the powers can work is like having a violet heart shape being a buff for the Star Sapphires yet having the Red Lantern version look like a more realistic red beating heart.

    3. Actual villain missions that make us feel like villains

    I know many are like me and play as Villains as well as heroes then come to find out we are less like villains and more like Anti-heroes. We are just more violent heroes that have personal reasons for cleaning up the streets our own way. As a villain I got Bane's Venom and his Thugs off the streets, Stomped the threat of Bane, stopped the threat of zombies and ended up SAVING more people... see the pattern? Why be a villain if you are not a real one? Why have missions that make you do bad things if the end result is you saved the day? =/

    Badguy: Yes! I took out those thugs!

    Batman: Nice job... hero :)

    Badguy: Im not a hero. =o

    Batman: you got drugs off the streets and Took down Bane, right?

    Badguy: But... but but...

    I have more but I'll be posting them later on in the thread. If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer to the best of my ability.
  2. Ionic New Player

    Legend Raids would bring a new twist to raiding.
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  3. Xidious New Player

    Here are some more ideas

    4. Renegades DLC

    Adding another faction called Renegades where you can actually play as an Anti-Hero type character. Having Lobo for Meta, Etrigan for Magic, and RedHood for Tech. The Deathstroke, DeadShot, Catman, Cheshire, Bane, & Ragdoll can also be apart of it. With this DLC DCUO can also be fleshed out a bit more by adding new explorable full cities (not all of which need to be on earth) as well as new major villain story arcs such as Mongul and Warworld and Darkseid and Apokalips. There are many more that can be added such as Imperiax, Despero, Vandal Savage and others.

    5. Vehicles DLC

    Vehicles can be done by using some vehicles already in-game but by programing them to be durable and having upgraded versions of the transportation powers. Superbikes/motorcycles with upgraded Superspeed, Hoverbikes/Cars with upgraded acrobatics, Jets/Helicopters with upgraded flight powers. as to not break the game these can be given at level 30
    that way you feel like you've earned them.Picture a league vs league space battle with Javalins from The Justice League vs League Dropships from Lexcorp.

    6. Update Home Turf DLC

    I feel like if you payed for a DLC you should not have to pay rent to your own secret lair. It can be understanable if this is the case for a secret League base that interconnects all the other lairs via teleporters, but not your personal lair. there should also be more variety to the Lairs you can get.If vehicles are implemented there should be a garage feature added.

    Ex: Having a Trigon themed base with demons as henchmen, a toxic theme with mutants as henchmen, or an ice themed place with Ice golems as henchmen.

    Superman: Bruce, I need $250,000! O_O

    Batman: What? Why!? o_O

    Superman: To pay rent on the fortress of solitude! o_o

    Batman: Rent? Wait would would you even pay rent to? O_<

    Superman: That snowman over there! Hi Frank! =D

    Batman: .... ok Clark i think you've had a little too much solitude...
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  4. Conduit New Player

    I do understand what you mean by making the Light power free, but it won't happen.
    If they did, then you have 3 Free controller powers, 2 Healers and 2 Tanks. It'd be unfair and everyone else would cry foul and want the other 2 DLC powers to be free as well. Basically, it keeps things balanced and under control.

    I do agree with this to a point, from what I can tell you're a Villain; and most of the things you stated in that section would be extremely difficult to apply to the hero side of things. I understand most of the content is shared and not exclusive to what side you're on, but in my opinion it's a good thing. Now I definitely like the small changes they've done according to what side you're on. I'd love to see "Origin Crisis" come out with some nice differences, but similarities, in their Hero/Villain content. But that's me.

    I definitely like the idea of vehicles. My characters are all copies of my characters from my story I've been writing in my spare time. The only thing is, none of them fly, run fast or climb walls with cables or anything of that sort.
    BUT [Here's why I'd love to have vehicles as either a movement mode, trinket, etc] my main character owns a "Crotch Rocket" [Motorcycle] as they call it and that's how he gets around. So I'd DEFINITELY love to see some vehicles implemented.

    The Devs have already said that there's much more to come when it comes to DLC6: Home Turf. I think that your ideas are really cool; Villainous, but cool. And I'd love to see something like that put into play.
    The elemental thing? Ice Golems and all for Backup/Henchmen? Great idea! +1 from me.
    I'd personally like to see a choice of Electrical Entities for Backup/Henchmen. Those would be the ones I fight tooth and nail for.
    [Electricity for life!]
  5. Xidious New Player

    Thanks for the input. Here is the reason why i think that the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps powers should be free and just have the other lantern powers be DLC. When I think of justice league or DCU in general Green lantern always comes to mind. He is one of the main members after all so why should you have to pay for something like that? The other Lanterns seen as a bonus is understandable and that is why i say that those that bought the fight for light DLC (I payed for it too thought) should be compensated by getting a free DLC of The Blue & Orange lanterns. now that i think of it i guess it would be better to choose between the Blue and Orange lantern DLC or Red and Violet ones. with the addition of those new ones there can be more tank roles, controller roles, and healers ( Didn't add Indigo tribe since they can have the power of any ring in their range i think it would be best to have their DLC come out after the others are well established. I also think that Each Lantern DLC should come with auras suitable to the DLC such as Yellow and Green, Red and Violet, Blue and Orange, not to mention the others that players may want to have. added by putting in more briefings would be a good way to take care of the other none DLC auras. )

    As for the Renegades DLC i can see their missions interweaving with both the heroes and the villains. Because their not heroes or villains they can play both sides if need be. This meaning that there could be story lines that have three definitive views with them having branching ones such as a mission where Lobo takes on Superman while being compensated by say Mongul or having RedHood confront Nightwing in an instance, and having Etrigan facing Circe then Wonder Woman later on. The addition of new villainous missions will make more actually want to play as villains more. (Things like this will breathe new life into this game.)

    Another good DLC would be to select your hub. Like how heroes can have the Hall of justice, the Watchtower, or the Titans' Tower. Villains can have a place on Apokalips, War World, or on earth in Cadmus. (gives more depth that way and makes you feel like an actual DC Universe and not just DC Earth lol)

    This will also make room for more Raids, Bounties, Duos and a feeling of actual game progression. Start in city-Move to next city-move off planet at 30-move to other dimensions as special league events (One with an evil superman, Batman, or even Superboy Prime. Missions with connecting story arcs that make you feel like you NEED a league.)
  6. Conduit New Player

    Once again, I agree with most of what you're saying, but there's a few gaps in your ideas. I can once again see that your ideas are Villain-based.
    Instead of saying the Heroes' new areas being all earth-bound as you stated, why not make one Oa?

    I see it like this...

    New Worlds:
    Sector0000 "Oa" For Heroes, and then the Villain equivalent would be Apocalypse or something
    Titans' Tower for Heroes, then the Villain Equivalent being the abandoned "Society" Building.
    STARLabs HQ for Heroes, then LexCorp HQ for the Villain equivalent.
    Paradise Island for Heroes, and Circe's Dominion[Whatever her place is called] for Villains.

    To put it simple: You gotta make sure things are balanced when thinking of new things.

    I LOVE 95% of what you've posted here and I'd REALLY like to see it implemented. On both sides. Equal and similar, but different.
  7. Conduit New Player

    Oh and you're still dealing with the imbalance of roles and power types if it does become free.
    So I don't see FFTL becoming free. Ever.
  8. Xidious New Player

    Thanks again for the input. My ideas aren't Villain or Hero based. just things that would be good additions to the game itself. I actually like feedback. also the Apokalips, and war world were examples of bases being on other planets and not just earth. Like how heroes can have a place on New Genesis. I guess i just needed to explain what i meant more. I guess it did sound a bit muddy. lol Another thing i want to do is talk to you PVPers, Duelists, Raiders, ETC and come up with a practical way of doing all of the Roles and such. like what would be some roles you can see working or being added =)
  9. Conduit New Player

    The next 3 powers I personally see becoming...

    Tank - Supersoldier or Mutant
    Healer - Water or Chemical
    Controller - Wind or Teleportation
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  10. Xidious New Player

    You've just given me a great idea! Remember how the Red Lanterns powers look blood related? Well They and the Star Sapphires can be the new Healers. Their powers can look water based. The Orange and Blue could have powers that seem Wind-like as well. Not just the fan construct from the Green lanterns and Sinestro Corps. The super soldier/mutant can also be an update on the whole Chemo detonation incident and Star labs super soldiers (Heroes) could be used as a way to counteract the Mutants (Villains). It all adds up.
  11. Conduit New Player

    See what I mean? Now you're thinking "Balance". Although you're pretty stuck on the Hard Light aspect of DCU xDD
    Personally, I like the Lanterns, but I honestly think they're OP in PvE DPS form. But that's me.

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  12. PainMakesMePurrr New Player

    Including more of the lantern corps , - WITHOUT - , changing the background. Agent Orange can stay right where he is, in the Christmas event.

    Upcoming content shouldn't be ripped off of "CoH/V/R" or "Champions Online".

    SoE developers need to "put there foot down" and declare " No is No". Hopefully, they've learned their lessons from EQ2 ...
  13. Xidious New Player

    lol Seeing how he's an artist like me i have to say i like him lol
    The last time i made this thread in the old forums someone commented on a a DLC/update Idea of their own. Time traveling back to past eras of the DCU. Picture seeing Characters like Apache Chief fighting Giganta like in the Superfriends cartoon. Also its a good way to introduce the Teleportation travel power.
  14. Conduit New Player

    Well if you think about it. Every game at some point has be said to "Rip off" something from another game.
    Plenty of people had said that about DCUO when it first came out... That it was nothing more than an "CoH Update".
    So I personally like the idea of building upon old ideas, but not reusing them as the old ideas themselves.
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  15. Xidious New Player

    I actually gathered My idea of the Orange lanterns from Larfleese's backstory. seeing how he had his family taken from him and was enslaved for so many years (an understatement i know lol) I thought of a way to show how Greed can give way to hope and vice-versa creating new unique content.
  16. Crretin New Player

    Unnamed DLC idea: I had this idea recently to give players the ability to make "badass normal" characters who don't use extremely high-tech equipment. I don't know what the DLC would be called but my idea was to add 3 new powers and 3 new weapons, the 3 powers being street, which gives you the ability to use street level tech like pipe bombs as well as general toughness, maybe some intimidation factor, possibly with the tank role. Military which gives you access to Military level tech such as frag grenades and first aid kits, possibly with the healer role so you can decide on whether you want to be a medic or a more typical soldier. There's also Martial which can focus on things like throwing knives and poisons, possibly with the controller role. The three weapons being onehanded and pistol, one handed and sheild and whip.
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  17. Captain Spire New Player

    DLC Pack name : A Brave New World (Part 1)

    True Colors
    Your reputation for some reason has gone very low. One super hero attacked you and claimed you nearly killed a civilian and robbed a bank. Your mentor questions your loyalty but will have Oracle keep tabs on you. The hero who accused you chooses to stick with you for the next few missions to see if you're any good. All evidence keeps pointing to you, even finding evidence at your "base." You are about to be arrested until you discover there is someone impersonating you and has a personal grudge against you. Kidnapping the one hero working with you he/she demands a final confrontation with you or they will kill them.

    Mirror Mirror
    Lex suspects you are undermining his operations, preventing you access to some terminals and demands an explanation. Only your past efforts to help him gave Lex any reason not to kill you on sight. He assigns a super villain to watch over you to prove your worth. You find that an alternate version of you, from earth’s failed attempt to stop brainiac, has travelled back in time to convince you to not follow your evil ways, saying that your actions directly lead to the ultimate destruction of earth. Your “future self” demands one final confrontation rather than facing his future’s failure.
  18. Tokkenn New Player

    Great idea creating a third faction when one is already struggling for population.
  19. Xidious New Player

    I really like the ideas you both are coming up with. That's the kind of thing that would make this seem less like a sandbox and more like an actual universe. So far it seems like the Renegades DLC would work great with those ideas. (Keep in mind im not talking about Heroes or Villains but a third faction) Those could be the missions that make you leave being a hero or villain and start being a Renegade.

    Those that trusted you are now skeptical, You question what you are doing and decide if its even what you want to do or if who you are is really so black and white to fit either a Villain or Hero label. Depending on the mentor you picked one of the leads of the renegades (RedHood for Tech, Lobo for Meta, Etrigan for Magic) will confront you to see if you have what it takes to branch out and join them. Because they are neither Hero nor Villain they have loyalties only to themselves. There could also be instances where you are at odds with your current mentor making you question further if this is who you really want to be. A final confrontation at the end of the first arc could have you pitted against your mentor's arch enemy and at the end you can have the choice to stay with your mentor or go the way of the Renegade. The Secret Six can make an appearance as well as the Suicide Squad.

    Hero: I don't understand it! All the effort and by morning they will be back on the street or in witness protection. Its like nothing we are doing is having a real effect.

    Batman: What we do is protect those that can't protect themselves because normal justice can be compromised, payed off, broken.

    Hero: And who is to say our form of justice isn't broken? Everyday we lock up criminals buy the Judges, The Police are all on the take. The joker Freeze or Ivy escapes and kill innocents and all they get is sent to the corner and think of new ways to hurt even more people. If the normal justice isn't working we should act to fix what is broken.

    Batman: it isn't our job to sentence villains to the fates of their victims!

    Hero: Maybe it should be!
  20. Xidious New Player

    If Villains were made to actually feel like villains more would play as them. How often do you as a villain see the annoying Civilians saying "You've got to stop them!" "Run! RUN!" "I'm not afraid of you!" then you swing at them and nothing happens. . You drop a car on them and nothing happens? How often do you find yourself helping people as an end result to many of the missions? if you call frosted flakes Boo flakes it doesn't make it taste any different, it just changes what it says on the box. The missions that have us feeling villainous are few and far between. Like the Black Adam mission. i thought that as a villain i would be able to see his side of how things got started and fend off people stopping the ritual but no... once again i was greeted with a mentor telling me another reason why i have to do basically the exact same things the heroes want to be done anyway. I already posted a solution to this problem as well, but here is another idea.

    In the PVP and PVE servers we don't even have to kill them just have them kneel after a percentage of their health is gone like a few of the other civilians that we already can injure. Also in the PVP server there could be an alert of a hero close to that of the same level can be called against you to stop your villainy. That would spice things up.

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