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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by kgghk, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. kgghk New Player

    After the recent release of injustice gods amog us, Ive seens some cool electric powers in action.
    Feel free to post your own ideas for animations and new powers here. Thumbs up this post if you wan't the devs to look at this.

    Iv'e been wondering why doesn't electric have a shazam power?
    I'd like to see them incorperate this power.

    It would be a below 35% single target dps move. Instead of a beam that takes a few seconds to do the damage(channelled powers) like other powersets, the delay would be audio instead of video. For the delay your character would say SHAZAM! then after a short period of time to match the time of the other powersets 35%ers, the white lightning would strike the target and do its damage.

    If not atleast give that audio to voltic bolt.(much lamer)

    2. Wired
    Change call animation and stagnent animation on hands afterwards, and have the sound effects he has when using a weapon attack.

    Check out this video of shazam. His character trait showed at 1:06 looks sweet and i'd love to see it in dcuo as a new wired animation.

    Shazam gives you premission to incorporate his signiture moves for the greater good.

  2. Meta Flare New Player

    word of power is already in the game.
  3. 13igtyme New Player

    Shazam is the old wizard who gave captain marvel his powers as well as Black Adam. I hate how they are calling him shazam now. You don't hear Black adam shouting "Black Adam!!!"
  4. kgghk New Player

    Its a power out supercharge, and the animation isn't a shazam.

    I'm asking for a below 35% dps power that looks and sounds like it and also makes your character shout shazam!
  5. Destroyer New Player

    Yeah Shazam doesn't have anything to do with generic lightning powers.

    Jus' sayin'.
  6. Ivanko New Player

    How is it supposed to look? Seriously, when Billy/Cap is drawn as being dramatic while calling down the lightning it looks like the Word of Power or Voltaic Bolt animations. Other times he just says it and there is a full panel lightning cloud with the word BOOM! in it and he has transformed.
  7. kgghk New Player

    watch the video i posted. Its different then wop. Wop hits yourself and its a wimpy lightningbolt.
    Like i said they could just add stuff to voltiac bolt, but it would make more sense as a 35%er since electric currently doesn't have one and you would only be using it to finish off enimes.
  8. kgghk New Player

    If its that big of a deal they could make it iconic power. Since some powers don't have a 35% and there currently arent any 35% iconic powers.
  9. 13igtyme New Player

    The only powers that don't have a 35% are electric and the one on HL is broke. Both those powers are getting revamped at some point. But your right they should make a shazam like move into an iconic move. Maybe since your shouting a word that gives you the ultimate power of shazam, they could call it Word of power. Just a thought to help you get your idea in the game. You should ask the devs to add this. +1
  10. Shadow_Muerte New Player

    as one of my alts is electric i agree with the op.
  11. Doctor Erevos New Player

    Yeah well it was a lawsuit of some sort with Marvel's own Captain Mar-vil. Don't know any more details.
  12. kgghk New Player

    I love how you can sue over a similar name, but not an identical character with a different name.(deathstroke deadpool)lol
  13. Doctor Erevos New Player

    Yeah but Deathstroke and Deadpool have similar appearance but the name "Captain Marvel" or at least how it is pronounced is the same. Imagine DC created it's own Spiderman or Marvel created it's own Batman. The RAGE!
  14. DiegoCortez New Player

    Is it me or has an electric healer having an issues with their healing out?
  15. P1nk13 P13 New Player

    My revamp ideas are: Better graphics for EG and safety net, decreased cooldown for EG or more ticks, remove capacitor and move safety net to surge(blossom has pher harvesting thingy and rejuve has Golden soul so surge should have safety net since having two burst heal power is unnecessary)I really really really hate Ionic Drain's interrupt and cast time so either shorten the cast time, remove interrupt or remove both and revamp it into a HoT with a burst at the beginning. This might seem to make it OP but make the power cost 400 or something high. Also, as a replacement for capacitor, make a power that is soley safety net that goes to everyone or make flux give safety net to everybody.
  16. Meta Flare New Player

    word of power is shazam. when adam and marvel say shazam that is what happens.

    also you could just say shazam when you use it.
  17. Meta Flare New Player

    yes to egen no to everything else. nothing on the healer side needs changed, maybe the non safety net bio but thats it.
  18. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    I think devs must decrease Megavolt Cost from 100% SC to 50% SC like other Damage SC (strafing run, bunker buster). Or instead of this it must deal at least 4X more damage comparing with those. Circuit Breaker in overall looks like absolutely useless - they must decrease it costs to 35% SC or even 25% SC.

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