Ideas for Bonus Week 4

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by myandria, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. Hal Harper New Player

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  2. Captin Raptor Well-Known Player

    I would like a week where we could get 100% return on artifact xp and catalysts so we could test different arts/combinations out and make more informed decisions on which 2 sink our xp into.
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  3. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

    2 for 1 completions of legends feats or triple damage for legends characters to speed up the crap with all lpve maps open

    2 for 1 completions of pvp feats since it is so broken and hard to get in to

    these two particular things are the reason i dont have 500 sp...:eek:
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  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I shall not speak the 'bonus that shall not be named''s name, but we all know what people want first and foremost. It's's due...and goldarnit we need it in these trying times!

    I do believe it's an April fools joke that they did not have anything they can think of. It's like when you are messing with a little kid and you know they want a candy bar or whatever and you playfully act like you don't know what they want by asking about the other 1000 things they do NOT want before giving in and going..."well, I guess we could just have a candy bar then." Or am I the only one who was a uncle babysitting their nephew's at one point?

    There are a bunch of good ideas in here, but let's look at the overall consensus for the last 6 months....there is only one choice.
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  5. livewire2020 New Player

  6. Gasthapandemic New Player

    I think double or triple metal drops would be dope
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  7. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    Double xp artifacts and augments plz
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  8. DRAGON Z New Player

    True, I love our devs, but give us some love during these hard time cause you all know that we need it/ want it. Lol. I could make a whole list of my most recent problems, but I won't, because DC has been keeping us occupied during these gnarly times. Even if they don't give us 3x Bonus Artifact XP I'd still love em for what they're already done, but it would be real nice :D.
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  9. JoyXXX New Player

    Please do The artifact xp 4x 3x 2x 5x artifact xp that would be the best thing you guys can do please?.
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  10. Wrath9491 New Player

    3x Artifact xp, half cost in selected vendors, activating codes from the past year ( for new and returning players who mist out) completion of 1 feat of choice.
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  11. DRAGON Z New Player

    Thank you! And since this is a Hero Game, Dcuo we re asking you to go beyond (3x Bonus Art XP) Plus Ultra! (5x Artifact XP)
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  12. DRAGON Z New Player

    And LOL DC C'mon, you ve now got people afraid to even speak of it. That's how bad we want it Have you ever seen a kid try so hard?? That's us!
  13. Lightnings Revenge Committed Player

    I actually want this but a daily reward is something that would give players more incentive to play everyday and 3x nth metal.
  14. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    This was obviously an April Fools joke, smh y'all.
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  15. CtrlAltDel New Player

    It could be a bonus event week or something of that nature. Bringing back all the event versions to flood the episodes with activity, so long as they are at the minimum levels to access events. This could give lower levels that started the game during the COVID-19 outbreak a chance to see content not available to their levels, possibly motivating them to access more! It would also be a great way to wrap up the free episodes since the timeframes would match.

    This can also assist players that struggle to find enough people to grind out boss feats and such. Maybe even add a collection bonus to the events or open worlds also! It doesn't even have to be all though, maybe the last 5 or any other order. Can tinker around with the idea!
  16. Gabriel ct8 New Player

    3x artifact bĂ´nus, do it !
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  17. Eleonora New Player

    Bonus artefact X3 EXP because the growing artefact above 160 lvl, it's is impossibile if we don't use shop, and this has created discrimination with people can shop and who not shop. I think this system is not right and it discourages many players to resume or start the game. If then I think that for the turn of an artifact it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to buy 5 euro of stones (because otherwise you never do it) money that is added to the monthly subscription.
    I specify that I have been playing since exobytes were used to armor.
  18. Al Bundy Well-Known Player

    3x Artifact XP
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  19. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    A catered buffet in Robinson Park? :)
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  20. diangelo Level 30

    I think something with artifacts is the way to go!!! and i think double Artifact XP that would be great...but I think you guys are looking to do more than that. (If you just did double XP everyone would be "Yeah I figured that's what they'd do." or "Why did they even ask us for suggestions if they were just going to do the normal double xp?"

    I know its often hard to tell tone with email/text/forum I just want to clarify...I don't want to come off as entitled or winy. far from it...I am sure everyone would be grateful for double xp...or for what ever is decided for that week.

    So I suggest:

    1- 3.7 x Artifact XP
    2- 2 x artifact Crystals
    3- Automatic 100% success rate
    4- Up to 75% off all marketplace items (That Tabby suggested in post #61) similar to the winter 2018 sale.

    I think this would do 3 things...
    1- get everyone super hyped about that week.
    2- get everyone to empty out the materials they've been hording, before the new DLC Artifacts drop
    3- It will get folk to happily spend money

    I'm newer to the game...and It obvious from all the free stuff you've been giving us during these difficult times that you are awesome and doing what you can to make life better for everyone right now. So my suggestions are win-win...the players are happy because you guys AGAIN went up and above what everyone expected you would do...and you win because the players will spend money, because of the sale...for materials (art XP, crystals, etc)

    Hope this sparked something...
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