Ideas for a PVP revamp?

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by CosmicIV, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. CosmicIV Well-Known Player


    1.Buff weapon damage + counters
    2. Nerf Damage for Support roles (Healers, Trolls, Tanks)
    3. Make powers cost more power to avoid power spamming
    4. Make powers like rage, atomic, hardlight, celestial interruptible when spamming combos

    5. NERF the power regen to avoid players from spamming powers

    6. BUFF controllers power out. (VIT is capped in arenas (bug?). I tested PoT in open world, and its still weak. I think PVP gear needs more vit in general. Same with restoration.(capped in arenas)
    7. BUFF healers healing out, especially AOE healing is too weak for 4v4s and 5v5s

    8. Bring TANKS back? Make Tanks useful.
    Ideas: BUFF CONTROL ROLE DEBUFFS. Make defense and damage debuff work well like the healing debuff. That way tanks’ cleanse will be helpful in clearing debuffs from the team.
    9. Fix certain weapons damage, rifle 5 tap cannot be blocked and shield's ranged block breaks hit for 600-1k

    10. Artifacts should NOT b allowed in instances.

    11. DPS, all the powers will need rebalancing for this one.

    12. STUNS Are too strong. I don’t know how you will go about fixing this, but maybe a similar approach to what DevDirt did in 2015??? This would benefit both PvP and PvE and make the game feel a lot better.

    13. Marks of Valor shouldn't be given in Legends instances. If people would want to unlock legends they should play legends. If they want to unlock PVP gear they should play Arenas. You can easily get 101 CR by doing zero Arena games and farming it all in legends instances. With the stats being buffed to 96 CR to people without gear it isn't as hard to get the marks by winning and farming gear.


    First of all to monetize PVP you will have to make it good and enjoyable for people to play.
    People have suggested a lot of ideas in the past which could work on monetizing PVP.

    1. Replay badges to get marks from PVP instances? (Don't do this now, it will just make PVP more dead at this point.) (first you have to make people want to play it then you will put the replays)

    2. TOURNAMENTS: Idea: Once PVP is revamped, fixed, balanced and enjoyable for people to play. You could host tournaments with a fee of replay badges (example, 4V4 Tournament With X Reward: every person from each team has a fee of X replay badges to participate)

    3. New Maps and Legends characters. Make certain DLC for people to buy to get exclusive PVP maps and legends.


    1. Add more feats in PVP instances (mainly in 4v4 and 5v5 ones)

    2. New maps with new feats and a new set of gear? Make people want to play PVP to acomplish something.

    We know all these changes would take some time to be tested and they would need some time without episodes but it's possible to do, we've seen it in the past ;)
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  2. realDeposits New Player

    Im a well know PvPer. I participate in alot of tournaments and ive recently won a 2v2 iconics tournament yesterday. I personally feel that these changes NEED to be implemented by the devs. PvP hasnt been looked at in a while. I feel the time is right coming into a new episode on the 16th
  3. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    No the best revamp for PvP is definitely to take everyone's stats away and add augments and artifacts and ranked pets and gear ranking. If u want them to keep adding and fixing it that's how it's done. That player base has to bring money to the game to do anything about making PvP better
  4. Stanktonia Committed Player

    Not weapon damage nor counters needs to be buffed, it’s already balanced, it’s just outclassed by power spam, I play purely prec in pvp, so I have experience behind that claim.
    Legends should continue to give marks of valor, ITS STILL PLAYER VS PLAYER CONTENT, which is what earns you valor in the first place. Taking away legends will just grant pvp an additional drought since under geared players will just get destroyed by higher geared players, legends gives them an alternative option for gear farming, a more balanced one. Why take that away and alienate a portion of the player base, that doesn’t make sense at all
    Adding more feats to pvp is a great idea, and it’s also something easy to implement
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  5. FutureSoldier Active Player

    well said
  6. Batman2099earthcold Well-Known Player

    reduce the price of the pvp gears and bring new styles
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  7. Solarbound Well-Known Player

    I'm sorry, but those first two monetization ideas are terrible. For one, the replay badges for PVP marks was already proven to be a failed approach back in 2013 during the original T3 days when Checkmate gear was set in place. Why would you encourage the DEVS to bring that back when the PVP community has already been in an uproar about it?

    And, paying with replay badges to enter DEV team hosted tournaments??? No, just no. I mean, how many badges per entry are we talking? How often would the DEVS hold these tourneys? I feel like there are too many factors that would have to play into that in order for it to be a successful money making method and I don't see too many of the PVPers giving into that.

    If PVP is to be monetized in any such way, it should go back to the roots of being made through content. The one supposed idea you shared that I do agree with. Why not give us another 'Last Laugh' DLC? I can already see the rebuttal coming from somebody about it being the least successful DLC. But, I don't care about that because we have to remember it only catered to a certain portion of the audience. What percentage of the PVP crowd gave into that DLC? That's who matters in this. And, I guarantee it was over well over 90% of the PVP crowd that bought in. Always keep your target audience in mind.

    The other idea you mentioned that would work, bring back newly released legends characters. I mean, we're still waiting on the Gorilla Grodd we were supposed to get back in January 2015. Yeah, I remember that SOE Live event from 2014. We haven't forgotten, DEVS. Having those legends in the marketplace is something we already know players are willing to pay for. Just keep this simple and give the players what they want. Plenty of threads out there that pretty much give a rough idea of what that is.

    Something I wanted to slightly propose, though. Since, artifacts are a thing now, why not give us PVP based artifacts? Give them their own special set of catalysts that could be sold in the marketplace, while still attainable through gameplay, of course. If they're to do that, though, I'd hope them to be a more feasible grind than the PVE artifacts we already have set in place. Any fellow PVPers out there, I'd want to know your take on that.

    If only the DEVS have stayed consistent with the seasonal PVP updates, all of the excuses could've been avoided -_-
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  8. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Haven't the devs said numerous times, like hundreds of times, that nothing will be done about pvp? Was I just imagining that? Seems like a weird thing to imagine since I never do anything pvp
  9. Batman2099earthcold Well-Known Player

    new set reduce the prices from the the hight pvp sets .and new styles a hellbat style,the the murder machine style,
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  10. Solarbound Well-Known Player

    Doesn't mean we have to accept that. There's still an audience for it and the players in that mix have been demanding it for years. The DEVS are only killing the truest potential of this game if they're to continue ignoring that. Something has to be done, period.
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  11. Apolloin Well-Known Player

    they also need to bring back the trilogy rock, paper, scissor style back to pvp. For example, tanks beat trollers, healers beat tanks, trollers beat healers. When that was used in the game, PVP was king
  12. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Doubt it will ever happen. Myself and others have been trying to get heard for the last few years. At one point, they said videos of issues were helpful. Now they're useless. At one point, long ago, PvP in DCUO would get high viewership especially since the combat is great for an MMO. Now PvP is but an irrelevant game mode that is neither completely disabled or actually working. It's in limbo and will probably stay that way until the life of this game comes to an end.
  13. Magnificent Loyal Player

    What I get from this is "make everyone just use weapons for DPS". That is not balance, that is not the way.

    PVP used to be like this. It was even moreso when we had R/P/S because of the need to have opposing Roles.

    This is the way. I would go a step further and disallow base trinkets and Utility Belts as well. No orbitals, no henchmen, no sidekicks and no trinket pets. I would possibly allow Supply Drops but that's iffy and maybe only in 1v1 (or at least allow rules to be set to allow/disallow).

    I can go either way on this one for PVP.

    The problem here really is the insane grind one has to do for PVP gear. Even when PVP was more active it was still a bit of a haul for many but at least it was doable since the queues were popping. Whether or not they remove Valor from Legends content, they should cut the prices for gear by half at least until PVP population increases again to where more than only 1v1 matches are popping.

    No. PVP is built on being able to compete against one another for wins and Marks. The moment you put a Replay requirement in PVP is the moment you kill it for good. See also: gear costs

    Meh. I don't think many would jump into a tourney if they have to put up Replays as their entrance fee but I could be wrong.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the reward you mentioned though plus some sort of temp access to a special vendor (kind of like the Survival Mode vendor) after the match (or being awarded some special style item or somesuch).



    My ideas for a fix would be to bring back PVP to what it was when the game launched. R/P/S, no trinkets, no Utility Belts, no League or Base buffs, no Orbitals, no Henchmen, no Sidekicks, no gear mods, no WM, etc. Go back to the original class balances then address the newer classes within the same framework of balance. Cut prices on gear by about 1/2 until the queues are popping again then raise them up to around 66% of current prices.

    What you have to remember when trying to bring people back to PVP is that gearing up is only a small part of it. The brunt of PVP is that competition between players so anything overly hampering in allowing someone to reach an equal footing gear-wise (especially when it plays such an important role) is going to eventually be more of a deterrent. It shouldn't be auto-granted but it shouldn't require someone to seriously grind for 3 months just to get half a set of gear either.
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  14. Ryuvain Active Player

    I feel the main points are that:
    1. Some powers break pvp completely, their mechanics being uncounterable or spammable. Sustain tanks are crazy.
    2. To even start pvp you have no good stats at all, pvp shouldn't be gated by gear at all imo. Its not fun at all to start off dying in 2 hits.
    3. Rifle
    4. Healing is garbage except for a few cases.
    Not a pvp pro, but just stating my points.
  15. CosmicIV Well-Known Player

    "It's not fun at all to start off dying in 2 hits."

    I agree but very low weapon damage would also be a huge issue.
    Here's the thing about the very little weapon damage. With Lunge being a dodge mechanic to all ranged attacks the skill gap is very small to kill somebody in 4v4 and 5v5 scrims. They really need to do something about the lunge being a dodge mechanic, that's one of the huge issues imo. If the damage is too low, someone will just lunge away and get his health back to max while the healer is healing them. It's a tricky one, not sure what they should do about that one.
    1. Keep lunge as a dodge mechanic to block break attacks but make it able to take damage from powers.
    2. Or remove the lunge dodge mechanic and make it able to take damage when you're lunging.
    Also bring back immunities, give players rewards for countering. If you bring back immunities and remove the dodge mechanic for lunge, surviving in 5v5/4v4 death matches would increase the skill gap by a looooooot.

    I feel like the damage should be high enough to kill someone before they're able to lunge away. Personally I liked the GU56's damage and meta. (Someone lunged away? You lunged him back and did enough damage) But now? Someone can lunge away, you can still lunge them but the lunge's damage is so low that it won't do anything at all.
    2015 One Shot days' damage was just way too high lol. Not even gonna talk about that one.
  16. MrGainey Level 30

    Why not just do like shooting games take all their gear away and make them search for it problem solved

    I mean if you gonna want to change everything
  17. Ryuvain Active Player

    I now have a burning hatred of water, electric, atomic, and rage.
  18. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    Since the Devs stuck PVP on the extreme back burner, I really wish they'd just do the right thing, and switch the PVP Vendors over to Source Marks as the currency, remove the PVP CR restrictions on the armor sets, and just let everyone have access to them.
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  19. Brit Loyal Player

    I'm in the exact opposite camp. I wish they would release a CR102 suit, and give us at least 1 new PvP suit per year.

    In 2019, we got 9 entirely new style sets (full 8 slot style sets, and this does NOT count Enhanced versions as being something separate). If the average development time for a style set is less than 6 weeks, then I would humbly suggest that it is not unreasonable that they release ONE pvp suit per year.

    It's really not rocket science. So many players ask for these undefined "balance" issues, when that is a subjective opinion and the players will never fully agree on what "balanced" looks like. What one player thinks is great, another player screams needs nerfed. There are dozens of threads from people requesting PvP returns to prior states of PvP, but if you look back to those times in PvP, there were still dozens of threads from people who were unhappy with it and wanted to see these very changes that are now being rejected. In a nutshell, you can make some of the people happy some of the time, but you will never make all of the people happy all of the time.

    But you know what all of us can agree on? We don't do stuff that has no rewards. "Just for fun" comes with an expiration date, because eventually it stops being fun and it starts being repetitive. MMOs are built on a treadmill of progression. We need rewards to keep us going. And we finished that PvP CR101 suit like 2-3 years ago, and have been capped on marks with nothing to spend them on, so queuing up for a match literally gives us NOTHING.

    Even if they ignore all balance issues, all PvP complaints, everything that we've said, and they just give us 1 new PvP suit per year, a very small investment of time and attention from the art department, with a miniscule upgrade to the PvP stats, people WILL start queuing again. People will suddenly have a reason to PvP. Even if the matches aren't perfectly balanced, the players will still play them, because there will be rewards.

    Instead of abandoning what little PvP progression we have, we need to put one new suit up on PvP, and then let the players start queuing up again to earn it.
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  20. Stanktonia Committed Player

    You do have access to them, just grind pvp so said access can be granted

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