Idea to curb inflation without money reset

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Erin Arror, Dec 4, 2019 at 12:42 PM.

  1. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    Natural inflation if in game money

    When we kill NPC or sell items to a npc vendor money is awarded, that money is forever in circulation. Unless the player closes the account or give it back to the game like a broker fee.

    If the money is used in trade or the money is given to a broker seller (human), that money stays in circulation. 8 years of players playing natural inflation adds up.

    --- fast forward to current situation:
    Glitched money, or dormant glitched in game money, accelerates inflation and prices.

    Glitchers money is getting wiped, which is good. (At least the ones caught).

    As far as inflation, an excess mount of money is still in circulation now mixed with legit's player s account balance.

    Currently broker fee takes money out of circulation, which under normal conditions is fine. But will can do little on the residual high inflation.

    Outside of a global money reset which is crude and can anger customers, there's another way.

    If daybreak is the broker seller. (Machine)

    Daybreak can sell some coveted item(s) on broker. Can be new items (or existing). The item is account bound so players can't resell and flip them. Any game money players use to buy, they get that collection or style consumed on their characters. The in-game money that Daybreak takes in is essentially destroyed and out of circulation. The game money that players give is volunteered (not taken, like a reset would).

    The item should be somewhat pricey to make a dent. It requires some generosity on the part of the Devs, but can help with inflation.

    They can do this for a few months to see if the market cap goes down. Then see if they want to keep this method.

    * Legit players still get something for their money.
    " Legit players money is not reset.
    * Inflation goed down (how much is a question). Helps fight the abundance of money supply that occurred from money glitch and natural inflation. Like a company buying back its own stock.

    IRL when counterfeiters are caught they are punished, law abiding citizens are not. In this game Daybreak gets the benefit of making virtual goods at little to no marginal cost. It can be a nice gesture for letting the glitchers run rampant for so long.
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  2. Illumin411 Committed Player

    This is what's known as a cash sink and a lot of players have ben advocating for it, myself included. I still think a money wipe is needed, even if it's just money above $10B. Thanks to the glitch there are people with trillions and a cash sink wouldn't b enough on it's own to take that kind of money out of the system.
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  3. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    About 3 threads already up trying to circumvent the need of a money wipe. Its neccessary. Its most likely going to happen. Its needed, to get the economy back on track. Ppl just dont want to lose their money, no matter how much the rest of the playerbase will suffer. If ppl still have crazy amounts of cash...the broker prices will never change.
  4. player077900 New Player

    Do a money wipe for anything above so many billion .
    Cap the broker prices
    Do away with money trades . Items Trade only
    Then people can't hoard all the rare stuff and ask for silly money trades . They either trade it for another item or list it on the broker at a cap price. And it will make any future money glitches worthless with a capped broker and again they can't hoard all the rare stuff and private trade . or use their illegal money to buy rare items in private for silly money
  5. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I don't think money reset would fix things because chances are another money glitch could happen and things will go right back to where they are now.

    My solution is change how the broker works. I believe currently to put something on the broker you pay about a 5% fee. I'm going off the last time I put something on the broker. Others might know better who plays it all the time. If that is the case, it's only a drop in the bucket on how much money is being taken out.

    I would change where you don't charge to put the item on the broker house but charge after it sold like a tax. The higher the price, the more you pay.

    $500 mill- $1 bill+ 45% in fees
    $100 mill- $500 mill 35% in fees
    $1mill- $100 mill 30% in fees
    $500k- $1mill 25% in fees
    $100k- $500k 20% in fees
    $25k- $100k 10% in fees
    any below $25k 0% in fees
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  6. The Doctor Time Lord Well-Known Player

    I agree with a cash wipe to ONE billion WITH a transaction cap on any one item via broker or trade of 100 million. IMO, wealth higher than that will no longer be necessary with a transaction cap. .

    It is just my opinion but a transaction cap will allow a wider group of newer players to eventually catch up and take meaningful pat of the in game economy.

    Each ALT can have up to a billion but no one character can have more than that.

    A transaction cap can also help to drive the prices DOWN especially if we add a MINIMUM DISCOUNT of 10% from the lowest listed identical item, (If you are low listing a 100 million item, I have to list it at 90 in order to get it on the broker). This also gets rid of the ridiculous 1 dollar incremental discounts
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  7. Marih New Player

    They have to do something, but the question is, what is to do?
    Capping the prices at max 100million? Short time after everything will be at 100mill.
    Set the cap for all items for a player who wants to put them into the broker at xxx mill? Same problem...

    They have to fix the damm glitches, and ban those money sellers, and not putting in every few weeks some new styles.
  8. The Doctor Time Lord Well-Known Player

    I like this. I would also impose a luxury tax on a scaling basis depending on player's individual wealth. Say a player has 100 million in game wealth. Your table would be used. AT 500 million, that number goes up 20% on all levels and at 1 billion in game wealth the luxury tax would be a 50% increase. This would be an incentive for wealthier players NOT to over inflate the economy.
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  9. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    Yes that's a progressive tax system.
  10. Darth Piper Dedicated Player

    It's also not like it was in 2011... where the game was out only for a few months and a money reset wasn't going to kill anyone. OTOH, now we have people who have invested a lot of time and effort into building up some form of in-game nest egg so they could buy some of the items they've wanted along the way.

    If you are doing a post-sale fee, then yes you can consider this... I'm not sure I would go that high but I certainly would want incentives for not overpricing an item.

    If you do a broker listing fee (the structure we have now), broker fees are currently 5%... for example:

    0-499: 0%
    500-1999: 1%
    2000-24,999: 2%
    25,000 - 249,999: 3%
    250,000 - 999,999: 4%
    1 mil - 249,999,999: 5%
    250 mil - 499,999,999: 10%
    500 mil - 749,999,999: 15%
    750 mil or higher: 20%

    You would have to front that money right away... which means if you don't have the cash to list it at that price, you don't get to list it... or maybe for every 100 mil starting at 500 mil, you add an additional 2%:

    500 mil - 599,999,999: 12%
    600 mil - 699,999,999: 14%
    700 mil - 799,999,999: 16%
    800 mil - 899,999,999: 18%
    900 mil or higher: 20%

    All of this assumes the 999,999,999 cap remains in effect.
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  11. Lycan Nightshade Well-Known Player

    step one: stop the glitchers(ok this as of this moment has happened)
    step 2: ELIMINATE THE GOLD SPAMMERS AND PPL WHO BUY FROM THEM(nope this isn't done and until this is there is no point in going further,.....)

    but anyway keep the broker cap at 1b same goes with mailing $ off and do the same for person to person trades.

    instead of wiping money put in a money sink as has been suggested countless times over the years then worry about how much money everyone has. a money wipe is the LAST thing we need to worry about because it solves 0 long term problems.
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  12. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I disagree, I call that being aggressive. If it was progressive, then nobody would be allow to make a profit.
  13. Hraesvelg Loyal Player


    It's literally the definition of a "progressive fee structure" because as you go higher it gets "progressively" higher. Progressive just means something happens steadily in stages.
  14. TheLastSuperman Well-Known Player

    A Fix that may not make everyone happy but would work:

    - Wipe the glitchers funds and items, let them return to game w/ styles and everything else.
    - Perma Ban all WTS and WTB Item/Cash for PSN/CashApp/Venmo/PayPal/Steam sellers, against TOS and this outside influence on the economy was why Neon price went up so high (why else would they be selling it for $100 on CashApp if not?).
    - Broker is already capped at 999,999,999, and so is mail. The issue here is being able to trade more between two players - Cap that trade as well.
    - On the same subject as above, have it flag anything over 5bil a day. Yes legit honest players can sell older rare items and possibly make 5bil in a day but that's not everyday... so have it send an email or automatically submit a ticket based on the information for GM's to review. By having a system in-place to help monitor it, you'll save more time in the long run versus what you've been doing now (which is dealing with an influx of tickets related to this).

    If we "CAP" it all, things will stabilize but not if outside $ is influencing the system. If we just wipe it, that will make many mad and it won't be a permanent solution plus despite the glitchers some of us have worked DARN hard for our money - I didn't just sell a Bio for major $ to have it wiped. Without "limits/caps" in-place things will eventually return to how they were before. Also, no more alts getting auras or mats you can sell - Shimmer had an issue, they nipped that in the bud by making it account bound but the issue wasn't the players it was the design of that.
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  15. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Level 30

    "Idea to curb inflation without money reset"
    Feels like thoose scams where: "get money whitout work" or the famous "Its cheap, fast and good."
    The premise you using is wrong xd. Your 40bil well earn by either flipping or wasting tons of money comes from sources where it shouldnt had come. You can't make money from nothing and expect to have worth, otherwise we end up with everyone has their own currencies or messed up economies, etc. Reset is a mus and thats not up to question.

    The devs should instead of looking ways to "fix" the glinch, understand why is happening.
    A threat has 3 key factors: vulnerabilty, motive and actors. In order for daybreak to prevet this from happening again, thoose 3 aspects should be explored in depth.
    • Vunerabilty: the varios systems, this topic is very abord but they must be correctly indentified
    • Motive: why the glinching is happenig? Maybe people feeling cheated on tcs? maybe 36 collections abit to much for 3 items
    • Actors: whos exploring the glinches?
  16. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    I was referring to the actual finance term.

    "A progressive tax is a tax in which the tax rate increases as the taxable amount increases. The term "progressive" refers to the way the tax rate progresses from low to high, with the result that a taxpayer's average tax rate is less than the person's marginal tax rate."

    Like income tax brackets. Implementation dates back to 1800's.
  17. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    The main fix should be on the glitch itself, several threads were already talking about it so I didn't focus on it. This thread was more about what to do after the fact, on the inflation itself. A draconian money reset is going to trigger lot of players, including those who don't come to the forum and don't know what's going on. If they reset, Devs will have to do a AMA or a twitch/YT stream because there will be many questions.
  18. Dead Reckon Well-Known Player

    Here's my idea to fix the problem with out a money wipe.

    1st wipe all the in game money and inventory of anyone who is found guilty of glitching. That will remove a lot of in game money and items they acquired through the glitch.

    2nd stop all in game money transfers via toon to toon or by the mail. That way the only way to exchange money will be via the broker. You would still be able to trade items for items but no money.

    3rd change the broker to an auction. With a cap of 1 bil with a listing fee of 100 mil. Set the auction with a reserve set by the seller that is not seen by anyone. And if the reserve is not met at the end of the time limit then the item returns to the seller mins the listing fee.
    • This would force sellers to think about with they listing the item for so as not to eat the listing fee if the public is not willing to pay for it.
    • I know some would be worried that the rich will still control the market because they will just bid 1 bil for the item to get it and relist it with at the max reserve. And they could do this. But first they paid 1 bil for the item and turn around and tried and flip it at 1 bil list they are losing money with the 100 mil listing fee. So it would make more since to try and bid on it and get it at a lower price so that you can turn a profit instead of buying it out right.
    • This would start to drain the money out of the game and force things to be listed more reasonable.
    4th since you can no longer trade money toon to toon or through the mail this would hurt the gold sellers since money can not be traded anyway except the auction.
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  19. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    You must be new here. We question everything. You can't just dismiss counter arguments. "It is known" and "This is the way" don't fly in these parts. Erin's proposal doesn't involve the money duping itself, which seems to be's how to pick up the pieces and get some sort of semblance of order restored. Wiping everything is draconian and will cause more harm than good, as argued in about 100,000 pages or more written on this topic in the past few weeks.

    I really feel just about everything that could be written about the topic has been, and it just turns into various people with no knowledge of economics or game theory going "BURN IT ALL" while others write dissertations on why it's wrong...but the BURN IT ALL CROWD doesn't bother to read it and gish gallops to the point of futility. The only reason I keep responding to these types of posts is so that it doesn't appear that "Oh, everyone wants everything to be reset..." is the consensus.
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  20. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Level 30

    I dont understand "economics", but my math specially statistics is pretty good, want to know in detail your odds on how many tc capsules a person has to open to get all collections? I have no doubts the money reset will happen. Naah, Im pretty old in dcuo forums. Im in favor they had expontential broker free, capped to 1 bil or somethimg. The reference point would be the max cap, bellow an example:
    • 1bil - fee 50%
    • 500mil - fee 40%
    • 100mil - fee 30%
    • 10mil->free 5%

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