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  1. AerovengerReturns New Player

    The issue of running older content is always being posted here.
    The problem is straightforward - A lack of players queuing to run that stuff; nowadays people even pay to skip content.
    Some ideas have included AI teammates and the ability to teleport into an instance regardless of how many is in your group.

    We want real players playing this content.
    Maybe this idea has come up before, I'm not long back to the game after a long break and I need feats and briefings in the old content - the queue time and lfg searching is horrendous. My league helps but obviously they can't run that stuff all the time for me. There are also old instances that I'm completely finished with, never to run again - that doesn't help anyone else needing stuff from those instances.

    I think one easy way to improve queuing is to add more general feats to the game re that content.
    Some of the feats I have in mind are an extension of feats that have already been in the game since day one; with all the content we now have, they could easily be extended.

    1) More briefing, investigation and collection feats
    There are currently completion feats for the classic game and some completion feats in episodic content, but add general completion feats to encourage players to run the old content to complete these briefings, investigations and collections. (Granted, some of us will already have most of them done)

    2) More solo, duo and alert completion feats
    These feats currently stop at 500.
    While they are slightly tedious, there is so much content in the game that you will make steady progress.

    3) Add raid completion feats
    I don't think these currently exist in the form of a general feat - complete 50 raids etc

    4) Add tiered content completion feats
    I think this is the main one to encourage the running of old content.
    For example;
    Complete 10 T3 raids
    Complete 50 T6 alerts
    Complete 10 T4 ops
    Complete 100 T7 solos
    Complete 100 T8 duos
    Compete 1000 JLD Raids :)
    Complete 50 Elite raids
    Complete 25 Elite Alerts
    Maybe something else like - Complete 10 T5 alerts in a week; Complete 20 T7 raids in a month.

    While some may think extending the old completion feats is tedious, there are others who may willingly go back over old content just to get those extra feat points.
    it is something straightforward and easy that could be added to the game to help this problem.

    At this point, is it not worth a try?
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  2. mdharlem Active Player

    I noticed that you said "we" in your post and I wonder who you meant by that, as I personally would prefer to complete feats on my own.

    I noticed that the AI idea seems very impractical to me and that your ideas seem like additional grinding.

    I wonder if the ability to access and complete older instances for feats could be reworked for smaller or solo groups.
  3. Knarlydude Loyal Player



    That would not only be a no but a heck no from me.

    We all know what needs to be done and it's not more mind numbing grindy feats added onto the already almost impossible list if existing feats that already exists. IMO, DCUO's feat system was and is horribly implemented. All this feat nonsense should have never been. People have real lives ( jobs, school and chores ) and do not have 24/7 to camp out on a video game.
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  4. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    I honestly believe 90%+ of all the instances will work with solo or smaller group queue'ing options. Dox was the only raid that crashed on me solo, and that was maybe 1 in 5 times. And it would only crash at the very end after beating the tyrant. I think they should just turn it on and see what happens. If there are any server loading issues they could rotate, like all T4 instances, then all T5, all T6, etc. On a weekly basis like LPVE.
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  5. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    While no one would or should object to a few new options to gain feats and increase their Sp a few things I would point out about your idea's details...

    I'll start with the increase to feats for completing solo challenges. Early on in any character's life this is fairly simple. Between tiers 1,2 and 3 you had/have 13 daily solo challenges. And many players do them not just to gain the feats for completing solos but to get the 125 points or reknown awarded for each to get the that up to "trusted" and to get the additional feats associated with reknown. The problem is after T3 the amount of slol challenges drops off drastically and numerous DLCs don't even have a solo. LOOK at Justice League Dark... Three OUTDOOR daily challenges but only a duo, alert and the 2 raids. Now go backwards.. ATLANTIS has a solo but TTTAN ISLAND has none and it kind of does like that Deluge has a solo, Earth 3 has none. Riddles with Crime .. no solo but had three outdoor solos and a daily bounty. Age of Justice.. had 6 daily outdoor challenges and a daily bounty. Now I enjoy solos as much as anyone but I am not wasting half a day doing missions that only hand me an alternate reward box just to get 10 feat points.

    NOW I do like your idea for feats for completing raids but I HOPE that is a typo where you list 1000 JLD raids. SHORT of using a ton of replays there are TWO raids and without relays you can do two a week. It would take 500 weeks to complete 1000 raids.
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  6. lordexecution365 Dedicated Player

    There are plenty who need feats from the older content, yet as part of your idea you want them to add feats so people will run it?

    Why not just spam LFG for a group to help with getting the feats?
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  7. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    yes, that's a possible solution.

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