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  1. Konialis Well-Known Player

    I've been reading a lot of threads that say with the new marks system running content outside your cr relevancy has become useless. Personally i don't completely agree because even though i dont run old content much i still d sometimes for feats and styles (though admitedly less than when i used to run it for rent as well).

    I was running the new t4 duos last night so that i could get the breifings and investigations and when i killed luthor i got a style that i didn't have before and a lock box which gave methe option between the hawkman ispired old pvp legs which i didn' have and the cybernetic boots which i did. so with one duo i got to finish two style feats. That got me thinking, what if after surpassing content relevancy the old content instead of just not dropping marks of victory started dropping marks of style. The way i see it these arks would be used to buy the styles from the rare style vendors and the lower tier gear styles.

    What do you think?
  2. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    *puts down the torch and pitchfork*

    You know...I really think this is a good idea.
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  3. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Wouldn't help much, most top tier players already have those styles. We ran old content to pay for rent. And marks of merit feat.

    There needs to be something new to encourage people to go back, not just styles.
  4. Konialis Well-Known Player

    OH i got it how about the villain styles for heroes and the hero styles for villains? With the new #UnitetheStyles thing they are going for this could be good.
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  5. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    This is partially how I wanted them to make old content relevant. I still think that dropping bits/bytes at every boss is the best way to go (something they are slowly integrating it seems), but I think that changing the rare style vendor from MoV to another mark that we get for running content we overgear would be great. The villain side has tons of styles for us to get too, so it would take a reasonably long time to get all of them (barring they were priced appropriately)
  6. Konialis Well-Known Player

    Thw way i see it the styles in the rare style vendor should be priced the same and the old gear vendor increased by 5 or 10, on the other hand marks of style would have a cap of 150 to 200. The opposite faction gear i imagine would be something in between.
    Finally as for bits/bytes dropping at every boss is actually very nice aswell but in my opinion since it takes just 90 to 180 secs to get like 20 biits by farming it could use an increase in number of bits dropped on each boss, maybe more on raid and alert bosses than duo bosses, since they take much longer.
  7. Horridhal New Player

    Honestly, I still wouldn't come back for this.

    Here is the deal : I paid for the DLC on the basis that I would always be able to run said DLC and attain the same rewards(exactly the way it should be in an MMO). Now, due to the push to sell replay badges(which is all the relevancy crap is), I have basically pissed away the better part of $100 paying for stuff that is no longer useful for me to run.

    Here's the other part of the deal : In order to continue to advance, I will have to either buy the new DLC as it releases, or spend money being a subbed member. I don't mind those options, however, after I pay said money, it shouldn't matter in the slightest to the devs, or other people in the game, how I choose to make my marks to advance my CR. Especially when you consider that PvE doesn't effect your interaction with other players(meaning it isn't PvP and definitely not competitive).

    Due to whiners, and a greedy push from the devs, this game has lost, literally, all its appeal. I keep posting in the forums, and will until my sub actually wears out, hoping for a change but, more and more, its looking like my toons will go the way of the Dodo bird before too much longer. It is unfortunate, because I loved this game, but I'm not supporting these awful practices I'm seeing.
  8. GrowlingNight92 New Player

    Considering the lack of raids in endgame content , talking about the monthly content here. How about adding a retro week event? Every week bring 1-3 raids to endgame so people can actually play more time not just 1 raid every 7 days. Those raids could drop at least marks if not gear. Or visually enhanced old styles like you did with the T3 controller chest in FoS SM , it looked amazing.
  9. YinChakra Dedicated Player

    yeah i'd run op3 everyday for a chance at disciple of parallax for my hero.
  10. Dezaras Loyal Player

    Marks of Rent?
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  11. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    Make lower content high in prestige. I would love to farm for prestige to pay rent for league hall
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  12. McGhee Well-Known Player

    What about cross faction styles, exo clusters or vault tickets?
  13. WorldsDown New Player

    This aspect pretty much killed the excitement of playing the game for me. So boring.
  14. Solmes202 Loyal Player

    Not bad!