Idea For Future Raids

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ice Knight, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Ice Knight Well-Known Player

    Stop making raids so range heavy and anti-melee, everything is a one shot from the bosses. Allow the players to play their way and melee or do whatever.

    They could make raids where bosses have phases, and them one shots come, and phases where adds come out still, but when out of the phases the boss is stuck with tank and only the tank as long as the tank is doing hes job. This opening up for melee to be possible.
    Half the time the boss fights are more about luck than skill , this shouldnt happen ever. Stop forcing players to be ranged.

    Boss Fights like this you would just increase the amount of health for the bosses , and actually made the phases have tactics to make, not just "burn boss and hope we dont get one shotted". This alone would make PvE more fun.

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  2. xDecap New Player

    ranging gets so boring.... im sure most dps are missing their melee combos... can only use one or two weapon moves in these raids lol
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  3. Ice Knight Well-Known Player

    Hopefully Devs see this and at least think about it
  4. Aiden Warren New Player

    Doomsday raid please.
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  5. Purple Ace New Player

    I agree with you. As a dps/troller, the new raids have gotten extremely boring because of the inability to melee. The mechanics of the raids do lend themselves to a lot of luck and I personally find that lazy but that it just my opinion. Trolling is especially boring tapping triangle the entire time. The only exciting part is when you get to chain stun some of the npc's in Nexus.
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  6. Eminence Dedicated Player

    Gadgets without cryofield is butt.
  7. Ch3wtobacco New Player

    LEGION OF SUPERHEROES.... 'nuff said they say...
  8. Purple Ace New Player

    Pssh just run sleep dart.
  9. Eminence Dedicated Player

    duh bro thats a gadget staple!
  10. 478874 Dedicated Player

    OH MAH GAWD! Will these PvP leagues and their DUMB SUGGESTIONS just go away already?!?1 It's bad enough they got their STUPID mechanics put into PvE by pestering the devs non-stop and now I have to BLOCK! IF THEY WANTED TO BE DEVELOPERS SO BAD, THEY SHOULD HAVE JUST TRIED TO BE ONE ALREADY! Someone get SOE-MOD-2 in here to clean up this mess!
  11. Wilder Midnight New Player

    i want a dual raid.

    one thats run side by side...heroes vs. villains in a race to see who finishes it first.
  12. Ice Knight Well-Known Player

    Ranged Ice dps is pretty poo as well
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  13. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    +1(billion dollars)

    First off, too many bosses have split second tells before they pull off a skullmode rage attack that wipes anybody looking at them sideways. Second, this problem is compounded by the fact that so many close range weapons have sloooooow animations that you can't block-cancel out of early (block cancelling was an initial intended mechanic to accompany clipping - can't remove one without breaking the other, which is what SOE did), resulting in eating floor ( and not doing so for its high fiber). If anything I think any glancing-blow damage from bosses needs to be removed for close range users unless the boss is directly targeting them or using an AOE attack. Tells in general need to be improved. IE: The ARC can use the missile barrage special attack at close range (something in the way of 8 missiles hitting one player) in...

    * half a second
    * while moving
    * no tell at all on this one
    * while you are being tossed around by debris and pulled OUT of your blocking animation by said debris
    = cheap mother %$*@&% death
  14. MetalMario Loyal Player

    You can melee in the T5 raids but you lose a decent amount of damage while rolling way or being knocked out
  15. Eminence Dedicated Player

    Yea, I think Ice is effected the most in ranged only situations.
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  16. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    Are you dps really that addicted to melee weapons?
  17. Eminence Dedicated Player

    It has nothing to do with being addicted, but why have melee weapons/powers in the game if you cant use them?
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  18. Objeckt Well-Known Player

    Just make the one shots hit for less than 32,000. Make it so a geared DPS can block through it. Give it a tell and you'll have a fun boss mechanic that lets DPS melee and also keeps them on their toes because they'll have to block in between combos and watch for tells.

    Edit: Talking about for future raids. Nexus and Wave are what they are.
  19. Wonder Girl II New Player

    I want a Darkseid Raid
  20. cadaverhead Well-Known Player

    Yes please. Being forced to range is quite dull. Geared players can somewhat melee in Nexus, but if you try to it Paradox Wave you'll be dead in seconds. Very boring; very dull.
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