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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by SuperiorMouse, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    A user on DeviantArt extracted some of the assets (only about 30 specific characters) from the game years ago and made them avail to download. They're only in Blender format IIRC, so they have limited posturing potential compared to if they were properly rigged and postured in 3DSMax etc.
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  2. the solowing Steadfast Player

    this would be nice to see the dev team working on. It isnt the biggest money maker but a feature that would be nearly universally welcomed by all players even for a few dollars to purchase
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  3. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    It could be though. If it was done as a microtransaction, and a UI setup to collect them all and switch between collected personalities like we do with styles, they would be lucrative and likely pay for it self.
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  4. Jaelia Well-Known Player

    Yes please bump
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  5. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    I see you DCUO. ;)

    Nice to see some traction on this even if it's been a while coming. :)

    These are all custom postures like the ones proposed. Now, if we can see them offered to the player characters ;)

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  6. K3str3lDC Committed Player

    Always thought the animations for Catwoman, mainly her idle stance, could make a great player personality. Could be called "sassy" or something. Not Iconic, but shy/anxious and friendly/warm could also be great!
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  7. darry3275 Well-Known Player

    Iconic personality? Hmmmm.........I want Mr. Potato Head:D
  8. the solowing Steadfast Player

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  9. Cap0037 Active Player



    Ahhh two armed flight.

    This is the most desired, and greatest bane, of the DEVs existence.

    Get it done already! :p
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  10. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Welp its 2022, time for its yearly nercro.
  11. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    Brilliant and thank you!

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  12. Chewsy Well-Known Player

    Ok, I'm sold on this. Would totally buy these if they were made one day.
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  13. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Look at the frequency of post on this thread in the last years, now look at the stat clamp threads.... Ones a really good idea, that gets no traction going anymore, and the other gets all the traction to remove something that was added to improve the experience for all...
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  14. nanoUSB Well-Known Player

    You know, seeing that menu mock-up there... maybe they could start small with what we already have, and allow us to mix and match the personality-bound emotes we already have and later on expand on that.
    What I mean would be a style menu tab like this for things like Idle Stance, /wave, /rest, /dance etc. - those that differ between the personalities. And I'm sure, if they ever choose to, they could expand that with what's been proposed in the OP.

    Just adding this because I'd love to get the /rest from Serious, but with Powerful personality. :)
  15. the solowing Steadfast Player

    As sad as it is, the OP is long gone. their last post was SuperiorMouse, Aug 19, 2014

    I want to keep this thread alive because its something that would do nothing but good for the game, so once i year i necro it.

    Also its abit nostalgic, when the forums were abit more welcoming to ideas.
  16. nanoUSB Well-Known Player

    Yes, I saw you mention that in another thread and curiousity lead me here. I think it's a nice concept and is worth bringing up again.
    I just added my own little thing to it because I'd like that very much, and think it might be a simple start if the devs ever decide to go with it :p

    Ultimately, as long as they give us a hard no on this, it can't hurt to poke them a little "Here look, how about it now?" :D
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  17. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Im right there with you b^_^b
  18. AGGUSTEN Well-Known Player

    I like, especially the different ways of flying that are seen
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  19. nanoUSB Well-Known Player

    Oh, well in that case I'll just agree. (Didn't bother to read the whole thread to be honest, it was simply the first coherent thing that popped in my mind) :D
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  20. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    I'm pretty sure this isn't possible without a lot of extra work, unless things have changed since I animated. Like, it seems like it might be faster to just pick and choose the segments you like but it's not really. You have to setup the whole animation set to use any segment in a set with a character. The way character animation is (was?) done, is that animation segments are created on the target character model (so they look right with that model's costume and proportions etc). They're not inherently compatible with other models unless the other models are based off the original model the set was built for or unless the set is adjusted/setup for the new target models.

    So if you want to pick and choose specific segments of the file (like the idle vs the fly3 segment) on a 2nd or otherwise new character, the whole set has to be imported and setup, and adjusted to accommodate the new character model's costume and proportions etc, to use with that new character to avoid wonky alignments and clipping etc. So, you can't really just pick and choose different segments from different sets. Or more accurate to say you could do that but they wouldn't look right without this setup/prep.

    The whole set of animations would have to be setup (usually you're looking for misaligned feet on the ground plane from differences in character heights and clipping issues) on each new model (which is fine in terms of player options and a good thing but it is extra work for the animator/animation team) and then the UI would have to allow for turning off or on any specific segment from that set. I hope that makes some sense.


    That said; I'm pretty sure all of the existing animation sets have been ported to all body types/characters by now so your suggestion might be possible with what we have already. It just wouldn't be so easy to do with new stuff requested in the thread if it ever got introduced (without some extra work).