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  1. SuperiorMouse New Player

    Iconic Personalities (aka Downloadable Modular Personalities)

    this is an old post of mine from summer 2012 but i've fleshed it out further since then.

    the short version is; i'd like to see a personalities section added to the style menu to manage purchased personalities. in addition to that i'd like to see new personalities made based on our favourite iconic characters which we can then use with our original characters.

    for more details, keep reading. ;)

    Goals for the Request
    1. add more variety and customization options for characters
    2. add more immersion options
    3. add another source of non-gameplay effecting revenue to the marketplace
    4. add a system to use and manage purchased personalities (currently you must pay $10 every time you want to switch your personality even if you're switching back to one you've paid for already -- you pay twice!).
    character animation sets (aka personalities) can be really really labour intensive. a typical character animation set has hundreds of animation segments for different game functions. typically animation segments can take anywhere from 15mins - hours to perfect and get just right. however, replacing a few key animation segments can be done very easily with minimal effort and can really add depth, communicate personality and individuality to a character. replacing the suggested segments below can be done in about 5-15mins per animation segment very easily!

    • idle -- the animation played while your character is standing around
    • melee idle -- the animation played while your character is standing around with enemies in range
    • hover -- the animation played while stationary with flight on.
    • fly -- the animation played while your character is moving with flight on.
    if these animation sets were inspired by iconic characters they could be lucrative mini transactions at $2.50 - $5.00 each. i imagined the sets could look something this (actually i created a set for each of the 3 main existing personalities just to demonstrate how much different it could look on your character in game):

    man of steel

    world's greatest detective

    amazon princess

    i did a mockup to illustrate how the personalities manager could integrate into the style menu UI and it could look something like this:


    thanks for reading!
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  2. Charlie Fantom New Player

    +1 For more customizations!
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  3. Moneybags118 New Player

    Interesting! I like it :D
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  4. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Im sorry but this is genius.

    You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.
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  5. Nebula153 Well-Known Player

    This is the best recommendation I've heard in ages. Seriously, devs, read this.
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  6. Ghostof91 New Player

    One of the Best ideas for customization yet, Who knows maybe they working something similiar now ,
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  7. CCBatson Dedicated Player

    It's very cool and inspired! I like it!
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  8. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I hope they are working on something similar now or that they see this great idea. I would pay $10 for 1 of these and I know other people who would too.
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  9. SuperiorMouse New Player

    thanks guys. can't you just imagine your character doing some of these? i know i can. desperately. lol

    have you ever seen a group of fliers hovering around in the sky -- and they're all in the exact same pose. it's really silly to see. sigh. this would allow us to all look awesome and not generic :)

    PS thanks to the MOD who fixed my last WonderWoman image (it is now correctly showing the hovers) -- must pay more attn next time. :O
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  10. Couzintony New Player

    I like this... Since once it in movement mode no one can tell what personality u picked
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  11. Ghostof91 New Player

    It's like if they were clones Pretending to be something when their not lol:D
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  12. SuperiorMouse New Player

    lol. there is a member here named Zuse. he has 6 hovering characters in his avatar pic. all in the same pose. it's entertaining to see. ;)
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  13. WonderCleric New Player

    I love this idea!
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  14. Little Sister New Player

    Great idea and pictures !
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  15. Neph Dedicated Player

    I added this to the other thread, awesome, would be awesome to get some renders for the other things too, like primal and whatnot ;)
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  16. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Shut up SOE and take my money.
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  17. Neph Dedicated Player

    I will personally bump this thread till we see a SOE in front of the title of this thread :)

    Mark my words!
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  18. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    And I'll help!
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  19. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Double post, sorry.
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  20. Zeo Committed Player

    I wish to be able to like your post infinitelly, i noticied that our current persona schemes are a little mixed, the female flirty have the comical dance for exemple , also why the joker have the female flirt stance?
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