Iceberg Lounge - Exploding Penguins

Discussion in 'War Room (Powers, Artifacts, & Builds)' started by Captain C, Apr 25, 2023.

  1. Captain C Active Player


    After dozens of times trying to defeat a single person in Solo, with 3 other NPC allies attacking at once, and still dying. I wanted to ask if anyone had trouble with the Iceberg Lounge boss? I survive long enough, and I know I can defeat him. Each time I zip away I try my best to a avoid the exploding penguins to get the only health barrel after all health resources are depleted, but my reaction time is delayed by 1.5 seconds and their AOE damage downs me each time.

    What exactly am I doing wrong?

    I don't see a point if the required CR rating is below me, and I still can't finish it. Seriously... Any ideas?
  2. Captain C Active Player

    All good, worked out corning Penguin is most effective, but I think the game scaled down his power after dozens of tries so, I dunno
  3. Hurtyman Active Player

    The best way to avoid the penguins is to perch yourself on the giant penguin skeleton, and range Penguin from there.
  4. Viande New Player

    I use a similar technique, with the panels high up in the room, I pull mr pinguin and sneak up and hit him from a distance. The little penguins never touch me