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  1. Lyndi Well-Known Player

    It is my understanding from various guides and experienced tanks that I've talked to as well as my own experience, that before this particular problem started, while in tank role any and all ice tanking powers with the exception of hibernation, gained enemy agro/hate. Going also on personal experience, I confirmed this (at least before this problem). It doesn't matter if the power does damage. This is why when a tank goes down or one is not in the group a healer tends to attract more attention than other classes because of his healing. with the exception of celestial and a few random healing powers in the various other healer power sets, they do not cause damage but still gain agro/hate. Before this problem, I was easily able to gain and keep agro/hate using reflection, winter ward, and shatter restraints.
  2. Statman New Player

    I am unsure of Winter Ward and Shatter Restraints, but I do know that Reflection does have a damage component on cast outside of reflected damage.

    Aggro is also slightly different to taunting, as taunting is a tank only mechanic (taunt over rides aggro), this is what may need the damage component, whereas regular aggro does not. This is my understanding, but I'm not sure how accurate it is as of late, as there have been many aggro issues (obviously, that's what this thread is about, hehe).
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    i am going to post from this link in the dcuo wikia: Wikia

    Cryogenic Tree Description
    Tank Role: In the Tank role all damage you cause is penalized by 20% while Dominance is increased by 100%. Using super powers increases your Defense and Toughness by 90% and will attract the attention of enemies causing them to attack you, rather than allies. Finally you gain +3 Perception, improving your chances of detecting Stealth-using enemies.

    Storms Tree Description
    Tank Role : In the Tank role all damage you cause is penalized by 20% while Dominance is increased by 100%. Using normal Storms powers increases your Defense and Toughness by 90% and will attract the attention of enemies causing them to attack you, rather than allies. Finally you gain +3 Perception, improving your chances of detecting Stealth-using enemies.

    I'm not currently logged in at the moment but i believe the above two excerpts from the dcuo wikia are word for word what is stated in the ice powerset tree descriptions. and nowhere does it state only powers that damage.

    again i have had an ice tank for over a year and up until this problem i have been able to gain agro/hate/taunt (whichever you prefer calling it) and hold same using shatter restraints, reflection, and winter ward.
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    Any news on this issue?
  5. Belgicano New Player

    Terrible bug for ice tanks... It was a nerf or its a bug after all?
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    Trigon's prison: I have to use Inescapable storm like 2 or 3 times on adds just to get them to focus on me, & I'm targeting them. Idk it gets annoying sometimes.

    *Edit: Happens a lot in other content, but TP is super annoying lol
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    As an fellow ice tank when using IS on adds or bosses , it gets annoying that i have to use twice or thrice to get the aggro on them and also my powers also were failing to activate at times like reflection, after used it didn't protect me but instead damaged after activation( acted more like offensive but completely wrong way)and same goes for the others,due to that my powers gets wasted and misses aggro at times, also either dps or healer catches more attention to enemies after my aggro ends or does fail to bring em to me.

    Edit: My dominance is higher than requirements(leaving t5 aside but below tiers is the issue , which i don't want to make that mess in t5 much as well), on to this addition it wasn't only 3 times or so but even more times as well but aggro or the power more likely failed, seems that way around....
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    This "issue" with taunting - is this why it is flat-out impossible for a tank to get/hold aggro from Circe in the Trigon's Prison alert? I honestly hope that's not an intented mechanic, because if it is, running that with a tank is redundant if the tank can't gain aggro at least some/most of the time, you'd be better to run 2 dps and have everyone get the defense buff if Circe is going to just continue to randomly attack anyone/everyone - and the last thing we need is for people to have another excuse not to run content with tanks...

    Also, while we're in a subject about Ice (although your comment seems to suggest the issue is with taunting in general) - any chance someone can look at the Bug with Ice Shields? Casting Reflect followed by Winter Ward or Shatter Restraints anytime before Reflect has ended, causes both Reflect and the following power to completely negate each other, leaving you with no shield from either power (seen plenty of Ice Tanks wiping in Nexus by stripping their own shields without realising).
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  11. madaoturles Active Player

    I don't understand their response. It's also odd that they themselves would refer to it as a nerf rather than calling it an "adjustment". How exactly is this not breaking the power versus a nerf? Any tank power, according to the descriptions currently in game, should establish aggro. The problem is that this power is not doing what the game says it should which is establish or more importantly re-establish aggro. Making it so Inescapable is unable to do this is not nerfing it it is breaking it.

    Are all ranged taunts now going to be useless?

    I can understand mobs being resistant to being physically moved/pulled after an initial hit but to completely break the power to where it cannot re-establish aggro is just broken.
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  12. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Any word on this Mepps ?!?!?!?
  13. Lyndi Well-Known Player

    yes Mepps any update on this? if the actual pull mechanic has been adjusted i'm not happy with that but can live with it as long as it establishes and re-establishes aggro as it's supposed to do. also any word on the ice tank shields bug?
  14. Lucaefor New Player

    Is this a dominance issue? Idk enough about tanking to know for sure.
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  16. Karasawa Loyal Player

    This issue has less to do with inescapable storm and more to do with Winter Ward. There are many times that I've locked ravager on a pillar, used Winter Ward, then ravager loses aggro and throws a range attack at someone behind me (which of course block breaks me).

    I know for a fact that Winter Ward taunts:

    I also know that Winter Ward does two ticks of reflect damage which detaunt enemies when used in dps role or if it affects nearby players (Stop perving mentioned this earlier):

    This feature is pretty nice when you're an ice dps because it gets enemies off you. But I suspect what may be happening is the two ticks of damage from Winter Ward are detaunting enemies from you even when you're in tank role. Obviously, it's not supposed to do this in which case it must be a bug.

    Also, Winter Ward isn't clippable like shatter restraints and that annoys me >:
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  17. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    Agreed. Since I stopped using WW, I don't have agro issues. Every time I try to use it, especially in Paradox, the bosses flatout detaunt and go after somebody else. It is exceptionally prevalent on the Sentry, who will instantly turn and shoot sparks at a member of the group. Something that doesn't happen if I'm not using WW.
  18. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Well I still use Winter Ward because the cooldown is shorter than hard light shield. I just have to make sure that I use inescapable right after to re-taunt.
  19. XBlue Well-Known Player

    There is definitely an aggro / taunt problem.

    For Example: (look at 8m:50sec)

  20. Lyndi Well-Known Player

    This has been going on for a long time and I have no clue why the Dev's won't fix it. It's not just Ice Tank's Inescapable Storm but all Tank Pulls. Most recently Ragebringer from Rage is doing (or not doing as it were) the same thing.

    Dev's please, please fix this.