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  1. madaoturles Active Player

    Good testing ground would be Nexus. The Lex (or Batman) will sometimes randomly drop aggro from the tank and under normal circumstances a simple IS can regain aggro to bring them back but, at least based on last night, I would have to lunge/cast power to regain. General Lex or Future/Ninja Batman are good to test this on depending on your faction.

    Initial aggro of course may not be a problem but if it drops mid-fight it does not always get it back as it did previously.
  2. HellsOpus New Player

    Actually General does not drop aggro. He simply teleports away and performs his attack then returns to the tank (so long as 12 secs from the original taunt has not expired). The attack ignores aggro, but does not dump it. If your taunt did expire and you were having trouble regaining aggro with IS it could also be an issue of range. If he teleports too far and ur target icon is grey it will not taunt.

    Also your teammates need to clear the path between the tank and General for him to return. Another possibility is that the IS is hitting General sooner than 8 seconds from the previous taunt and is not reapplying aggro for this reason. He would then break from the tank when the initial pre-teleport aggro expired as opposed to 12 secs from when IS was used.

    General is tricky, though as I said, I have not noticed being unable to maintain aggro using IS. I will test this extensively tonight.
  3. madaoturles Active Player

    I was just using them as an example. If they teleport to a group member too far away then its possible for them to drop aggro so its easiest to test on them. Regardless there are instances during the normal course of boss fights in Nexus where they will drop aggro so please test away. My main is a 168 SP ice tank so I'm pretty sure its not my imagination.

    Also do not think its an issue with range as I have confirmed they are being hit with IS multiple times from various distances and they continue to focus the group until a different power is cast and hits.

    Edit: I should probably point out that this is on USPC, at least for me.
  4. Clutch_GT New Player

    Earthen Grip isn't taunting either, however epicenter is. I just sub it for stone on boss fights.
  5. HellsOpus New Player

    So after some testing it appears that in T5 content no power is acting as an instant snap taunt as they seem to in lower tier content. After a couple casts I can maintain agro and regain it with one additional cast, but the initial cast does not necessarily generate enough hate to taunt.

    I tested this by having a teammate establish hate thru attacks, then casting a power. Pulls and juggles function normally, but I did not instantly gain agro. IS, Bitter Winds, Freeze Wave, Reflect, Shatter Restraints, and Winter Ward all gave these same results. The intial cast does not necessarily establish agro for 12 sec, maybe a hit or two after the pull but then the enemies/boss would go back to my teammate. Subsequent casts would then establish agro normally. I am now of the believe that taunting functions differently in T5 content; it is not a straight snap taunt.

    All this said, I still have never had any issue maintaining agro in any run. But the mechanics do indeed to be different.
  6. Miahztwin Committed Player

    I thought IS was working as intended. Its not like the only power we're allowed to use is IS. Unless you want a range aggro move that sticks, I never trust it. Pulling multiple bosses from a distance with IS is risky and I notice that. So instead I always lunge the bosses and use Bitter Winds and gradually move to the spot I want to tank them.
    I agree, usually if Gen has teleported aggro usually comes back. But just in case I always keep a target locked on him and hit IS to reapply the taunt just in case it did expire. I think IS works fine when targeted and focused on a single target. I dont think IS is broken, People just think its used for different purposes and since its a an AOE pull CC effect, people think it has to be an AOE taunt effect too.
  7. madaoturles Active Player

    This could also be localized to USPC. I've tanked these raids since they came out and at least for me there is a noticeable difference since the latest DLC went early release.
  8. Lyndi Well-Known Player

    Actually it is an AOE taunt from the target or it was. if you hit a target at range with inescapable storm all enemies within 15 feet of that target are also taunted. I've been an ice tank for over a year now and have used this move in the past to taunt enemies (plural) from range off teammates. this is why inescapable storm "was" the best pull in the game not only was it a multi target ranged pull but a multi target ranged aoe taunt but as stated in this post it seems recently this is not happening anymore at all.
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  9. Miahztwin Committed Player

    Yeah i didnt really understand what the OP was saying until after I just tanked nexus because I was in dps stance for a while. It was extremely difficult holding aggro, even when I used other powers. Maybe an update broke tanks because I felt like it was the first time tanking nexus last night.
  10. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are aware of this problem with taunts and investigating.
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  11. WL Corpsman New Player

    I've also noticed that low pressure (flight pull move) is not taunting certain bosses in tank stance. the reason for mentioning this is that mesmerizing lasso works wonders for grabbing aggro, but not a tank power. low pressure is not a tank power but does not grab aggro at all. the tyrant in paradox and general lex luther on the hero side is a perfect example. using low pressure after they dump aggro to do a attack phase (ex roll or teleport) will not gain their aggro. mesmerizing lasso does.
  12. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    Just a further on the taunts investigation, I offer the following paste from combat log:

    1379037337: Noobie Tank's Winter Ward hits Steampowered Batman
    1379037337: Noobie Tank's Winter Ward hits Future Batman
    1379037337: Noobie Tank's Winter Ward hits Primal Batman
    1379037337: Noobie Tank's Winter Ward hits Ninja Batman
    1379037337: Mrs Bigglesworth's Guardian's Light healed Noobie Tank for 84
    1379037337: Noobie Tank's Innate Power hits Future Batman
    1379037337: Noobie Tank's Innate Power hits Ninja Batman
    1379037337: Noobie Tank's Innate Power hits Steampowered Batman
    1379037337: Noobie Tank's Innate Power hits Primal Batman
    1379037337: Noobie Tank's Winter Ward absorbed 316
    1379037337: Noobie Tank's Winter Ward critically damaged Ninja Batman for 195
    1379037337: Noobie Tank's Bitter Winds damaged Primal Batman for 11
    1379037338: Mrs Bigglesworth's Guardian's Light healed Noobie Tank for 75
    1379037338: Noobie Tank's Winter Ward damaged Primal Batman for 142
    1379037338: Noobie Tank's Winter Ward absorbed 265
    1379037338: Noobie Tank's Winter Ward absorbed 1074
    1379037338: Noobie Tank's Winter Ward absorbed 893
    1379037338: Angry Mouse's Winter Ward damaged Steampowered Batman for 127
    1379037338: Angry Mouse's Winter Ward detaunted Steampowered Batman

    The last 2 entries in this log, the player is actually a celestial DPS.. and I find lately, they are pulling agro off the tank with a great degree of regularity. Both Bitter and Winter suffer from it. I can literally pop either of those, and have steam or primal wander off and lunge someone else.
  13. Zhouz Well-Known Player

    You are misreading this combat log entry. Noobie Tank casts Winter Ward. Winter ward detaunts up to 3 teammates. Noobie Tank's Winter Ward lands on Angry Mouse, which detaunts (de-aggros) Steampowered Batman.

    Basically your winterward made steampowered batman lose focus on Angry Mouse and seek a new target; new target is likely you since you just hit him with a taunt.
  14. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    That might be the case, but that wouldn't explain AM being one shot by steam (or even primal), a few seconds after I cast WW. That's where the combat log makes it confusing. 1) It shouldn't say that AM's winter ward did anything. AM doesn't have winter ward.
  15. Zhouz Well-Known Player

    The log is telling you that the winterward you applied to AngryMouse reflected some damage back to steampowered (this is the 127 dmg that was sent back to the attacker) and that your winterward applied to angrymouse detaunted steampowered. Once you gave the winterward effect to angrymouse it becomes part of his stack of effects, basically it's his effect (thats why it says its his winterward)

    Not saying there isnt an issue with how taunts are working, but nothing in your combat log that you have shared with us shows anything out of order or working incorrectly.
  16. Killgasm Well-Known Player

    Also pretty sure Winter Ward doesn't taunt since it has no initial damage.
  17. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    This is getting absolutly terrible.

    I sit there and spam powers on the 3 batman at the end of nexus. Randomly immediately after being hit with one of "freeze wave, Reflection, Winter Ward, Bitter Winds, Shattered Restraints, and Inescapable Storms" I'll lose agro. It didn't seem to correspond to an individual power. But, I'm not sure. It's just FUBAR right now and makes ice tanking completely unreasonable. I have to have mass provocation consumables to play my role? ....
  18. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Neither Shattered Restraints nor Reflection will gain aggro. Both are great for mitigating damage to a tank, but neither will gain aggro by itself since they are meant for damage resistance. Freeze Wave is one I use a lot for aggro, and I rarely see it miss. If it is having issues with the Batman Nexus raid, that may be raid specific.
  19. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    I was hitting something every 2-3s and losing agro though is the issue. Sure some might not give agro but I was clipping FW/IS with Reflection/Shattered every time I used those.
  20. Naija born Well-Known Player

    i have noticed this a long time and the main culprit i noticed was winter ward. it always deagroed in tank role i dont know the reason behind this, but if you had agro and hit winter ward, the bosses will leave you and face another team mate. i tested it on the luthors and it was suprising how fast i lost agro when i used it. same thing in paradox wave. i think no powers in tank role should be a de agro move(my opinion ofc). i had to take out winter ward off my lodout because of this, and i dont lose agro again.