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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Imperial Guard, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Imperial Guard New Player

    It has come to my attention that recently there has been a nerf on the Ice tanks "Inescapable storm" Pull power. I have heard that the reason for this nerf was because players in the PVP aspect of the game have been complaining that the move in unbreakable and that its too strong.

    My complaint is as follows:
    In the update where the earth tank pull was modded it was announced that the ice tanks inescapable storm was "Working as intended". Being still the well known best pull in the game of DCUO. However with this new nerf pulling a boss is now nearly impossible, with many tanks almost abandoning the power for the lasso in the Iconic power tree.

    The reason I say this is because while fighting bosses in both the new alerts and raids I have sat and used nothing but inescapable storm for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 consecutive times with NO EFFECT OF AGGRO. However if I lunge at the target and use another power such as bitter winds I will immediately gain Aggro and keep the group alive.

    This issue needs to be looked at and fixed, this power has not been touched since the launch of the game and is now all but broken. The pvp world is known to complain about EVERYTHING on this game and trying to fix it for them is killing it for the rest of the PVE world. The constant nerfing of powers and the constant nerfing of abilities is staggaring.

    As being the main pull for an ice tank it is not a good idea for such a nerf when other powers still have an effective pull in their own power tree. Using a pull move more than ten times with no affect is really really bad.:(
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  2. Entity Committed Player

    Thank god im not the only one!
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  3. Radium Devoted Player

    Do you mean pulling a boss or taunting a boss?
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  4. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I noticed over the last week or so that when I attempt to pull bad guys off friends, the bad guys don't move, especially trash and bosses that do a lot of damage. I can pull low-level trash off players, but why would I need to? This make ice tanks next to useless with this ability nerfed.

    The whole reason I was enjoying being an ice tank was to be able to pull bad guys off my friends and allies in PVE. I don't care if it annoys PVP players; this nerf is ruining the game for me.
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  5. Statman New Player

    This is what I'm also curious about. Generally bosses are not able to be pulled - most are immune to CC effects, and the 'pull' from Inescapable Storm is indeed a CC effect.

    If it is not taunting, that is a huge issue. I understand that you are talking about the taunting effect for the majority of your post, but taunting has no effect in PvP, so I'm not sure how that even ties into it.

    I personally haven't tanked much of anything lately, so I'm unable to contribute on whether or not I'm having issues, but I'll check it out when I can.

    Edit, after re-reading the initial post, you may be talking about both effects, the pull and the taunt.
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  6. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Ok I thought this issue was because Dps was in my line of sight but I did noticed, even adds sometimes are hard to pull. It takes several tries. I had no idea the power was nerfed this bad. Usually incapable storm is a taunt for bosses.
  7. FrostyMagma New Player

    Agro = taunt

    He deffinatly didnt mean pull a boss as we all should know you cant pull a boss.
  8. Rygasonaryan Active Player

    Use Impaling Ice on Bosses, they walk right to ya then. Just been Testing it, but I don't know if I can actually use it and get what I need for tank.
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  9. Statman New Player

    That's good for most of his original post, but where does PvP (in his very first paragraph) come into taunting and aggro? Lol... that's where I'm slightly confused on what exactly hes talking about.
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  10. FrostyMagma New Player

    right i was wondering that but dismissed it cause couldnt make sense of it.
    inescapable storm doesnt pull everytime in pvp like backdraft wont pull everytime because of immunities n such.
    and it is probably broken anyway.......... hehe
  11. DARKKNIGHT New Player

    If the pull is actually not taunting like its supposed to then yes it needs a fix. But I'm not sure you know what taunting does.
  12. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    The Inescapable Storm power is still not working right. I just ran Stryker's island alert walk-in with a somewhat under geared group using my CR79 ice tank (576 Dominance in a 400 Dominance recommended alert) to help them through it. Inescapable Storm would not pull rioting prisoners off my group members. Not only that, it would not even cause aggro, so my group members continued to get knocked around by mobs as if I had not even used a power.

    This REALLY needs to get looked into.
  13. madaoturles Active Player

    Not sure if this was ever fixed but this has definitely been much more noticeable recently.
  14. Galklife Dragon New Player

    Come to think of it, I'd sometimes run with ice tanks who used that move but the adds seldom flew into them. I figured that they lacked dominance or something but now after reading this, I can see that is a bug.

    Well at least I hope its a bug and not a nerf. Even though I'm an earth tan primarily ( with a fire tank alt) and i am often jealous of My Icy cousin, I wouldn't want them to be nerfed; I'd rather have the other two tanking abilities elevated to match them.

    Oh, and what's that about the change to earthen grip?
  15. madaoturles Active Player

    It could be more than inescapable storm that this is affecting, including earthen grip.
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  16. ElectricPhoton New Player

    This stinks, now I can't even hold enemies with the pull anymore.
  17. HellsOpus New Player

    I have never noticed any issues with IS. As already stated you cannot pull a boss. As of last night IS is taunting just as it always has. For those of you saying that you have been unable to pull adds, this too was working just fine as of last night. The odds are the adds u are attempting to pull have CC immunity or line of sight is obstructed. Watch for flashing enemies (denotes CC immunity), you cannot pull them.
  18. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    i hear earth has a good pull XD
  19. madaoturles Active Player

    I can assure you this is not the case, there is a problem. The current issue is about taunting and aggro being held, not actual pulling of the boss.
  20. HellsOpus New Player

    As of last night it appeared that I gained aggro as normal with IS. Though after reading this thread I will test it thoroughly tonight.