Ice or Fire DPS?

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  1. LIEUTENANT MARVEL Well-Known Player

    Switch to ice or earth or sorcery. Ice is a decent DPS for me and lets you become an ice tank that's very useful in top tier raids if you have the gear/SP. The other two hit harder than fire or ice for me so I suggested them even if they are not in the choices since you have DPS concerns. :D
  2. Jeazy Baby Dedicated Player

    Thats 1 big wall of text you got there.
    My oppinion:
    Tanking - both tank just fine (fire doesn't have a ranged pull though) Mesmorizing lasso works as a single target range pull.

    DPS - Fire does good damage while ice does great damage (both will destroy a nature toon). They actually play rather similar

    PVP - Fire is 1 of the best pvp powers PERIOD. (only celestial above it in my opinion).
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  3. DCUO Gaming Well-Known Player

    Yea, when I was a fire tank lasso was an essential part of my Loadout for both pve and pvp. The tank side to fire is pretty good (although from going on test a lot recently, I'd say I'm more of a shield type guy lol) but the dps side is kind of sort of sucky compared to my ice toon on the SM testing this weekend. And I've not been much for PvP until recently (as in this weekend recently) seeing as I'm gathering more SP. But when I was a fire tank I did PvP a fair amount and yes, fire tanks do really nicely in PvP.
  4. LanternEX Level 30

    To be short and simple...

    Ice foe PVE

    Fire for PVP

    Just my opinion
  5. LanternEX Level 30

    Agreed, exactly how i feel
  6. Chicken Well-Known Player

    Wait, but you have been playing fire 3 to 4 years and now you want to go and hang out with the cool kids...that's just crazy:cool:
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  7. TheCursedOne Well-Known Player

    Fire can put out just about the same numbers as ice. The only thing is fire take more skill to use to get the numbers out of. Yes Ice puts out more damage, but not much more. I would almost say fire hits bosses harder then Ice dose, if you take the glitch supercharge out.

    But sadly this is all moot. With the revamp, It wont matter what power you have or the skill it takes to get the most of a power. They will all play and feel the same. So pick which ever you like the best.
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  8. IamINC Dedicated Player

    If you are only interested in scoreboard chasing then switch to Ice , but if you said fire was boring you then I can't see how Ice will be any more challenging or fun for you.
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  9. DCUO Gaming Well-Known Player

    I listed fire and ice because they would save me some money atm. Now that I've tried out munitions on the march event on test I've practically fallen in love with it. Now I'm just waiting to see and hoping that fire and munitions come out during stat revamp 1.5, no matter how op they've made nature dps during revamp 1.4 (because you know nature is op now when it can out dps all the other powers without trying really hard. And I'm more than likely not going nature even if they do fix the amusing, but most literally self-killing and power draining Savage Growth.). But I did test out the numbers on test for fire and ice and I have to agree with most everyone here that Ice wins almost everytime, but fire does a little better on bosses assuming you don't get knocked down and ruin your AM. But after testing almost every power, (forgot to test atomic) I think munitions is the one for me. Thank you all for the feedback though even if I did stray away from both of the topics choices lol.
  10. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    It really depends on what your looking for with ice. If you've been fire this long, you've probably developed some skill tanking. Ice is easy mode tanking. If your looking to top the scoreboards, ice dps would be the way to go. If you solo pvp, fire. If you pvp in groups, ice.

    They both have their good and bad. I just feel ice is so incredibly easy to tank with compared to fire or rage.
  11. colonelbondo Well-Known Player

    the fireburst anim is slow but theres no inner CD afterwards like the ice power whatever it is. also it bursts faster than ice so maybe they're closer than you think
  12. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    In a perfect world where you don't get interrupted and nothing dies in the eternity it takes fireburst to cast and all your big hits land, fire will beat ice. But the fact that arctic gust his like fireburst with the speed of flame cascade puts ice on top in the real game situations

  13. TheKeefMaster Well-Known Player

    Which is better without a troll?

    Fire or Ice?
  14. AberrantAngel Committed Player

    If you find Fire DPS boring then you will find Ice DPS boring same mechanics involved with just a little bit of difference in animation.
    Ice is a much better dps at the moment. So if you are looking to be more towards the top of the scorecard as a dps then switch. But if you are looking to switch because you are bored of the dps side and the mechanics of it, then i honesty say don't switch to ice, maybe switch to another power, or ride fire out till revamp.
  15. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Lol, it's not a glitches super charge. It's the same on test just 100% now instead of 50%. Hitting harder than other powers does not mean glitched. It is on part with sorcery, but that is also being bumped up to a 100%. Not glitches, it's imbalance. ;)
  16. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Lol, test is test. They are not balancing powers just so nature and electric can be top dps powers. Don't read to much into what they are doing on test. Months down the road, we may have a better idea how everything is going to work. Until they actually test all the powers, you cant say nature is the best, lol.
  17. TheCursedOne Well-Known Player

    I was not talking about test???? I was talking live. You really think the devs wanted ice to hit that hard normally then use a supercharge that more or less doubled the damage out for few seconds? That sir is a glitch. It is being used in a way it was not meant for.
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  18. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Sorry, but it has always been there. It was just never used. It is not a glitch.
  19. Del Maestro Well-Known Player

    I know this started a while ago, but I'd like to make a case for fire. Sure, if you are going to be a scoreboard chaser then ice is the way to go. Ice elemental gives it the damage edge.

    BUT fire can do very good damage and I find it to be more flexible. It's better for duos and solos. You knock people in the air with fc then fb them. Fire also has the ability to become more "tanky". To start with, it has 2 heals in the normal loadout. If you want more, switch inferno for backdraft. Want more? use eternal flame more often. Want more? Double up on eternal flame to turn into god mode. Use the supercharger eternal flame 3 instead of fiery weapon if you like using enternal flame like this since you get so much super energy back from a double ef.

    Eternal flame is the selling point for me. Ice element is better, but I love the utility of eternal flame. Especially when you might not be comfortable with the content you're running. It's an oh crap button
  20. recoil Committed Player

    to quote robot chicken batman "yeah fire's everybody's weakness it's ##### fire!"