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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Tunso, Jan 11, 2016.

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  1. Avian EU Well-Known Player

    Interesting, I was definitely not able to hit higher than 35k/s when I was testing it. Don't know if it's because you are doing 30x 10 sec parses whereas I did 10x 30 sec parses or if changes were made.
  2. SSeid Committed Player

    3 as well, did mine after I saw Karasawa did the 10 sec parsers. Just to have something to compare.

    Yes the dps is higher when time period is shorter.

    Sadly not high enough when compared to other powers..
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  3. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    So what about what it used to be. They messed with powers so much why not. Socery has fury, earth has a pet, ice should too. I can't stand how ice is now. Clip 3 powers arctic gust 4 times. Boring. Like most of the powers. 1,2,3,4 powers. Easy peasy. The character has a weapon. I'd like it to b included again as a viable option. Not just one handed flip slash that is op at this time. Ice midrange doesn't matter when u have such an imbalance. I miss the chill effects animation and do 5 of them then you have ice armor and then hit away with your weapon. There needs to b a balance of powers, but also powers with weapons. Half powers used, half weapons.
  4. Tunso Developer

    Please don't misunderstand and assume that every power is now going to hit from 13m out. Bitter Winds with a 13m radius would cover triple the area that Wintry Tempest does. Wintry Tempest was chosen because it was a targeted field that can be deployed from all ranges. Bitter Winds moves with you, isn't area bound but it stacks with Wintry Tempest. I'm sorry but there are no plans to change Bitter Winds, make it part of the AM or change the AM by adding new powers too it.
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  5. Pults Loyal Player

    Not a pet power and you can do weapon tap clips between AG casts also ice is pure might it's not designed to use weapon combos not now at least.
  6. Redman_x Well-Known Player

    Take away your max damage hand mod if you miss the chill effect animation.

    You say your power is boring like a lot of the other powers, and yet at the same time want it to be like sorcery with its pet? Doesn't make sense.

    Ice doesn't need a pet. Adding a pet like sorcery would make it even more OP than it is now, AND make it easier. If you want to make your weapon more viable unspec out of WM with your SP's.
  7. Absolix Loyal Player

    I think many people, including myself are confused since both Bitter Winds and Enflame were added to the power regen in GU49.
    • Fire
    o Thermal Absorption
     The Thermal Absorption effect now applies Power Regeneration instead of an instant Power. Inferno, Enflame and Fiery Weapon now also benefit from the Thermal Absorption effect.

    • Ice
    o Cold Snap
     Cold Snap now increases power regeneration rather than returning Power instantly. In addition to its existing effects, it now also restores power when activating Bitter Winds and Wintry Tempest.

    They haven't done more damage than Inferno and Wintry Tempest despite requiring being in melee range. So, If they aren't meant to be a part of the AM, why were they added to the power regen?
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  8. L T Devoted Player

    Actually, Enflame doesn't do any damage. It's just a juggle that bestows Immolation.

    Other than that, you echoed my thoughts very closely.
  9. Avian Dedicated Player

    I think it's Immolation you are thinking about. Enflame applies burning/DoT to people within it's range and the burning sticks if powers like Flashpoint.
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  10. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    With gadgets were you using the 3 emp loadout?
  11. SSeid Committed Player

    You mean using both stealth and distract? If so no.

    While that loadout can produce even greater dmg on sparrings, during raids you are basing your dmg on luck so it is not an 100% reliable loadout to use for testing purposes.
  12. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    I asked because 41k dps is high
  13. SSeid Committed Player

    This is with a 10 second parser, not 30 sec. DPS gets higher when the time-frame is shorter. People keep saying that Ice is unfair because it makes max dmg from the start, I did it this way so that its clear that Ice has been overnerfed since it can't compete with Gadgets on the fast high dmg department.
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  14. Tunso Developer

    You're right I see where we added both auras for GU49, my bad! Enflame does cause a little more damage than Bitter Winds so I'll bump Bitter Winds up a little to bring it even with Enflame. Thanks everyone, I apologize for the confusion. Things move fast and we cover a lot of ground every publish, so sometimes I miss the obvious hehe
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  15. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    It's NOT viable. Show me a viable loadout & setup. U can't do decent damage. Dps is all cookie cutter copy cats. You are forced to use arctic gust...because it does the most damage. Snowball, avalanche, frost snipe, resonating gale should all to close to similar damage as with other quick spam able powers in other power sets (nature, etc.) I would say build up chill effects then do weapon damage and have snowdevil b viable. Essentially it would be like earth and society with the pet. I do not want it with the current ice powers. I want it balanced. With 3-4 viable options for loadouts. Not the boring spamming arctic gust fest it is. It's not advanced mechanics. There is nothing advanced at all. It's way to simple. Weapon mastery should mean u do every combo the weapon does then u get a big damage buff. So much is just messed up. There won't be balance because no one really wants it. Every 1 cries ice is op. Society will out damage ice because it can also do weapon attacks. So use the op one handed flip slash kick.
  16. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    It should have the option to be a pet power, a might power, a precision power or a precision/might power. Along with other powers. That is what balance is. Not one load out that doesn't good damage. Multiple loadouts should b good to use. Some powers are totally worthless. Why?!
  17. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    This thread is about balancing mid-range not about revamping the ice power or major changes. I understand your feelings but this is not a tread for this. If you want to contribute to the testing with mid-range please do so.

    You can very well open a thread about this in other forums like Powers/Gotham.

    I believe the dps of Ice is about right now, I would get around 30k/s at cr 126 with Ice before the update.
    Now I get around the same at mid range and around 35k/s <7m.

    Compared to other dps from powers I think it's getting to look slightly more balanced, I mean there is always the really fast set up time and continous dps from artic gust which is "faster" compared to other powersets which makes it perform better in some situations.
    So I woudln't be able to say it's not high enough.
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  18. SSeid Committed Player

    That depends on what kind of tests you were doing. This is a 10 second parser not a 30 one. Numbers are higher with shorter parser.

    That faster thing you mention is shown here. If it was balanced or close to it the dmg would not be lacking that much against Gadgets when it comes to fast dmg, it is less DPS even when compared to Fire.

    I have not tested it against a proper Gadgets/Fire DD yet, the results in a raid/alert might be different. But judging from the numbers on sparrings the difference in DPS seems a bit much.

    It could use a small buff to Mid-range AG. I mean being outdpsed by Avalanche on Mid-range is bad, even if the difference is marginal it should not be possible.
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  19. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    I really don't know how you're getting those numbers, I know it's a 10 s parser, that's how Tunso tests are supposed to do. I've been doing tunso tests for a while and got armories set up in test server just for that. I don't know if you're using trinkets by any chance.

    Previous tests were made for those powers in specific and the results weren't that off.
    In a setting even before the update, on live, ice compeats a lot with fire.
  20. SSeid Committed Player

    Well I'm good at what I do. :p

    In all seriousness not using anything beyond what the "tunso test" has set as parameters. Well I don't know who did what tests before, but judging that many people use Absorb Heat in loadout to "test" Fire dmg.. well I think you get my point.
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