Ice best weapon ?

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by SuperBernas, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. SuperBernas New Player

    plz say me whats is a best ice weapon ?
  2. Im Charlie New Player

    Personally i think staff compliments Ice dps' playstyle perfectly and i have always loved brawling for tanking.
  3. OverKill New Player

    I am partial to the staff as well.
  4. Katheryne New Player

    It doesn't really matter, but the best weapon style is something more Melee than range since Tanks have to get in (or pull) the faces of their enemies.
    So I suggest :
    Martial Arts
    Dual Wield
    One Handed
    Two Handed
  5. Cold Fuzion New Player

    I agree, I've meet tanks who used rifles and dual pistols, and made it work for their style of tanking - It really does depend on the player.
  6. Drift Hazard New Player

    I used Bow with it, and my current build in the test server uses Hand Blasters. It's still pretty good in range, actually.
  7. Potent New Player

    Staff. Clipping the second flip of the downward smash(3Tap, 2 Hold, clip the second hold) compliments the cool-down timings of Ice very well.
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  8. Karmapolice New Player

    This is true. Play the weapon that feels best for you and that you enjoy most. If you are dps Ice, then any of the ranged weapons are good too.
  9. Monstro New Player

    I thought we all agreed that one-handed was the best weapon. Or was it MA? Or dual wield? I can't keep up anymore. Whatever you do, don't use HB's or any sort of ranged weapon - that's a shunning.

    Really though, staff - tap, tap, tap, hold, hold - clip with frost snipe is a reliable combo. But I'll beat the dead horse and agree with the above suggestions - use what you feel most comfortable with.
  10. Kaotic New Player

    my top 5 weps as ice ither dps/tank (i've been ice since beta) one-hand before it got FOTM, 2hand, brawling, MA, Dual weilds, sometimes bow...
  11. FroZen New Player

    As an Ice DPS, Martial Arts has and always will be my weapon of choice. There are some nasty interactions between the powerset and weapon combos:

    Ice Bash (extra damage chance for melee) -> Reflection (40% melee damage mod, +damages enemy, protects you) -> 5 x hold combo ending in smoke (crits more than I can believe) -> Any power really (AoE when in cramped qtrs)

    This combo clears rooms and devours health bars.

    As you bring up your skill points and add more to crit chance you will start to really see the difference.

    MA/Ice dps may not be as strong as bow/HL but I think anyone could have fun with it and be a contender.
  12. KnÎghts New Player

    Mine is ice might base. Use more power than weapon. I use bow. love the long range. Still can produce huge damage.

    all my experienced ice Prec dps friends use melee( usually 2h/1h/ma/brawl). doesnt matter actually. depend on the user. :)
  13. tomworz New Player

    Hi I 'am a ice tank with marital arts, but I started with brawler. I have been kicked from instances and basically bullied for not having as much or more damage then the dps's. what weapon does a lot of damage and fast?
  14. Crimson Veil Well-Known Player

    As a tank you will do less than half of the damage a DPS can do and no weapon will change that. If they really kicked you for that reason, they have no idea what they are talking about. Your job is to take damage not do damage and to keep the attention of the adds and bosses on you instead of on the team...
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  15. tomworz New Player

    Thank you! I know I do less damage then dps's. I know and understand the role of the tank, that's why I chose that role, if could just get into an instance with people that understand that to0. I have found a few people but not enuff for a group. But Thank you for your input!!

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