I would really like to see a DLC featuring this hero...

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  1. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    The Martian Manhunter. A major member of the justice league who has such an interesting background but is IMO heavily underutilized. I understand that it could be for a multitude of reasons but I would really like to see him in a DLC. The last time we saw him (IIRC) was when he had his minor role in the Blackest Night episode and prior to that he just communicated missions to us.

    With the release of a Martian Manhunter DLC we could hopefully also see Miss Martian and the actual planet Mars as an open world. A storyline where the mean martians are acting up or even Brainiac would be really interesting to me.

    The only other major Justice League members I can think of who haven't really received much love (but still more than MM) would be Shazam, Green Arrow/Black Canary (though they have appeared a few times), and Captain Atom.

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  2. Geri_mester New Player

    A Martian Manhunter dlc is totally needed!
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  3. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    had not really thought about it but your right the ONLY time we even see the big green guy is during the watch tower tour that Oracle gives us at around level 10 or so (depends on what all you do mission wise before heading up to the tower for the tour). We are told he hands out missions and he gives us a thumbs up. That is about it. a few times we may get a message from him with a new mission but never really interact with him at all.

    Now Shazam does not get much attention .... actually his nemesis Black Adam gets more. But at least he is the contact for the University mission and we actually talk to him before and after that mission.. Oh yeah which by the way has us eventually watching a cut scene involving Black Adam before he have that final boss battle with Isis( Black Adam's wife).

    Green Arrow and Black Canary do see some screen time when we take on the League of Shadows. Arrow is one of the trio of mind controlled bosses we face on the Demon Pit duo and then on the Demon Plan alert we help Canary rescue her "boy friend" Ollie who got all ticked off and went to Nadar Parbat to settle with Ras for being mind controlled and managed to get himself captured.

    Now Captain Atom? I'm trying to think but honestly I don't ever recall even seeing him wandering around in game.

    Oh yeah I forgot he was even a part of Blackest Night LOL

    There are probably others that see very limited, if any, time in game. I would be glad to take my characters to Mars to help defeat those nasty Martians or Brainiac or Darkseid Parademons or whatever.

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  4. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Captain Atom is in the Prison Break raid and in the Rip in Time alert however a Martian Manhunter episode is very long overdue... he is basicaly non existent, cant remember actually seen him anywhere else than the Watchtower, now his voice appears here and there but thats it.
  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    MM also shows up as a mind controlled boss in the Starro Alert, but yeah, MM is under utilized. Not sure if he should get a DLC, or maybe be part of a 'Justice League' NON Bat+Supes+WW episode. "2nd Tier JL DLC'?

  6. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I wouldn't mind Martian Manhunter featured in a DLC or something but an entire Episode centered around him would be meh to me. Then again I'm not a huge fan of Martian Manhunter either. He has never intrigued me as an interesting character but I understand also that others might disagree.
  7. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    We've had Jack Ryder since day one but no Creeper! :D
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  8. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    For a Martian Manhunter episode, they could start out with a raid featuring the appearance of the Hyperclan with their defeat revealing them to be White Martians in disguise.


    That can flow into Miss Martian and the revelation she’s a White Martian; maybe a solo that takes place inside Martian Manhunter’s mind as we try to save him from a White Martian induced coma; a mind-swap duo where you and your qued partner swap bodies and you’re stuck with their powers and load out until you finish; open world in the ruins of Mars; and a final raid leading to the ultimate villain - Martian Manhunter’s brother Malefic (the one responsible for the telepathic plague that killed all Green Martians and created the weakness to fire).

    There’s also the potential of a split into two episodes - the first ep being Hyperclan and the second ep being Mars / Malefic.

    Lots and of potential wasting away from an important character like Martian Manhunter who has largely been ignored.
  9. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    You’re thinking about the Ray Palmer Atom - he shrinks. The Nathaniel Adams Captain Atom is what he was referring to:


    Captain Atom’s character model is in the game, but it’s never been used to my knowledge. I think he was originally intended to be a vendor like Batgirl.


    The quantum power set is loosely based on Captain Atom. The chrome material is based on his skin (the briefing collections all being Captain Atom related).

    Strangely enough, we do see Cap’s arch-enemy Major Force in the Bludhaven alert.

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  10. spack2k Steadfast Player

    i see , the one is called the atom and the other captain atom
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  11. Reverse~Reverse Flash Active Player

    Wally Freaking West We haven't had Flash Content Since Lighting Strikes introduce Hunter Zolomon Inertia MAX MERCURY Heck Black Flash Raid Boss Open up Keystone City In central City Zone 8 man Operation Against the Rouges. Barry Needs a model update Anyways Oh Reverse Flash Emblem too all yall gotta do is just Flip it [IMG]
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  12. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    He had a cameo as a black lantern in the Blackest Night episode. That's about all I can remember.
  13. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I respect your opinion. Personally, I just find it odd that he is the only major justice league member who hasn't had a DLC centered around him or his backstory (Martians). WW, Superman, Batman, the human lanterns, Cyborg (some good features in Titan episodes and he is more relevant in game), and the Flash have all had their own episodes or at least significant roles in the episodes that they were in. Even Green Arrow and Canary had some significant roles in their episodes. MManhunter has nothing at all besides a cameo as a first boss as a black lantern.

    Also... Mars. I would enjoy travelling there.
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm sorry, is it just me, or in the lower part of the picture does it look like he literally had the 'stuff' knocked out of him? I mean there is an explosion coming out of that region and there are brown nuggets around the general area....and 'PLOPffff'....I've made that noise before.....

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  15. the solowing Steadfast Player

    I'm not really sure it on this but does them switching him out for cyborgin The New 52 have anything to do with it?
  16. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

    Maybe they can celebrate next februaruy...black history month with some icon themed gear or any black hero themed event. I’ll settle for an event for black history month with some heroes that don’t get featured!