I would love a chain as a weapon

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  1. thelostczarnian New Player

    would this be possible?
  2. BlackLanternCore New Player

  3. Splinter Cell Dedicated Player

    Jens has stated that whip and similar styles would be difficult given the physX and making the weapon have a form, animations, etc. just isn't gonna happen, not for a awhile or ever.
  4. kilkulan New Player

    would fall into the whip category, and ya extremely hard to make it look proper and would take a big amount of resources to make it look right. One of the reasons i dont use a cape as the animations on them are a large graphics drain.
  5. Sanctimonious Well-Known Player

    Whips need to happen. SoE need to stop taking the easy route and actually do something people want.


    Inner T4 V's whips as a weapon set.

    Players - Whips!
    SoE - Inner! It's easier.
  6. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    The ps3 can't do it without everything else taking a hit. The devs have to think about the lowest common denominator and largest income.
  7. kilkulan New Player

    It has nothing to do with "easy/hard" Its about making the game run smoothly, dynamic movements cause incredible memory strain, capes and reflections(water especially) are two of the largest culprits. For them to add whips and make them look presentable would just add to graphics and lag issues.
  8. OMAAR New Player

    You can go HL and use WhipThrash.
  9. thelostczarnian New Player

    i am hl lol but my toon is based on lobo.. just wrap a chain around my arm and ill swing a 1h hook around id be happy with that lol, a sleaveless biker jacket would be nice too lol (market place even id pay real money for this pls pls psl lol
    PS. if your wondering why my lobo toon is hl well...lobo pretty much takes what he wants lol so he probably punked a lantern just for laughs
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  10. jthorlakson New Player

    I wish we could at least get chains for a dual-wield secondary style (So that when I do my spinning combo, it looks like Lobo's move.)
    (For that matter, you could do a full dual wield style where most moves are the hooks and just the ones where the chains are straight/non-whippy are chains.) It would such an amazing fit for my main toon...
  11. dcuotoo Well-Known Player