I was suspended unfairly

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  1. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    6 months ago, 15B? Hmm... I thought they were around the 2B -5B range.

    How much of your "388B" was gained in the last two weeks?

    Hustling psn cards/cashapp/giftcards as well perhaps?
  2. Captin Raptor Well-Known Player

    Thank u for saying that.

    Also even though u didnt believe me, u still gave me the benefit of the doubt and left open the chance i might be telling the truth. So thank u for that.

    Lastly thank u again in trying to help me contact mepps/devs. U didnt believe me, but u still tried to help me get the chance to prove my innocence. For the first 2 u gained my thanks for this one u gained my respect.
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  3. Proxystar #Perception

    To be fair it probably helped you showed a level of humility, instead of acting like someone else in here going on like everyone else is just salty about their money and acting like they couldn't have possibly warranted their account having a quick review.

    Frustrating i know that it was upon the eve of a DLC release and im sure that was probably somewhat fueling your frustration or anxiety at the situation too.

    Happy to hear you got it sorted and you get to enjoy the game again.
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  4. Captin Raptor Well-Known Player

    Now i would like to single out 3 people.


    2. Tabby Belle

    3. High Troller

    I want to give a special thank u 2 u 3. The 3 of u either offered u help or support with out jumping to conclusions before all the facts were in.

    U 3 are kings/queens amongst men/women

    I have much more to say on this topic. but the rest will have 2 wait until after work
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  5. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Good to hear.. patience worked :)
  6. Controller Loyal Player

    Glad to see some getting their accounts back.

    Last few days have been contentious.

    Glad to see Daybreak taking the lead here, fixing the economy.

    Kudos to those leading the charge to get Daybreak's attention in the matter.

    Now? A time for healing. Let the villains / villainesses and the heroes / heroines get back to doing their thing.

    And let's enjoy the season.

    From Justice League's "Comfort and Joy" episode.
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  7. Tsunami Strikes New Player

    Yes i got mine back up also yesterday. Thank you
  8. Tsunami Strikes New Player

    Yes big thanks to the person who read my ticket and replied back twice on all my concerns and thank you Mepps for looking in my acct also.
  9. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Which is why you never buy money like that. This isn't the first game I've seen where players glitched money then got suspended or banned for doing it. Just go out and earn it like the rest of us.
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  10. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Really? "U all should he ashamed of yourselves." (sic)

    You're a ******* comedian.
  11. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    It's interesting how Obsidian Chill always knows about all the exploits.
  12. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    I wasn’t banned or anything so it wouldn’t effect me,

    But i do believe the people who were falsely accused and banned for any period of time deserve some type of compensation, especially if they were legendary members .
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  13. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Yea it is, it's almost like he knows pretty much everything that goes on in the game and knows other players involved with every circle within the game and genuinely doesn't want to see it go down the tubes so he actively seeks out glitches to report them properly, while the typical people on the "forums" argue that it's inflation and because a dev hasn't said anything than it isn't real and all speculation :rolleyes:
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  14. High Troller Loyal Player

    dude even suggested that i should glitch the hard light token (the original one when WotL Pt 1 came out) with the duplication glitch..... like bro, i don't want to lose my account. same guy that wants my money wiped clean.
  15. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    You forgot that we gave plausible arguments for inflation with what knowledge we had available to us. You could have easily posted, "I know there's a glitch, and I've sent in a detailed report to the developers with hard evidence that can't be shared here," when one of us asked if anyone could confirm that was the case. Rather than, you know, just keeping us in the dark continuing arguing. It's not like you were going to tell us how it's done, just that it's real and you've confirmed it, and sent it to the developers.

    EDIT Or... rather than posting, "We're looking into it," they could have posted, "There's a glitch, and we're working on it. Anyone we find using it through the game logs will be banned." I don't know why all the cloak and dagger had to be done. It could have saved a lot of stress and time arguing for three weeks.
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  16. Aaron7K Active Player

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    Yeah they're definitely not banning for buying from cash sellers.. I personally bought 5billion worth of DCUO cash
  17. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    I did lol, multiple times actually because the debates I was reading were quite imaginary, I can't help it that all the threads were removed so you couldn't see my comment. It doesn't even take someone with knowledge to know something was going on with the broker, just waves of people absolutely refused to believe unless a dev said something.

    You expect Mepps to go? "Yes you are all correct there is a massive money exploit going on right now but please don't try to find out what it is until we do" ...

    Tune into where Donald Trump says nuclear launch codes are missing what we're "working" on it, because by saying just that is no cause for concern and just act naturally. Right?
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  18. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    If you already gave them the evidence and knowledge of how the exploit was done, that hyperbole doesn't work. There was no risk of people finding it out before they did, because they already had the knowledge.

    And fine, if you replied to my request for confirmation that someone in the know gave the developers hard evidence, and it was deleted before I could see it... well, that's neither of our fault.

    As seen with the suspensions and bans from this mess, we now know they have the ability to go really deep into what happens in the game. So there's no need for them to be afraid to share information and warn us.

    I understand that there's also the "better to be safe than sorry" angle, but they could have communicated and kept a lot of poop from happening. ESPECIALLY the way it was worded about the suspensions being given only people caught exploiting, when that obviously wasn't the case given the large number of complaints and unsuspensions. What Mepps posted caused people here and in game to accuse innocent people of being cheaters, bully, and berate them... "because look at what Mepps posted."

    I guess all I'm asking is that those of you in the ivory towers of celebrity/trusted players status have some empathy for those of us down here who can't see everything from your vantage point. Then again, you did join civilization and started pronouncing "melee" properly... so I can be happy with that. ^_^
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  19. Brit Loyal Player

    I work in a jail.

    Everyone there says that they are innocent.

    Most people are lying and are guilty. A few people actually are innocent though.

    The arrest is made based on probable cause. A conviction in court requires proof beyond reasonable doubt.

    If you exist in a realm of probable cause, for example, trading with a player or selling on the broker where you exchanged an item for a ridiculously high amount of in-game cash that was obviously inappropriate for the item exchanged, then they are going to investigate. Maybe your trade was legit. Maybe you saw that Luthor Gauntlet on the broker posted at that price, and undercut by 5%, and it sold. Or maybe you sold a Colyer Ave street sign for 250 million dollars, and the person who bought it is a confirmed gold seller using the broker as a way of performing the transaction.

    You'll be banned until they finish their investigation. If you legitimately did nothing wrong, then you will be restored. If you cheated, you'll be punished. In the meanwhile, because of whatever suspicious practices presented this probable cause, you will be kept separate from the rest of the community to protect them from the potential cheaters.

    It is that approach towards investigating that causes me to drop group and report any time I catch somebody cheating or exploiting. If we do nothing and let that other guy grenade glitch or bug the gates or whatever in our raid, then we benefit from the cheating, and we are subject to that same investigation to see if we were a part of it. And I don't want to be banned for a week or two as the result of associating with shady people.

    You can be smart and avoid those situations up front, or you can be patient and wait out the investigation that proves you're technically innocent.
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  20. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    The devs don't talk about exploits OR potential disciplinary actions for exploits, and they STRONGLY encourage players to follow suit.

    There are, I'm sure, a variety of reasons for doing so. But it's been that way for years. It's not something you have to like, but it is what it is.
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