I was suspended unfairly

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  1. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I assure you this isn't Matt's first time being suspended/banned. I'm sure he had enough time to hide his money/items to resell. He'll be fine.
  2. Gigi Bear Active Player

    Gold Sites made items max out in the broker at 999,999,999 before that kiddie Glitch was started. Please not anther word. Definitely you must be new. Gold Sites before the glitch was giving out 1B for 48 dollars. Cant believe I actually read this. Wow , So many are truly clueless also many trolls that will call you a Chester when you play the game to the economy level. Kinda funny
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  3. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I am not saying you did anything wrong. Knowingly or unknowingly I am sure you were acting in good faith. MOST people on this game do their best to play by the rules. I'm sure you are one of them.

    IMO here is where you got caught up in the net. By dealing with trades that involved item inflation from the thousands or millions into the BILLIONS, you were BENEFITING from those who DID glitch. Should you have smelled a rat? Only you can answer that, and it is certainly not my place to judge that.

    I will say what I did when I saw exo-mat stacks of 999 jump from 15-20 million to HUNDREDS of millions. I stopped selling because I could not explain this extreme jump. I'm not the smartest guy playing this game BUT I have seen money exploits since launch and I've learned that when game inflation spikes like that, there is something shady afoot.

    When I saw that the OP collection items did not drop in price over time as they normally do, I KNEW something was wrong and got VERY careful about how I used the market place. At that time I stopped using trade altogether. It just didn't pass the smell test.

    I am sure am assuming you have a temporary ban? You have every right to escalate this with CS and IMO you should. I would also just caution that, in the future, when something looks too good to be true...it probably is.
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  4. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    Correct. And here is where players need to accept some of the blame. When they deal with the gold traders and inject hundreds of billions into the economy, it devalues the legit in game currency and causes rampant inflation. Those players may not be glitching but wittingly or unwittingly they are enabling those who do and deserve some accountability.

    I may be mistaken but as I understand it, it is against the TOS to buy from outside gold dealers.
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  5. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    this is more like it.
  6. Gigi Bear Active Player

    Matt is a awesome person. Matt did nothing wrong. DC is at fault cause they made the economy bad due to letting gold bots type on the game 24/7. But DC wont admit that. Matt was loyal and a great person. Ok he sold things high but Matt wasnt dumb enough to know they will get to that price anyway.
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  7. Gigi Bear Active Player

    I never buy gold. I was lucky I sat out 2 years and when I came back I had 3 OG Plasmics and they was worth 15B each 6 months ago. Gold Sites sold lots to many of users on DC, and made the economy high. But the Money Glitch destroyed it.
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  8. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    HAHA! Priceless commentary.
  9. FoolsFire Devoted Player


    "I'm guilty, but society is to blame"
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  10. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    Matt didn't fix my toilet, he can stay banned.
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  11. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Sticking to that 'story' I see lol, enjoy your vacation
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  12. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I did not mean to imply that you ever purchased from gold dealers. My apologies if you got that impression.

    I would, however, consider that Gold Selling IS a glitch because it infuses the game with illegitimate cash and encourages the sort of inflation that has ground the economy to a halt. Just my opinion, but in the real world I ran systems in the Logistics Business for many years and systems don't fail from any ONE thing or event. it is almost always a combination of several issues.

    In this case the artificial infusion of cash into the economy and the attendant inflation were certainly factors. Since I am not a DEV I don't have all the data so I would not be surprised if there are other factors at play here.
  13. Gigi Bear Active Player

    Still waiting for the DEVs to answer my Question. How was I suppose to know I was trading to a Money Glitcher? Was the name on them Green. Seems to be all Blue to me. Has I see it. Me and my awesome friends are suspended playing there game to the economy level. We all followed the rules. I told DC over 3 weeks ago that they do the Glitch though a trade. I try to help. But you forgot about that. Huh DEVs
  14. Gigi Bear Active Player

    I will. Merry Christmas to you.
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  15. spack2k Steadfast Player

    I have a question: Did you heavily benefit from the technical issue which allowed other ppl to glitch money ?

    If u say Yes, there is ur answer u were looking for from the devs.

    If u say NO, 388 bil of little $$ say otherwise so who are we going to believe ?

    The broker cap is marked as red, trading above that cap should ring a bell, no?
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  16. Gigi Bear Active Player

    My point is. Gold Sites killed the Economy years ago. But they never ban anyone using them, or got rid of the bots either. Selling 1B for 48 dollars will make prices high, and it did. But now some glitcher figures out a money glitch , and we go down benefiting from it. That's not right. We have no way to tell if it's really gold sites or is it a actual glitcher causing money to sky rocket. We ain't at fault.
  17. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    New? Funny! Been around a lot longer than you, if you took a 2 year break.

    I'll break it down since you didn't understand it apparently:

    The GOLD the SELLERS are SELLING has to come from WITHIN the game.

    Gold selling is A problem, but they are not the CAUSE, they are a SYMPTOM of THE problem.

    There was a money glitch in the 1st year of the game, that wasn't properly addressed that added billions, and the "kiddie glitch" as you put it has introduced trillions into the economy.

    the current amount and ease of acquiring gold in the game is what attracts the gold sellers. They wouldn't be here otherwise.
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  18. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

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  19. Gigi Bear Active Player

    They deleted my thread cause that cant answer my question. I rest my case.
  20. Sir Freeze Active Player

    or they didnt buy ur story. enjoy ur vacation
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