I was suspended unfairly

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  1. bed New Player

    my account was suspended yesterday, but I did nothing, I tried to have support on my situation but nothing, all the means are blocked, send a ticket but it does not respond, really that impotence feels that you are suspended, that you consume your membership days for an error of his system, all that I have was sold by the broker, I can't believe he suspends me for only having 840m earned honestly by selling omnipotence collections

    I hope help
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  2. Scloaky New Player

    My account has been suspended for exploiting. It doesn’t make sense because neither me or my friends did an in-game exploit. It isn’t fair to suspend or ban someone who hasn’t committed and act you blame them for. I have been playing the game fairly by buying and reselling items to expand my in-game cash. Neither me nor the rest of the innocent banned players should be suspended. I want to run my content but I understand why you suspended me. But at least review our accounts before taking action and banning us for an act we didn’t commit and don’t know how to commit. I am angry and sad that I cannot play the game and run content with my friend for nearly 2 weeks for a situation I wasn’t involved in.

    Thank You,
    Daybreak Games
  3. Luke® Level 30

    As Mepps Explained, all current banned/suspended players are guilty of using the exploit there is no point complaining on the forums it will just be removed like Moonsugar's was however we now know he was selling money he glitched.
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  4. BudsMT New Player

    My account was also banned yet i have no clue what this exploit is. Prices have risen like crazy in game. i bought and sold neon chromas making little profit and also recieved neon chromas from time capsules but i never exploited anything. I've been playing this game since 2011 with 0 offenses. I sold 2 items at a high price due to the rising prices abyssal horns about a week ago and a neon chroma a couple days ago. The items i sold are rare and sell for a high price so how does that flag me? I'm curious to know how that is exploiting. I also split my money up between my main 8 toons on ONE account not multiple just incase of a money wipe or not being able to trade cash or mail cash so my alts had some money also.
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  5. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    Mepps also said to submit a ticket if people think a mistake has been made. That wouldn't be an option if they were 100% sure they only got people who cheated. Obsidian Chill's video also references that there could have been false-bans, and that the actual glitching was limited to a small number of people.

    Stop being a jerk to people. You've been doing this all day.
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  6. Gromm865s Active Player

    Why do that if you didn't know there was an exploit/glitch?
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  7. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    If they're capable of making a thread, they're capable of reading the announcement section...

    Also why should we so easily accept them as being innocent? Mepps already said the accounts still banned are guilty, or are you asserting we should believe these people instead of Mepps?

    If they're innocent they'd just quietly submit a ticket not seek self validation by making a thread to gain a support group of which it would appear they don't deserve.

    If you got banned then there is an incredibly high chance you at least did something, but people generally tend to deflect and blame everyone but themselves before they're prepared to accept the consequences. ;)
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  8. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    I don't think that everyone is innocent, but I'm seeing a common thread in the complaints.

    People who sold things for a high price, and they are being suspended, not banned. The higher profile person I know that got a suspension, is doing as you said, replying to the email and submitting his ticket quietly and civilly. He even told others to not put in tickets on his behalf, and that he'd have it handled, because he knows he's innocent.

    The glitch wasn't widespread according to ObChi (limited to five people, plus a few more who may have been able to figure it out), and he seems like a trustworthy person when it comes to this game. He makes a good point that if it were more widespread, things would have been much worse.

    Maybe I'm just being a bleeding-heart grandma, but I really don't think that there are that many people in the game that are outright going to cheat. Less than 5% read the forums regularly, or even have Trade in any of their tabs. We also don't know what kind of programming they used to determine an exploiter and how many degrees of separation the program searched for to confirm a positive. Maybe someone selling the Neon that dropped for them sold it to a person who cheated or got the money from a cheater, and that "confirms" them as a cheater as well in the program's eyes?

    Then again, as you know, I put in a lot of faith in the game's creators that this just couldn't have been a thing. I could be having too much faith in the playerbase/community too. It's just sad for me to see how adversarial everyone is becoming.
  9. thirty six Loyal Player

    Becuase they wiped everyone's money before. Stop making everything into a sign of guilt.
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  10. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    No offense to the OP, but every single person I've seen post that they were banned unjustly...

    New Player -or- Level 30

    Which makes me wonder how they got the money to buy stuff or pay the high broker fee.
  11. Gromm865s Active Player

    Everything? Please, elaborate.
  12. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    If they get banned/suspended, they can't access their normal accounts, so they have to make new ones. Come on....
  13. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    If they're banned/suspended from the game they shouldn't be able to make a new account.

    And you're implying if they're banned/suspended from the game that implies they are also banned/suspended from the forums. And I know that's definitely not the case.
  14. gemii Committed Player

    Whats wrong with that? i did this earlier not because i exploited though i would be suspended by now if that were the case. its just preparation for a possible money wipe.

    For example lets say the new money cap is 200 million and they wiped our money down to 200 million instead of completely wiping us clean.. well then i can i have 200 million saved on other toons just to meet requirements and hopefully be able to trade it back to my main toon if i ever need it VS having all your money on one toon and then you only have 200 mill left and nothing else to fall back on.

    its a smart move. would it work? who knows but its worth a try though JUST in case
  15. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    You're a confusing person Haha.

    On one hand you have all the faith in the world in development and then in the other hand when they tell you these players are guilty you start to disbelieve and lose confidence in development while feeling pity for a player who has every reason to lie to you.
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  16. Jiggy New Player

    I started playing DC when i got a ps4 in 2014. I played daily and had many maxed out toons. About 3 years ago i took a hiatus, before I stopped playing i loaded up on tons of exobytes, collections and auras to sell in the future when i came back so i could catch up.

    I came back about 3 weeks ago. I dont check the forums at all usually so i had no idea there was a money glitch. I saw the prices in the broker were very high so i utilized the auras and collections to make money so i could buy the ones i needed to get my skill points up and get the gear i needed to get to higher content to run with my friends. Also, I had 3 toons that had stacks and stacks of useless exobytes that i had spent hundreds of millions of in game cash on that are now obsolete.

    Based on the cost of everything in the broker i felt that the auras and collections i sold were at fair market value. I sold them in the trade chat because why would i want to spend tens of millions posting them in the broker? I dont know when prices skyrocketed but all i knew is what i saw when i came back to the game. I did no exploit and wasnt even aware that there was an issue with that. I didnt even do the exploits in the past like everyone else when they switched to quantum to beat the throne raid when it was new, or the previous money gliches because i dont play games to cheat, theres no fun in that. Anyways, im now suspended and am worried that i sold many valuble items for nothing that i paid actual real cash for when i bought booster bundles.

    To the people cheering for the suspensions, you are just haters and dont have enough brain cells to buy and sell stuff on the broker. If you really want to complain about something, why dont you take the fight to what matters. They turned this game into a pay to win with the time capsules, which is why i stopped playing in the first place. You should be mad at the devs for putting source marks in the market place and stablizers and amenities that people took weeks to get the real way. All of you cheering that the suspensions are a good thing have your priorities in the wrong places. They went ahead with a suspension algorithm and alot of people that did nothing wrong cant play a game that they pay a monthly subscription for instead of investigating who was causing the actual problems. Im all for banning or suspending blatent cheaters but this situation has pulled alot of innocent people into it unjustly and thats not ok.

    And PS, im sure theres lots of things ive done or said to people on this game that could possibly warrant a suspension but this is not one of them. Get it right or dont do it at all...
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  17. thirty six Loyal Player

    Pass. I don't need Mepps in my dm's for violating guidelines.
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  18. Barry Allen Active Player

  19. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    been here since day one...except for some ban from forums for arguing...never been banned...i dont believe people who say they were banned willy nilly...never happened to me...
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  20. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Lol im sure this time it will be account wide.
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