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  1. EP Ice Loyal Player

    This has always been my philosophy and that is why I continually have fun playing this game.
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  2. Rabbitxpp Well-Known Player

    Since coming back I don't try to be the first to do anything and just play because of my love for DC comics. So I really enjoy the story for what it is and play the content at my own pace im in no rush to do anything just because someone else is. Most people are in earth 3 content and im still playing amazon fury 3 content and age of justice stuff. I enjoy SP hunting and take my time with doing it still collecting style feats from the vendors where you reset your sp. I say there's no reason to rush or play competitively play the game how you enjoy it because if you don't the game will become stale and you will forget the things you enjoyed the most.
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  3. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    This is my attitude now. Use to care about keeping up with the joneses. Now. Not so much. And its just not feasible anymore in the sense that i can't justify it to myself in regards to amount of time and money needed just to be at the top only to have the next dlc throw you right back down

    So yeah. This.
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  4. Unida Dedicated Player

    ive posted many times that this is the key to enjoying the game over the last few years.

    play less
    care less
    enjoy more

    tbh its a pretty terrible reality for a game, but hey, reap what is sown.
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  5. Dedikated6 Well-Known Player

    you said said it!