I thought I would take the highroad this time and not glitch.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MentosTroll, Feb 26, 2015.

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  1. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    But I shouldn't have. I really wish I participated, the glitchers got away pretty scot-free. Anyone agree?
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  2. Zygar Cthulhukin Well-Known Player

  3. Streven Dedicated Player

  4. Jorr El New Player

    They will be dealt with on the Dev's time, Just a suggestion I would add those who did glitch to your ignore list. Because chances are they really aren't that great of players to begin with .
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  5. DCUOinquirer New Player

    So you openly admit to taking the low road previously... I suppose that's okay then...
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  6. Makineko Committed Player

    Here's the thing, this time may seem like a light punishment now however looking upon it abstaining from the glitch may save you later. The accounts of those who cheated are now known to the dev's and if (unfortunately) a glitch comes up in later dlc and the same people are found exploiting it you can bet the devs won't be so nice a 2nd time round.
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  7. Jorr El New Player

    Very true.
  8. iSmashly New Player

    *buy a game input unlock all cheat code* *complain you're bored and everything's to easy*
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  9. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    High road or low road they end up at with me at the highest CR, high road just takes twice the time and effort. Low road is where you'll find me next time
  10. HouseofPlay New Player

    Well I know 3 guys who bragged about glitching and they kept all their gear. Not sure what was really done.
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  11. lukelucky Devoted Player

    BY HOOK OR CROOK IS MY NEW STANCE. i only ever in over 3 years exploited one glitch or was even ok with the group trying it. the end of dox i exploited the mess out of it. raid had been out forever and we beat is so many times at that point so.

    why would you switch to every movement mode to finish all the races? or actually spend a week or two of doing nothing but breaking treasure chest? literaly nothing but the treasure chest feat for almost 2 weeks. this is done because what drive some % of the players is getting every single stat possible. this is also the type of guy who plays daily and you can count on being around years.

    dcuo has a clear message to these loyal customers. BUY REPLAYS. FU AND YOUR TIME AND MONEY INVESTED, BUY LOTS OF REPLAY'S. you have to date back to pre prime to fully understand but these guys strived for one ceiling and it was the actual in game ceiling. they worked insanely at times in quest of said goal and dcuo crapped all over them the last few years.

    well ok then its go time for me. iam as dumb as dumb can be but from what i hear if you know programing, have a good history of the previous glitches and go to test server aiming to cheat the map, well you stand a good chance of being able to. is there people right now taking aim at this? YES. will i glitch going forward? EVERY SINGLE TIME and no i dont feel bad at all. dcuo knows they cant fully police this and they are fully aware of the fact that no matter what this system openly cheats some players. if they dont have any type of ethics about the game or care about us the customers and if its going to be unethical money grabs then i to am losing my ethics.

    i cant buy a smoke aura or a nimbus because cheaters raised the money in game so high the average joe is screwed. daily my buddy laughs "shoulda sent yourself some mail back in the day aye" him and so many cheaters over the last 4 years are the ones who prosper and instead of the devs protecting us they simply did nothing but purpetuate cheating. anyone who was ready for the OC and went through it knew this was coming as did our devs. exploiting our most basic need in game took presadence so my days of being way behind cheaters are over.
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  12. HersheyKiss New Player

    Its over, let it go.
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  13. ChuckLess New Player

    Move on man. It wasn't a big deal before, and it's played out at this point.
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  14. SirMuttonChops New Player

    You mean like how these are the same people that were doing it in Paradox and Law and now this and they still got "punished" this way?
  15. ChibiMechaX78 New Player

    To be honest, I was surprised that the devs only took away the pieces from JUST last boss. You could do the glitch on ares on up to hades. It aggravates me that I stayed true to myself, but they cheat and some people I know hardly lost any 101 gear just because they glitched on the Ares fight early in the Elite throne raid. It makes me feel there was a injustice among us and I feel the only ones who really lost are the people who didn't particiapate due to their morals. While they still rock unfairly obtained gear I'm still struggling for 100 drops and I am sure I'm not the only one. Heck some people even got feays unfairly and they kept those too.

    Sure, my principles held but principles dont get you gear. What's more they got an advanced notice to remove mods and had time to replace gear.

    So what if it's all over. This is burning me. I did expect punishment from the devs but this...?
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  16. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    Had I known that before that very little punishment would be doled out to the cheaters, I wouldn't have spear-headed this whole movement. I should have joined them. Now I'm still struggling to complete my 100 cr gear, while a lot of them glitched their way to full 100cr gear and some 101cr gear that wasn't taken away.
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  17. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    me too, b/c if the glitchers get to keep every damn thing except the final bosses loot then why the hell not?
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  18. lukelucky Devoted Player

    dcuo neither has the time or money to actively go after cheaters. it is that plain and simple and to compound the issue our population is hurting so you really think they are banning people. THIS GLITCHING AND REPLAYING IS A CASH COW AND THEY FOR SURE WILL NOT TAKE OUT A CASH COW. i tried to point out all the ways this system is messed up. failed in t5 and still hitting the same unethical brick wall. now i am going to openly exploit and laugh at the system. i have the luxury of 2 accounts both over 150 skill points so ban me. big deal ill grab the other account.
  19. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    This glitch just got too big,too widespread,too visible and too blown up on the forums too fast is the only reason anything other than an eventual fix happened.
    The next raid glitch, cause cmon we all know it's around the corner, will be kept under wraps much better by those that are doing it and things will be back to normal........o_O
  20. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    My Zod we're twins. Or at least you can be like my second cousin twice removed or something like that.

    Sorry, just had to comment on the name :p

    OT: As I've said in the past I'm happy the devs drew a line in the sand finally about this stuff and made it clear though I do think that they should have been harsher. Do I wish I participated in the glitch? Aside from being on PC and being unable to participate, no, I do not wish I had. To me doing something illegitamently takes away from all the fun/challenge that was supposed to be had in said activity.

    Things like that are at most a novelty for me. I remember about 10 years or so ago when Star Wars Battlefront 2 came out and my friend discovered the infinite health cheat code. It was fun for a bit being this unstoppable monster, but it quickly got old as there was no sense of urgency and it completely took away from how the game was intended to be played without adding in anything else in place of it.
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